Road Side Assistance - His Favor Returned


"Thank you so much!" I pleaded as he tossed the flat into my trunk and shut the lid. I sat in the driver's seat with the door open and one leg outside of the car. He walked around to my side of the car to shake my hand before heading on his way.

"I wish there was some way I could repay you. " I said looking up at the tall tan skinned man who stood in front of me. His hand slid down to his crotch and grasped the bulge in his jeans.

"I'm John. " he said extending his other hand. My eyes fixed on the long thick growth in the man's jeans. "Buddy?" he said breaking my attention from his crotch long enough to shake his hand.

"Thanks again John. " I said avoiding eye contact out of embarrassment.
"I think there is something you can help me with. " he said as he pulled at the front of his pants. I looked up from the floor to find myself staring right at the knob of his swollen cock.

"Whoa!" I replied still staring at the enorumous cock waiting just inches from my face.

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"It's only fair to return a favor after fixing your flat. " he insisted as he leaned forward pushing the head of his cock down the side of my cheek. The heat from the head of his cock was so intense. His hot slimy precum leaked onto my face as his fleshy knob rubbed it into my cheek. I moaned while savoring the most erotic moment of my life. Tension in the air was thick as the goo slowly dripping down my throat. I closed my eyes tightly holding my head still. "Could this be a dream" I thought to myself.

He fished around in his back pocket before slowly bringing his hand back into sight. His thumb flicked outward making a loud click. I turned my head to catch a glimpse of the 4 inch blade he clutched in his hand. I never imagined being in such a position, equally confused, aroused and terrified for my life at the same time. He rotated his hips pulling his dick away from me for a moment before he spun back to smack me across the face with his cock. The sound of his hard dick smacking against my wet sticky skin was a huge turn on.

"You better get to it.

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  " he prompted, holding the knife in full view as he slid his dick from my cheek across my lips leaving a trail of goo. The sensation of his hot spongy cock rubbing precum across my lips drove me mad. I closed my eyes and parted my lips as a wave of lust washed over my body. The head of his cock pushed between my lips and slid into my mouth. He pumped his dick just a few inches back and forth into my mouth. I wrapped my lips tight around the ridge of his dickhead as it slid in and out of my mouth. I grabbed his cock in my right hand stroking his shaft as it inched deeper into my mouth.

John held my head with his free hand as he pushed his dick further into my mouth. I rocked my head back and forth as I continued to work my hand up and down the length of his cock. My mouth stretched wider around his thick cock as he pumped his hips pushing his dick deeper and deeper. I sucked harder as I felt the head of his cock slide into the back of my throat.

"Fuck yea boy!" he moaned pulling my head further down on his cock. He pulled back for a second before pushing his dick down the back of my throat. I tried to pull away but he held the back of my head forcing me further down on his cock. I gagged as his thick rod plugged my airway for almost a minute.

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   He slowly withdrew his cock as I continued to gag while gasping for air. The lack of oxygen did nothing but increase my lust for his cock. I bobbed my head up and down the entire length of his 9 inch cock. His shaft was coated in thick saliva as my mouth made love to his dick.
"That's it boy! Suck that dick!" he moaned as he let the blade of his knife brush against my neck. I flinched for a moment, but continued to suck his dick deeper and deeper into my mouth. The cold steel blade on my skin gave me a chill spreading goose bumps down my neck.

"If you can suck dick this good I can't help but think how great your ass would feel. " he said while getting closer to orgasm. "I should strip you down and fuck you like a whore. " he whispered in a raspy tone. Itook his dick further down my throat swallowing the head of his cock as I thought about the possibility of getting raped by knife point. He pushed his dick all the way down my throat until his balls pressed against my chin. I worked my his cock in and out of my mouth as fast as I can hoping to make him cum. I pictured him tearing off my shirt, cutting through my belt to remove my pants.

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   The more I thought about getting fucked the more turned on I became.

"Fuck yea!' he moaned throwing his head back in pleasure. His dick began to throb in my mouth precum flowing freely down my throat. The excitement grew, I thought he was about to explode in my mouth just before he pulled back. I pouted my lips looking up at him. My eyes practically begging for his dick. He took his dick in his hand and rubbed the tip of his cock back and forth across my lips. I stuck out my tongue licking a drop of precum from his tip.
"You like this cock?" he asked, smacking his dick across my face 4 or 5 times before shoving it back down my throat.
"Mmmmm" I moaned on his cock as I sucked it fervently.

"I am gonna fuck your ass tonight. " he grunted as he fucked my throat. His words of violent sexual desire echoed in my head, making me want him more and more. I lost control of my actions as my inner whore took over. I stood up grabbed his dick in my hand looked him in the eyes while bitting my lower lip.

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   "Come fuck me. " I whispered. I turned, walked around my car off the side road.

I heard footsteps behind me as I made my way through the line of trees and into the clearing ahead. I unbuttoned my shirt dropping it to the ground. I pulled the belt from the loops in my jeans, then unzipped my fly to let them fall to my ankles. I stepped out of my jeans and slid out of my boxers, adding them to the trail of clothes behind me. I peaked over my shoulder to see john stroking his cock furiously as he followed 18 to 18 steps behind me.
After finding a nice open patch in the field I got down on my knees and crawled slowly across the soft grass. My ass stuck up into the air shaking from one side to the other, giving John a full view of my soft round ass as I inched forward. I stopped after a few feet, laid down onto the ground with my legs spread open. Then folded my arms in front of me to rest my head. The cool grass felt amazing against my skin as I relaxed on the ground. I poked my ass up in the air and wiggled it side to side. John walked right up behind me before dropping his jeans to the ground.

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   I heard him stroking his cock as he stood over my naked body. I pressed up on my knees to work my hips up and down making my plump ass cheeks spread and clap together over and over. John stared at my ass jerking his cock harder and faster with excitement.

His shirt fell down beside me,I peaked back to see his boxers drop to the grass. I spread my legs open wide, propped my ass up and waited for him to take me. The cool fall wind blew down the crack of my ass and over my tight hole sending chills up my spine. My entire body writhed in anticipation as I waited for his next move. John got down on his knees between my legs and inched is way up until he could rest his dick in the crease of my ass. He grabbed my hips and pumped his wet slippery cock back and forth between my cheeks.

John cleared his throat and spit a massive wad of saliva on the head of his cock as he pressed it against my asshole. I felt his spit pool around the head of his cock,adding to his puddle of precum.

"That is a fine ass boy!" he said before smacking my ass with his right hand. "God yes I want him In me!" I thought to myself. He pushed his dick against my sphincter firmly until the tip of his cock slipped into my ass. "Yes yes, more more!" I shouted in my head as he slowly pushed his dick into my tight ass.

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   He continued to rock back and forth sliding an inch deeper with every stroke.

"Mmm yea. " I moaned as he worked his dick further into my ass. Every hair on my body stood on endas John stretched my tight hole wider and wider to fit around his thick rod. After a few minutes he was able to bury all 9 inches of his dick inside me. "Oh my god!" I cried as he started to pound my ass.

"Yea take that dick boy!" he grunted fucking me harder. I felt the firm ridge of his cock head gliding in and out of my insides. The intense heat of his cock felt incredible as he filled every inch of my hole.

"Oh my god!" I moaned as he fucked my ass harder and faster. I lifted my ass higher and pushed back against him as he pumped his dick into me. A radiating wave of pleasure washed over my body each time he plunged his huge thick cock all the way into my asshole.

"Let me fuckyou like a little whore. " he said fucking my ass with long firm strokes. I wiggled my hips side to side while squeezing his cock in my ass.

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"Yes fuck me harder!" I squealed as I continued to work my hips into his powerful thrusts.
"You even moan like a little whore!" he said smacking my ass again before laying down on top of me. His burly chest pressed into my back as he wrapped his left arm under my chest, and his right arm around my neck. His hips rocked so smoothly back and forth pumping his dick into my ass. My grinded against the ground pressing my cock into the soft grass. Each blade of grass tingled as it brushed across my hard-on.

"Fuck me like your little whore!" I moaned prompting John to increasehis pace. Our bodies rocked back and forth in a deep rhythmic pattern. His dick massaged my insides as he fucked me with his long steady stroke. His arms wrapped tighter around my body as he groped my chest with his left hand and held my throat with his right. The feeling of being held so tight by his big strong arms turned me on fueling my lust for his cock. I worked my hips up and down gliding my dick through the grass and squeezing his cock in my ass then pushing my ass back into him as he thrusts forward.

"Let me hear you moan like a whore!" he said pinching my nipple between his thumb and finger while deep in my ass.
"Oh my god yes!" I moaned "Fuck my ass!" I cried out to him. He started to pound my ass harder and faster turned on by my moaning.

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"Fuck me harder, oh yes!" I screamed feeling my cock swell beneath me. His dick plunged deep into my has harder and faster than ever. The steady stream of precum seeping from his dick kept my asshole wet and slippery allowing his massive 9 inch dick to stretch and fill my hole.

"I'm gonna fill you with cum whore!" he groaned while he continued to work his hips faster and faster, fucking me harder and harder. I felt his huge rod throbbing inside me as he pumped deeper into my ass. His dick throbbed growing almost an inch thicker each time. My asshole began to spasm sending me into a frenzy. I've never been fucked with such raw power and emotion before now.

"Cum in my ass!" I screamed "Fill me with your sperm!" I begged as he plunged deeper and harder.
"I'm gonna cum in your ass little whore!" he grunted as his once long smooth strokes became shorter and more erratic. His hand tightened around my throat as he fucked my ass into a spasm.

"Fuck yes!" I moaned "choke me and cum in my ass!" I groaned. His grip grew tighter and tighter around my neck until I almost blacked out in ecstasy. He moved his left hand down my chest to my own throbbing dick squeezing it tight. He stroked my cock as he pounded my ass pushing me over the edge.

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"Oh fuck yes! I'm cumming so hard!" I screamed as a tremor shook through my body. My dick pumped thick creamy cum into John's had as he held my dick.

"You're such a fucking whore!" he said straining to hold back from blowing his wad.
"Oh my god cum in my ass!" I begged and begged still trembling in orgasm.

"Oh shit!" He grunted as his powerful thrusts cease. He shoved his cock deeper into my ass than ever. Using every muscle in his body to bury his cock deep into my asshole as he explodes inside me.

"Yes fucking cum whore!" he groaned. John cupped his hand over my mouth forcing my wad of cum into my mouth. At the same time his dick erupted in my asshole shooting load after load of boiling hot cum deep into my ass. Cum shot from his cock with incredible force. I felt the pressure building inside me as he pumped his sweet seed into my ass.

"Lick your spunk while I pump you full of cum, whore!" he demanded smearing his hand all over my face. His dick throbbed again spraying more cum into my ass. John writhed on top of me jerking uncontrollably as he dumped his load.


   I clenched my ass around his throbbing cock. He shot another load into my ass. I clenched tightly again squeezing his cum out of my ass. I quivered as his cum leaked out of my ass breaking the seal around his shaft. He pumped twice morebefore collapsing on top of me.

I laid silently in peace as I felt a stream of steamy cum run down the crack of my ass and between my thighs. John pushed himself back up to his knees before pulling his semi-hard dick from my ass.

"Oh god that feels amazing!" I moan one last time as I feel every inch of his cock slowly slide out of my asshole. A stream of cum poured from my still quivering hole as the tip of his cock slipped out.

"What a good cum whore. " he remarked while gathering his clothes and getting dressed. I continued to lay in thegrass with cum dripping from both ends. I savored the rich salty flavor of my own cum and the feeling of Johns colossal load of hot cum sloshing inside me. Just like that I heard his car start and he disappeared down the road.

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