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Rachel had just finished up with her last appointment. She was anxious to get home and relax. Her co-worker had done most of the closing duties in a rush to leave. Despite the rules Rachel excused her to go home as all that had to be done is to close out the till. Sara left as Rachel went to the back office to close out.

As Rachel sat she heard the chime of the door. She thought maybe Sara had forgotten something until she heard a subtle”hello”. This was a male voice. Rachel stood up and walked out to tell the customer they were closed. She just wanted to crawl in bed and pass out. As she turned the corner her jaw dropped. There stood the sexiest man she had ever laid eyes on. He stood 6’2” , 200 lbs with dishwater blonde hair and stunning green eyes. His style was casual but classy. Finished off with leather dress shoes freshly polished. “Are you closed?” The stranger bellowed.

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   “Nuhhh. . . no, I can take one more” Rachel stuttered out.

Rachel led the customer to her chair and prepped him for his hair cut. He slowly glanced her up and down. Rachel was a modest 5’3” and 120lb blonde with a generous 34c chest and perfect thong clad round ass. She was stunning.

As they made small talk, Rachel found every excuse to touch her new client. From his shoulders to hand and neck, she felt his body and liked what she felt. As she changed from her clippers to scissors he couldn’t help but look at the outline of a skimpy thong under her tight black lycra pants. She bent over to grab her water bottle and caused his pants to grow seriously tight. “Wow” he mumbled. Rachel smiled as she looked at him in the mirror. She knew that would peak his interest.

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   As she began clipping his bangs she noticed his eyes slide down to her slightly visible cleavage. As she talked to him his eyes slowly rocked up and down from her boobs to her eyes. This got Rachel a little wet.

As she was moving her way around him she felt a hand rub her thigh. This caught her off guard as no client had ever made an advance toward her at work. She didn’t think much of it until she felt it again. This time he reached out to grab her waist. Rachel didn’t stop his advance and was curious as to how flirtatious he would get.

As she finished scissor cutting she turned her back to him as she put her scissors away. He stood up and stepped behind her kissing her neck. She let out a moan and closed her eyes. He then rubbed his hand down her leg and back up to her inner thigh. As his hand approached her pussy she gasped in approval. Rachel reached back and began rubbing his cock thru his jeans. Growing after each rub she was anxious to let it escape the confines of his blue jeans.

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   He slid his hand up her sweater and inside her bra, rubbing her nipple between his thumb and finger. He pinched her nipples lightly while kissing up to her ear.

Rachel couldn’t restrain. She took her sweater off dropping it on the floor and tossed her bra on her workstation baring her perfectly round tits. He didn’t miss a beat, caressing her boobs while kissing her neck and ears to the sound of her moans. Rachel began to unbuckle his pants, sliding her hand down his boxers. Her eyes grew as she felt his huge cock overtake her tiny hands. She wrapped as much of her hands as she could around his shaft slowly stroking it up and down. This got a reaction out of him as he sped up the grasp on her nipples.

Rachel was sopping wet as he slid his hand inside her pink silk thong, inserting his slender fingers inside her opening. This got a squeeze out of her as she began to bear down on his manhood. He rapidly manipulated her vagina with three fingers working her clit with every movement. She was gushing all over his hands. Soaking his fingers with her love juices as he controlled her box.

Rachel turned to face this devilishly handsome stranger as she slid his jeans down and now came face to face with his monstrous cock.

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   She pushed him back in the chair and positioned herself to begin gagging down as much of his meat as she could take in her tiny mouth. She slowly licked up and down his thick shaft manipulating his balls with her hands. Working her lips around the head of his cock, she was wetting it with her saliva. Rachel slowly worked her mouth up and down the head of this beast. He pushed her head down forcing her to take more and more inches, this caused her to gag several times due to the overwhelming size of his tool. She worked her mouth up and down painfully taking most of his dick. He was impressed as not many could conquer this mountain. As her pace increased so did his size. He grew in her mouth as his swelling balls were in her grasp. She lightly swiveled them in her soft hands.

Then he stood her up and slid off her pants and undies. Pushing her face first into the chair he continued finger banging her hole while working his mouth down. He put his tongue inside her perfectly shaven pussy, licking the glistening juice from her cunt. This brought out a loud moan of approval. This stranger had her under his control as he slowly lapped her lips back and forth.

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   Her legs shaking and juices running everywhere told him she was enjoying every moment.

He stood up and began to rub his cock between her ass and her pussy entrance. Teasing both holes while smacking her ass. She was growing eerily anxious to feel his manhood inside of her. Fear of him thrusting deep inside her ass made the anticipation that much more exciting.

Just then he plunged into her, causing her to scream in lustful joy. “Fuck me, hard” Rachel caught herself screaming as this huge cock filled every inch she could take. He pounded deep inside her continuously reaching her stomach. She moaned and screamed in a combination of anguish and passion. Her walls being stretched to the limits by this humongous piece of meat. He reached down to rub her clit while slowing his pace. This put her over the edge as she began to cum for the first of several times. Juices flowed all over his thick cock. He began to slide easier in and out delivering her pleasure.

He stood up turning her around lifting her onto her counter.

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   He laid her back against her mirror and began sucking on her hard nipples. As sensitive as they were this caused another orgasm. Never had she been brought to climax from the mere tongue lashing of her breasts.
“I want you inside of me” she murmured. He quickly obliged throwing it in her while holding her ass cheeks up on the ledge. He fucked her like he had an agenda. Punishing her pussy with a force that guaranteed multiple orgasms. Between moaning, screaming, orgasms and just pure extacy, Rachel was taken away. She’d never had such a sexual revelation. She thrust herself into him matching his pace. Her deep desire to satisfy this man brought him to completion. “I’m going to cum” he said. “Cum in me” she exclaimed.

He blew his load in to her with the force of Niagara. She began shaking from her matching orgasm.

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   These two had climaxed together with an epic force. He pulled out drenched in her juices. She handed him a towel and he wiped himself clean. She grabbed another and held it at her entrance. Cum flowed out of her completely soaking the towel.

They both gathered themselves, dressing and working toward the register. “ How much do I owe you”? “$12” she said. He threw down $100 and kissed her on the lips. He walked out the door and hoped into his truck.
Rachel in a pure emotional state just watched this man who had delivered the best sexual experience of her life walk off. She closed up and drove home thinking of this encounter.

As she pulled in the driveway she was greeted by her daughter. She picked her up and walked in the door. Greeted by her husband, she kissed him. “I’m going to take a shower to get all this hair off me.

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  ” Rachel said. “Ok” he said taking their daughter. “If you put her to bed, I’ll give you a blowjob when I get out!” She whispered in his ear. He was two steps down the hall as she finished her last words.