Riding the Moped (Part 1)


A true story from back around 1999 when I was in my late teens.  

Back when I was in college, I worked as a freelance tech support for mainly home users. I was able to under cut competition due to no overhead when living at home with my parents.

I was fairly good looking, athletic and intelligent. This lead me to be quite full of myself. An attribute I later learned would attract women. I was single at the time too.

Around spring time of '99, I made contact with a couple whom lived in a nearby city. I can't recall exactly where I got in contact with them, but I assume it was on the Internet. Both of them were in their mid 20's and were losers in my opinion. They lived with his mother in a run down single wide trailer. He worked odd, low income jobs and appeared to have no goal in life. At the time i knew them, he was delivering newspapers at night. He was your typical white trash out of shape loser that you would expect to play video games all day long. He'd have a bald spot by 30, and a pedophile arrest by 35. His name was Jason.

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She didn't seem to work or do anything and seemed to have no goals either. What she did have was an additude. Any communication between her and me would deteriorate into a battle of wits, which she would arrive unarmed. She had an intelligence level that fit well with daytime TV. She was also overweight. She had to weigh around 225 pounds or so. Her body shape was that of a T-Rex, a big fat ass and no tits. She was a natural blonde with a southern accent. Her name was Beth, I think.

After a month or so of communicating, I could tell their marriage was an abject train wreck on an epic scale. Each would bitch to me privately about the other. I personally didn't care much one way or another. Sometimes it was fun to poke the bear in the cage.

Eventually, their computer took a shit and they asked me to come look at it. I agreed and made arrangements to stop by their house.

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  . . Er, hovel.

I had seen photos of Beth before meeting. She had thr typical myspace type photos that you see of big bitches. Top up shots. She had an attractive face, but the rest wasn't something you'd want to get caught riding. Ie: the moped.

After looking at the computer and trying to pull a miracle out of my ass to get it functional, I was able to extend its life -- but it was on hospice care. I told them it was fucked and told them they could probably finance a new one through Dell or HP. So they called and tried to get financing. The operator laughed them off the phone and hung up.

After the finance company gave them the finger, I sat there in the palace of disrepair for an hour or two getting to know them somewhat. They regailed me with tales of moving across the country and other boring shit. His wife Beth sat there next to me on the couch.


   The cushion was sunk in and I felt like I was falling in towards her. Not caring very much, I made the comment about it. She promptly hit me in the legs with her hands and said, "Fuck you!"

"Oh, now ya did it," her husband said laughing.

She kept hitting at me up towards my arm until I had enough. I caught her arm and twisted it pushing her into the back of the couch. As I pinned her to the couch, I ended up pressed against her on the couch. I told her, "I would, but I doubt my dick is big enough. "

Her husband laughed and said, "You can have her if ya want her. " I assumed it was a joke.

She made the comment, "Ya, I'm too much woman for you. "

I responded, "You got that right," as I let go of her and got off the couch and picked another seat.

After that point, she backed off with her aggressiveness. I decided the damage was done and it was time for me to leave.

Several day later, around 11pm she called me at home. She indicated that her computer had broke and that she needed to get access to some files immediately.

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   Due to the distance, I was in no mood to go that night. I asked if it could wait until Monday or in the morning. She said no, she absolutely needed them now. I told her Ok, but I'd have to bill her this time for the trip. She said that wasn't a problem.

I arrived at their place a little after midnight. She answered the door in an oversized t-shirt and sweat pants. I asked where her husband was. She replied that he was at work until 4am or so.

I started working on the computer immediately. The computer was fine, except the MS Word program refused to open. It started saying that files were missing. I considered that the computer hard drive had a corruption or maybe this retard deleted the file on accident. I started the reinstallation and sat back for the 45 minutes of fun on that slow piece of shit computer.

She came into the room behind me and asked how it was going.

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   I told her it would be fixed when the progress meter was finished assuming the hard drive wasn't failing.

She came up behind me and put her hands on my shoulders, which felt odd and really uncomfortable. I figured busting her in the balls would get this event over with. I said, "Best get your foodstamps out to pay me with, I take the usual 75 cents on the dollar markup. "

She said, "I ain't payin you. "

"You've got three hours to pay for," I added assuming she was just playing around.  

"You wanted to come over to see me anyway," she added.  

"What the hell for?" I snapped.

"Isn't it obvious?" she asked. I knew where her intent was going. I wasn't and still aren't a fan of big women. So I said, " I doubt Jason would approve of that. "  

"Fuck him, he don't touch me anyway," she said.

I looked her up and down and said, "I'd rather my 100 bucks. "

"You know I ain't got no 100 dollars," she said.

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   This I actually believed.

I asked, "You think you're worth a 100 bones?"

"Better you get something than nothing," she responded.

"Let me see what you have to offer then," I said calmly.

She lifted her t-shirt revealing her fat stomach and her at best, C cup tits. I said, "I guess it's better than jerking off. "

"Fuck you asshole!" she said while dropping her shirt. She went to kick me in the computer chair, but I easily brushed it aside and stood up. She went to strike at my face but I caught her arm and twisted it behind her back. As she struggled, I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her head back towards me. I told her in her ear, "Listen to me whore, your body owes me a 100 dollars worth of service. For the next few hours, your body belongs to me. Understand?"


"Understand?" I said as I pulled her hair tighter.

"Yes. .

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  . " she said quietly.

"On your knees whore," I ordered her.

"You don't have to talk to me like that," she snapped.

"Shut up and start sucking," I told her as I pushed her to her knees. I unzipped my fly and pulled my semi rigid cock out. I grabbed her by the hair and fed my cock into her mouth. I slid my cock in and out of her mouth as I held her by the hair. I slid my hardening 6 1/2 inch thick, cut cock down her throat until she choked. As she would choke, I'd hold it there for a second before removing it. Before long, slobber was running out of her mouth onto her shirt.
    After a few minutes of this, I unbuckled my pants and let them drop. She grabbed at my boxers and pulled them down. I stepped out of my shoes and slid my pants and boxers off. I sat on the edge of their couch and she crawled to me on all fours.

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       I told her to suck my sweaty balls. She eagerly complied. She even ran her tongue down my taint over my asshole. She spent a good five minutes gagging on my cock before I said, "Lets see what else you've got to offer. "

    She leaned back looking at me. I told her to stand up and remove her clothes. She pulled her shirt off followed by her sweat pants. Nothing was really good to see. "Bend over the arm of the couch," I told her.

    Her ass was huge. I couldn't get my arms around her waist if I tried. "You got a rubber?" I asked.

    "No, but I'm on the pill," she said.

    "Well, I'm not risking it," I told her.

    I slid my hand between her legs and felt her sopping wet cunt.

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       I added, "Youre enjoying this aren't you?"

    She glared at me and said, "So what you wanna do then?"

    I spread her big ass cheeks and said, "I figure I'll just butt-fuck you," as I started rubbing her asshole with my thumb.

    She pushed back and said, " I don't do anal!"

    "Well congratulations, you do now," I added.          

    "No! Nothing goes in my ass, I'll suck you off instead," she said panicked.

    "Nah, pumping a big fat ass sounds a lot better," I said.  

    I pushed her down again onto the arm of the couch and got behind her. "I suggest you rub your clit," I added with a smile.  

    I spread her big saggy ass and ran my tongue up her ass crack over her asshole. She shuttered and moaned as my tongue probed her shitter. I loudly spit on her ass before sliding back up behind her.  

    "Now this is worth a 100 bucks," I told her.

    "Fuck you! I really don't want to do this," she pleaded.

    "Yeah, I'm going to bitch," I responded.

    I pushed firmly against her asshole using my thumb as a guide.  I was a lot more aggressive with her than a girl I actually liked. She kept saying, "It hurts," as she rubbed her clit furiously.

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    "It's supposed to hurt cunt," I said as a grunted and pushed my cock balls deep in her ass. I paused there to let her get accustom to a thick cock up her fat ass. I 
    asked her, "So what do you think your husband would say about you taking it up the ass for some other man?"
    Her legs quivered at the question and she didn't answer. "He probably wishes it was him, but wasn't man enough to put you in your place," I said.

    "Huh?" I questioned her and Gave her ass a stroke. Instead of painful noises, she moaned deeply.

    "Ut oh, I think she likes the idea of a man using her body as a cum dumpster," I orated to the room. I pushed my cock deep into her while spreading her fat ass. I pulled out so only the head was in her and dropped a gob of spit on the shaft of my cock before ramming it back in.

    To be continued. . .           



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