Rough night with dad.


My parents are divorced and I went to my dads house. Now my dad is different than others. Hes only 32, white with a bit of a tan. Beautiful hazel eyes, bald with a little bit of hair around the surface. and his face except around his mouth is shaved. His body. . . is a wonderland. Hes got pretty biceps, a tight chest. The best part are his nipples. Semi hairy body and his stomach is perfect. I'd always get a big boner when I'd see my dad walk around in his briefs. I am 18 and pretty straight.

I was in only my underwear in my room in the basement. Since I didn't jack off for about 3 days I was so fucking horny.

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   All I could think about was my dad in his room stroking his big thick dick in his hot Calvin Klein briefs. I couldn't help myself so I crept across the hall and peeked through my dads bedroom door. I saw him somewhat sweaty, lifting a dumbbell in his right hand. This was ridiculous, I thought. What is this tease!? I watched as his hot smooth bicep curled. He let out deep exhales every lift. I was so turned on. Licking my lips looking at the bulge in his underwear. As I saw him put down the weight. I gently ran back to my room. I heard him leave his room and go upstairs. I went to the basement washroom, preparing to take a shower, since I decided I would head to bed soon. As I was getting undressed, my dad knocked on the door. "You in there?" "Yeah, I'm about to shower" I responded.
"Get in and unlock the door, I need to take a piss.

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  " He said. I got into the shower and opened the door. I started the water through the big faucet. I secretly listened to the soft sliding noise of my dad pulling his briefs down his big man legs. I peeked through the edge of the curtain and saw my dad facing the toilet. I immediately looked at my dads luscious ass. Fuck yeah I thought. Little hairs trickled down both cheeks. His ass was nice and plump. I tried glimpsing at his ball sac but I couldn't look low enough without giving it away. Then my dad began pissing. It was loud and obnoxious. Listening over the piss hitting the toilet water he let out a "fuucckkk. . " quietly.

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   I wanted to step out of the shower and run my hands down his back and slap his ass. But I retreated back to the shower. I turned the shower head on after hearing him flush.

Shortly, after I noticed he was still in here after I heard the faucet of the sink running. I peeked out and noticed he was shaving his lower chin. I was so intrigued. I quickly rinsed the shampoo off and turned the shower off. I grabbed the towel and wrapped myself waist down and stepped out. My dad moved over to let me use the sink. "I'm so exhausted," he said. "Same. " "I've been pumping weights the whole time. " I let out a giggle and nodded. He turned and looked, "You pumping?" "Yeah, but only when I go to the gym like every other week. " He started to feel my biceps.

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   "Yeah you got some muscle. You get more pussy with more muscles eh haha. " I laughed. But the pussy isn't what I wanted, I wanted him. "Big tits too. " I said. He nodded as he washed the shaving cream off his face. He left the washroom and went to his bedroom. Putting on my sleeping briefs I went back to my room and onto the computer. My dad walked in and laid down, "Massage please, I'm so sore. " Putting on the act, "Ugh, I gave you a back massage like 2 days ago fuck. " He grabbed a pillow and laid on his stomach. "When you were younger you'd always give me massages!" In my mind I laughed. I got up and crawled on his back. I started massaging his neck and shoulders.

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   I liked putting hard pressure every now and then. He'd always let out a moan when I did. I moved down to his middle back. My knees were squishing his ass cheeks. My dick started getting stiff. I massaged his thighs working down to his feet. "My ass too. " He said. I grunted but of course I was happy, as I placed my palms on his cute butt cheeks. I felt the little hairs through his soft black briefs. "You got soft buns," I said laughing. He giggled as well. "You're better than my Celine (his girlfriend). " "Really how so?" "You know when to put a lot pressure. " After a hot ass massage.

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   "My turn!" I said.

I laid down on my stomach as he put his thighs apart over me. I wish his bulge would touch my back. He immediately went down to my ass and pulled off my briefs. "HEY!" I said. He laughed. "Don't bullshit me. I know you watch me all the time. You want me boy. I've always wanted to do things with another guy, so play with me. " I turned over and got up and gave him a big bear hug as my cock rubbed against his. His chest hairs were rubbing against my smooth bare body. I whispered in his ear, "Only if you fuck me harder than your girlfriend. " He turned his head as I stared in those deep sexy hazel eyes. "I'll make your ass sore.

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  " We started making out as I laid on top of him on the bed. I sucked his big tongue as his hand scrunched the back of my head. "You fucking hunk. " I moaned. He ran his hand down my back and slapped my ass vigorously. "I'm gonna fuck this hard bitch. " He said as he squeezed my cheeks. I sucked his nipples and rubbed his biceps. Then I got up on my knees and put my cock in his face. He spat on it and sucked the shit out of it. "Oh yeah dad suck that fuckin dick. " Mmmmm he groaned as he deep throated my cock. I rubbed my hand on his smooth bald head. "I wanna eat your hot ass out. " He got up went on his knees and stood of all four limbs.

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   I pulled of his calvin klein's and licked his asshole. "mmmmm you like it when I eat this tight ass?" I teased. "fuck yeah bitch. " he replied. He stuck his finger out as I pulled it. He let out a big nasty ass fart. I swallowed it all. "Fuck yeah so fucking smelly. " I licked the hole ring of the asshole. "I've got more baby. " He said. He let out a bunch of nasty farts. The wind blew my face. I slapped his ass as he turned over and laid on his back. "Suck my fucking dick," he said.

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       "And if I see any slaking, theres gonna be punishment come tomorrow!" "fuck you!" I hissed. He grabbed the back of my head as he mumbled, "oh yeah dicksucker?" He shoved my face into his cock.

    I slurped his cock very well. The saliva moving everywhere. Him guiding my head down his 9 inch cock. I gagged a little. Then I licked the hole in his dick head. "Mm you good boy, oh baby suck that fucking dick. You naughty slut. " "I love the cock. " I mumbled. Then I took my head off to gain my breathe. He grabbed me by the neck and threw me face down ass up. "Oh daddy, your so violent!" "Shut the fuck up. " He said.

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       He opened my ass and played with my little tight ass with his finger. "Oh fuck yeah, this ass is so tight. Were gonna have to shove my cock in there. " "Your dick is too big. " I said worrying. "Dad, I've never takin' it in the ass. " "Didn't I tell you to shut the fuck up?" I nodded and moaned. He teased my asshole with his cock head. He slowly pushed his dick in my tight awaiting asshole. "Ughhh fuck!" He moaned. "Oh shit baby. " I groaned. He leaned over sliding his cock in my asshole. He put his hand over my mouth as he fucked me faster and faster. "Take this fucking dick pussy.


      " "Oh fuck its so big. " It felt so bad but so good. So raw. I tried speaking through his hand. "Dad your cock is so damn big!" "Shut up!" He hissed back. He slapped my ass. "Take this fucking cock and don't complain. I'm fucking you so hard. " I moaned as I jacked my dick off. He pulled my upper body up.

    I started making out with him again. I looked in his sexy eyes. "I fucking love you daddy, your so fucking hot. I'll suck your cock any day baby. " He smiled, then threw me and turned me on my back.

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       and started fucking me on my back. As his dick was pumping my hole, he moved his hands across my abs and nipples. Then he put two fingers in my mouth as I sucked them. "aw yeah you fuckin fag!" He said. "I'm such a slut dad for you any day. Harder. " I said. He pounded my ass harder as he slammed me against the front side of the bed board. "Aw yeah every saturday. . this is it. I'm gonna taste your ass with my cock. " "Yeah I want that daddy fuck me. So stud like big biceps, smelly asshole. You fucking stud bitch!" He slapped me, "don't call me a fucking bitch boy.

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       I need to cum!" He moaned. He removed his dick from my opened up asshole. He stroked his dick off as he began moaning loudly. "Fuck yeah daddy I'm cumming too!" He looked at me stressed, and he spit on my face. "Oh fuck!" I began cumming all over myself. He grabbed a nearby glass and began cumming in it. "Ohh yeah fucking dick, blowing my load. " daringly, I squeezed his balls. He let out more cum into the glass. He then sipped some of it up leaving a cum mustache on his upper lip. "Delicious and nutritious. " He said catching his breathe. He handed me the glass as I poured it all over my face, catching some of the cum on my tongue. "So fucking creamy and gooey daddy mmmm!"

    He got off the bed as he was breathing heavily. He took his underwear and put it over my head and pushed me against the back boards.

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       "Fuck boy. Dont tell your mother. " I sat there naked and covered in his cum, with his smelly cock stenched briefs on my face. I watched as he walked out of the room.