Rough Sex for this Submissive School Administrator Part 1


Hello I am Jean, a 49 year old woman with a terrific body from exercising and eating right,an administrative worker for a local high school. I date regularly but for a few years now all of the men I have been dating have not fulfilled in me what I have always craved. When I was a younger engaged in a lot of sex to men who knew how to satisfy my sexual desire to be used and abused by them for their sexual pleasure. Using me for that purpose is something that really gets me off and is what is important for myself enjoying sex, the rough attention and doing what I am told to do.

I have been married when I was in my 30's, but divorced after a few years for several reasons. A couple being that of my husband’s, but I have to admit a weaknesses of my own concerning sex and the attention I need he did not always provide. What is it with men today? When I was younger I could easily find a man who could satisfy this sexual desire within me, a man with a strong sexual drive and was not apologetic about taking from me what he wanted. Today the men I'm dating seem more apprehensive, less aggressive in fulfilling this as well as my own desire. Is the American male becoming less a real man and more of a cowed individual with a cock he does not know how to use on a amorous woman that will encourage his rough masculine sexual drive within him from a woman like myself who enjoys a man being being that way.

In dating these days, I have had men who actually begged me for sex, which of course I never did being such a real turn off for me. Although I've been fucked and sucked a lot of cock on my dates with some men I have dated, they have not been fulfilling that strong need within me to be treated the way I like it, giving the abuse the humiliationI need so desperately as part of my own pleasure.

But things have changed for me after a few certain events took place at the school last winter. It started out as a rough day at work. Paperworkand my duties there were overwhelming, plus people were parading in and out of the admin office wanting something only made things worst. My headache I had was killing me and by lunch time I was not hungry anddecidedto get away from things for my half hour lunch break. Taking some pain medicine and going to my car for some quite time to relax from things I felt would be good for me.


   I knew It was cold and snowing outside on the cars of the parking lot as I grabbed my coat headed towards the car and getting in. I leaned my seat back and rested for a while keeping warm with my coat as my headache eased and I began to feel better. I must have laid there for almost the half hour before I begin to hear voices of some of the young students the school near my car.

Most of the time I don’t listen to them because their generation and mine have not much in common, but hearing a few choice words caught my attention. What I was hearing surprised me but was very exciting and begin to make me warm inside and hang on every word being said. Of the young men talking, one of them was discussing a sexual relationship he was having with one of my co-workers to the other two students, the young man was giving the others details of what both he and she had been doing loud enough that I could hear every word and what I was hearingdefinitely turned me on and made my pussy wet from his story. They had no idea I was there listening being we were the only ones out there in the parking lot for lunch and not knowing I myself was inside the snow covered car of mine.

Then the conversation began to fade and my curiosity of wanting to know who they were made me crack my car door open enough to see the young men walking away not knowing but now desperately i wanted to know more. I could see them heading into the side entrance of the building as I got out and hurried in the same direction. Entering the side door to my surprise all three were standing inside but stop talking and looked at me as I entered. I smiled at them, saying“Hello” as I continued on but getting a good look at each of them.

Three young handsome man, two of them about 6 feet tall while the other was some what shorter but seemed to be very well-built. But one them that was tall I found to be really attractive with blue eyes and dark hair. They smiled at me as I walked past them with me wondering what they were thinking. As I opened the office door my eyes glanced quickly seeing if they were still watching me, which they were.

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   I returned to my desk but my mind and eyes were on my co-worker looking at her with envy and wanting what she had. All I could think about was what the young man had told his friends about the two of them and how rough the treatment he had given her. Hoping it was that handsome one with the blue eyes that my co-worker was fucking and how he did her. She was younger then me in her upper 30’s, an average body dirty blond female with a large rear and tits and a cute face

Of course the images in my mind of what I heard began to make me feel restless and I could feel myself becoming wet between my legs sitting there. So bad I wanted to touch myself as I agonized and squirmed in my chair for a long time. FinallyI had to get out of the office and walking out into the hallway towardsthe restroom to which I found someone already there whichleft me frustratednot knowing what to do. I could not get the story out of my mind making me so wet and horny. I needed a place of privacy. Again the thought of my car came to me, quickly Iheaded back to get my coat. I just grabbed it without a word, which I don't think anyone had noticed and headed out to the parking lot where I knew my car would be a safe place of privacy.

Once inside I reclined the seat back and wasted no time opening up my coat, sliding off skirt and then my wet panties down exposing my hairy pussy to the cool air. As I laid there in the seat, the interior of car with little light I ran my fingers through the warm thick mound of my hair and began rubbingmyself. My rubbing quickly got me excited maker me wetter, causing me to press myself into the seat hard as I opened my legs as wide as I could, while my other hand caressed and squeezed my inner thigh with my eyes were tightly closed I fantasized about being used as the subject of their sexual will.

Images filled my mind as I fantasiedthe young men pounding my ass hard as they fucked me, slapping me, pulling my hair, fucking my mouth with their cocks, slapping my face with them before shooting their hot gooey cum over it while calling me a cunt, slut and a fucking bitch. My fantasies seemed so clear in my mind of how nasty it would be, made my body aching to cum was now closer to reality.

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  With my clit swollen and me ready to cum, I now pushed a finger into my asshole with my other hand fantasizing it a hard cock making me shift myself forward and backward in the seat. I was so hot and sweating as I rubbed faster, making my breath deepen and myself moan.

My thoughts of being used and abused so rough like a cheap fucking slut in serving their male sexual masculinity created a large orgasm for me that my pussy begin to squirt while my body tensed up and I let out a deep squeal. My eyes remained closed, my body feeling drained after my orgasam, that need to cum from what I hadcreated in my mind was now satisfied enough to get me through the rest of my work day without going crazy.

I slipped my skirt back on but not my panties leaving them on the floor because I keep a fresh pair ina locker I have. Not wanting to be out of the office to long and getting out, taking off my coat I could see a large wet spot in the back, throwing it in the car I headed back into the building, no coat and panties with the cold air blowing up my twat, but the orgasm was well worth the exchange for the minute or so of cold weather as I hurried back inside.

My first stop was the facility locker room where I put clean panties on and washed my hands and rearranged my dress. I masturbate at home while watching pornography or reading stories of sex while on the Internet and masturbating in my car is something i have done before in my younger years. Masterbatingis something that I do enjoy although to feel a man pounding deep inside of me, his balls slapping me as he shoots his cuminside when using me as his bitch is something I could have used at this time so badly. As I said I masturbate and when I got home this situation created those same fantasies in my mind for me before I went to bed that night. Some men I have dated look at me asbeing a prude or something because of how I am in public but don't know me and that I love to bea slut or nasty bitch while with men behind closed doors. I have had more then one cock in me many times while at the house parties I have been too over the years needless to say my divorce. But as I am getting older, men I seem to be attracting these days who i have been with have notbeen the best performers and have been tiresome to me, plus they seem to me more on the gentle side which I do not prefer.

As for the sexual relationship between the student and my co-worker that I envied and fueled my new fantasies was not going to be spoiled by me since I cannot blame her for capturing the attention of a young virile man who treated her as if I would love to be treated. Since I knew of this relationship and what she was up to, I began to notice on some days near the end of the work day, my co-worker would go to the restroom coming back makeup reapplied, perfume, her clothes straighten making herself more presentable at the end of the day.

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   AlsoI noticed she was not ready to leave as the other women were, ready to go home to their family nor did she come out to the parking lot to her car as the rest of us did. I knew she was married to a man she never talked about. As I found out one day I finally waited for a few minutes outside before returning to the office and not finding her. I decided to wait in my car until she did. She had been inside for a little less then an hour before she came out. Where had she been? As she finally walked out to the parking lot I couldn’t see her face well, but I did not see the redness of her lipstick on her lips anymore that she had on before i had left and her hair some what a mess. I mention this because of what I discovered later.

All of this continued for about a month then I made the discovery which gave me the answer I was looking for. Sitting at my desk one day I leaned over hard in my chair and broke one of the cheap plastic wheels. But up on the second floor we have a classroom which is not used, but instead is being used for storage of desk, tables, chairs, along with a smaller attached room to it where we keep extra school supplies, like pens, pencils, stacks of paper, sticky notes, toner cartridges, some laptop computers, a spare big copy machine when we run out down here in the office. Both rooms locked with two different keys, one key being only for people of the administrative office who use those supplies and the other for the cleaning crew which they almost never entered.

It was about an hour before lunch when I broke the chair, so I got the keys from the filing cabinet to see what extra ones were available as well as some supplies I thought of. As I entered I saw several new chairs and many boxes stacked up high, along with tables turned upside down top of other ones almost creating something of amaze in this storage room. walking around thismaze where I discovered a large old wooden desk hidden from view. Then I remembered some more paper, so I unlocked the supply room door with the other key.

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   Turning the light on we had packages of paper stacked against one wall, the copy machine against another while there were shelves for the rest of the supplies.

Picking up a few pens before turning to take a package of paper from the stackI noticed some rolled up tissue on the floor and I could see it had makeup on it. Lipstick!, in my mind I thought of my coworker and her lipstick . This was not Proof she had been here because other female administrative people do come in here. However in my mind i wanted to be completely sure if i had found her secret place.

It was the end of the week that day and it would not be until Monday would I know this was the place myco-worker was using if I did not wait around after work. As the day ended and everybody had left the office she and I stayed behind and she began to become a little nervous, because I was still sitting at my desk acting as if I was doing some work. I didn't know exactly what my plan was so I was just was playing it by ear. Then out of the corner of my eye I noticed one of the tall young men of the parking lot was standing outside the office looking in, it was not the blue eyed one and I acted as if I didn't see him keeping my head down, but I could tell my co-worker had motioned to him.

Then he disappeared off to the right of the door out of sight. Which was down to the classrooms and stairwell. Knowing what she had planned I got up and put on my coat and told her good bye as l left. I walked out the door of the building turning the corner and just stood there for a several minutes only to return to the office finding her gone, I went over to the filing cabinet where we kept the keys for those two rooms believing her to have them. I was not surprised when I found them to be gone but excited, because i knew where spare keys were kept.

I walked out and over to the stairwell, I could hear some cleaning of the classrooms going on the first floor.

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   But they rarely go into the storage room. Climbing the stairs my heart pounding as i also began to sweat i reached the second floor, I walked down the hallway quickly wanting to see what i had been fantasizing about. The storage room being at the other end of the hallway I set a brisk pace. As i got there i took a deep breath and I slid the key into the lock and turned the knob slowly, making sure to open the door quietly.

Looking inside, I saw no one and heard nothing. I slowly walked around the maze of the supply room, then i just stopped and remained quite and began now, heard some sounds. Looking over at the supply room I moved toward it. Sliding the other key in the lock I turn the knobpulling the door toward me opening it slowly with a small gap. There I was greeted with a view of my co-worker nakedon her knees one young man behind her fucking her pussy as she sucked the cock of another while the tall blued eyed one watched and stoked his cock. The young man fucking her, his cock pumping hard and fast into her making her ass cheeks take a pounding. The young man his hands on her ass cheeks which were red as he slapped them which I knew she liked from what I had heard from the story as he referred to her in a degrading way about being an unfaithful wife. The other young man his hand around the back of her head holding her down to him as he fucked her mouth, pumping his hips as called her a bitch. My blue-eyed young man watching him fuck her with his cock out and stroking it as that and the scene I was viewingmade my cunt become very wet quickly as my eyes stared at the sexual humiliation of her.

Then one noticed me, the young man she was sucking his cock motioned to the rest. She turned her head and saw me, looking at me in shock she put her hands to her face started to cry.

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   I looked at her and played it cool, even though it was a hot fuck he was giving her i enjoyed watching it. “So the three of you having your own fun in here” I said. She continued to cry, and she got off the floor. Then she approached me and begged me not to tell anyone because she would lose her job and her husband would find out. ”Please don't tell anyone”. She continued to beg me while crying, it was then I told her I would not say anything and we would keep this among ourselves, she looked at me with relief, thanking me and telling me she would stop what she was doing. “Thats alright, I won’t tell”, I said. She gave me a big smile, reaching out and hugged me with great affection thanking me again. i told her" we will just keep this among ourself", as they all now understood something of my intentions.

I found outshe has been fucking the young man for several months sometimes here at school and sometimes in her and her husbands own bed when he was not home. One was named Michael the other Steven being the ones treating her like a slut and calling her a bitch. “Soyou been fuckingMichael and Steven”, I asked her. She told me it was the first time with Steven. "And who is this", looking at the blue eyed young man. He spoke and told me he was Chris as i looked at him and made my plan.

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  My co-workers face was a mess because of her tears,I again assured her I would tell no one and she could trust me. She smiled at me again and even laughed beforethanking me again. I didn't say anything to Michael or Steven. "You Chris i want to talk with outside", I saidas he and I stepped into the other room and I closed the door to the supply room, it was not long before i could hear names again and the slapping of her ass.

“You young man, what am I going to do with you” I said to him, he apologized to me andasked me to not say anything about him being here “Well we won't get told on by me” I said,as I gazed up at him since he was a little taller. I gave him a sinful smile. “I like it Rough, do you know what I mean". As my hand reached out and I touched his crotch. Then I turned around and leaned over the desk my upper torso resting on it, "do what you want to me, treat me like the slutshe was in there" i told him.

This is what I've had been waiting for, but would he know what I really wanted and satisfy my need for it rough. I closed my eyes as I felt his hands flip the back of my dress over me, running over my ass before pulling my panties down exposing it and using those hands spread my cheeks showing my asshole and cunt to him. I was on fire feeling the cool air across both my holes. My panties fell to the floor and I stepped out of them and placed my feet wide apart. With one hand on my ass, I then felt the head of his cock touch the lips of me, I was so wet as he pushed it in it in and my muscles of my cunt surrounded him. He began to pump it inside of me, quickly my breath deepened as his fingers of both hands dug in while he started to pound away.

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   I was getting fucked but i needed more, "slap me, call me a cunt, a bitch" I said to him. Then I felt and a hard slap on the cheek and it hurt stinging me, but that only made me wetter and want more. “Yes” was the only word I could say when he slapped again as I began to arch my back with my mouth open and my eyes closed tight.

His fucking became faster and I knew he would not last long and I pushed back on to him, fucking myself with his cock too, the slapping against my ass felt fantastic, the pleasure and the pain from being fucked on and shoved into the desk was painful but it felt so good to me being used and in a rough way. My thrusting backwards and grinding himself onto him as he came close to cumming. My ass was hot and still stinging a bit from his slaps. He now grabbed my hair and begin to pull my head back hard as I felt his cum squirt inside of me “Oh shit“ came from my mouth as he pulled hard and painful, making me cum too. All I could do was make the sound of pleasure from my pain of being shoved hard into that desk and my hair pulled.

Then he let go of my hair as he just held me by my ass his cock pulsing inside me and cum oozing from it as he slow fucked me and ground himself against my cunt while his breathing became more normal. With my head pressed down and not moving, my cunt all sticky and wet and sweat from my body dripping as he then pulled it out and cum oozed from me down on to the floor.

I laid over the desk for only a few moments, as I could feel the pain of my body from the sexual abuse taken by me. Slowly I got up and turned to himstanding there his cock semi-firm and I could see the slick gooey cum on the shaft from our rough sex. I did not hesitate at all and dropped to my knees and put my open mouth on to his cock while my other hand embraced his balls and sucked and licked around his cock head. He placed his hand behind my head and pulled me to him, pulling my mouth to its base. , Oh Shit!… he was treating me like a slut that I was and I was enjoying myself so much sucking that cock and showing him how nasty I was I begin to lick and at his balls too and telling him I would be obedient for him.

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After a minute or two I knew I needed to go from what was amazing and I had not had in a long time. Not wanting to be seen upstairs by anyone or get locked out of the office since my purse and coat were still there I got off my knees and I kissed him passionately andpractically begging him to come home with me. Getting his pants up and fastened, I told him to go downstairs and wait near the side entrance, which he then left the room I went back to the supply closet and opened the door.

The three of them were on the floor, she was sandwiched between them, her riding one cock while another was fucking her ass. It was hot from what I was seeing, and i would have liked to be in her shoes at that moment but I knew I had to get out of there soon. . She looked up at me, never stopping moving her hips. “Lockup and be very careful” I told her, but she didn’t respond, her eyes rolled back as she continued to be fucked in both holes while I closed the door again.

I got my clothes on and using my panties I cleaned up the mess we had made because I wanted no one to have even a clue of what happened there before I closed and locked the storage room door and went back downstairs to the office. Unseen except by Chris who was standing near the exit I motioned for him to wait a moment. In the office I retrieved my car keys and then stepping out into the hallway and handed them to him. I told him of my car and where it was and to get in. I would come out in a few minutes because I didn't want anyone to see us together.

Back in the office, I put the keys away that I used to get in upstairs. Then straighten my clothes and combed my hair while I thought about what just happened.


   Grabbing my things and walking out the side entrance to my car, I again begin to think about myself tonight and what would be. Opening my car door Chris was sitting there and I could tell he had a hard on already for me. My coat was open as raised my skirt and showed him I had no panties on and my bush, smiling and excited about whathad happened and what I was in for later. Getting in and sitting there for a moment I turned the ignition while looking at him with a smile and said “lets go home”, I closed the door and drove out of the lot leaving the school behind.




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