Revenge Sex on my ex. (Fiction)


My parents took me to vegas for my 17th birthday and I came back a couple days early because my dad had to do something at work. When I got back I rushed to my boyfriends house … I was in for a big surprise
As I knocked on his door there was no answer, but his bed room lights were on. Maybe his parents aren't home !
That's perfect ! I was hoping things would turn out this way! So I quietly opened the door and tip toed up the stairs, but as I got closer. . . I heard moaning, “Oooh Kyle, your so fuckin big oooh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssss …. . fuck me hard and fast. ”
Who's that? I questioned myself. I could tell already that Kyle was having sex with someone else but WHO? The answer came shortly as Kyle moaned, “Oooh Julie your pussy's so wet and tight,
I wanna fuck you all night”. . . Julie moaned back, “Ooooh Kyle I want that too, oooh yeeessss baaaaaabbyyyyy,”
“ I’m gunna fuck you like thiiiiiiiiiis, ooooh yesssss. ”

I opened the door and saw them, their two bodies were one, Kyle was on top and he was holding himself up
by his hands. "WHAT THE HELL?!" Julie yelled, “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING BACK!?” she pushed Kyle off her andcovered up.
Kyle turned his head to face me, “Oh SHIT.

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   Shit shit shit shit shit!” He burried his head in his pillow. I turned and ran, “Di wait! Julie means nothing! She’s a worthless whore!” He yelled after me. I don’t care, I told myself. I don’t CARE. But the tears flowed. I opened the door and slammed it behind me. SoonI didn’t know who I was running to. But it hit me as soon as I rang the door bell. This is Jake’s house, I thought. That’s right… to get revenge on my . . boyf- EX boyfriend I’ll do what he did to me, sleep with his best friend. Jake answer ed the door all sweaty, “Hey. ” He looked at me, “What’s wrong?”
He invited me in after I explained as well as I could, I still didn’t want to think about it so talking about it was weird too.
Jake sat across the room from me, “Why’re you sitting so far away?”
“Um, no reason.

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  ” I could see his boner as he moved awkwardly, trying to hide it. I looked around and glanced at my body to make sure that nothing embarassing was showing. Crap! I thought, my bra was showingbecause my tank top had gone down a little, it was too big for me but I insisted on buying it, My breasts were exposed, My tank top so low that it was showing half of my bra. I shifted a little.
“Jake. ” I said looking out the window.
“Y-yeah?” He shifted again.
“Before Kyle asked me out I was trying to get your attention. ” I never told anyone that. Since I hope to have sex with him as revenge I might as well come clean about my feelings.
“I noticed. ”
“You did? Then why didn’t you-“
“I was going to. But I told Kyle how I felt and he made a move first. I told him how …. .

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  . . sexy I thought you were. ”
“You think I’m sexy?” I asked, getting up.
“Yeah. ” He looked away, shifting again.
“I think your pretty sexy too. ” I sat on his lap, my legs spread apart, my face centimeters away from his.
Jake inched closer to my face and kissed me passionatly and slid his tounge into my mouth, oh my God he’s such a good kisser! I thought. I started to press against him moving my hips, grinding him. “Mmm. . Ooh baby. ” I moaned. He picked me up and brought me into his room, I could feel his big boner pressing on his pants, begging for release.

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       As we got on the bed I quickly started to unbotton his pants and pull them off, “I’m so wet. ” I purred.
    “Diana isn’t this a little too fast?”
    “Kyle’s a jack ass, forget about him. Fuck me Jake. ” I moaned.
    “You don’t have to ask me twice. ” He pulled off my tank top, and I pulled my bra down to my hips, the change in temperature made my nipples hard. He began to suck them.
    “Mmmm. ” I moaned while he worked on my breasts I pulled my shorts and thong off. He sat up for a second and pulled off his shirt, soon he was on top of me again. He lifted his hips and I spread my legs. His hard dick was inside me, he was moving in slow hard motions, “Oooh baby faster. ” I moaned. He went faster, I came shortly.

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       After a little more of this, I pushed on hisshoulders and told him I wanted to be on top. Kyle never let me on top.
    I slowly started riding his dick and it felt so good inside my wet pussy I came again. I got off his dick and started to lick my juices off his throbbing dick. “Ooooh yeah. . oooh yeah. ” He started to moan, “Suck my cock. ” I put the shaft of his penis in my mouth and started moving my tounge around it, “I’m gunna eat you up like an ice cream cone. ” I moaned.
    “Mmmm Yeah baby, eat my ice cream. ” Which I knew meant he was going to come soon. I put as much of his dick as I could fit into my mouth and started sucking and licking every inch of his hard dick. He came and it filled my mouth, I swallowed every drop. I crawled up beside him and layed down.

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       “I want to lick your pussy. ” He said.
    “Okay. ” I could tell he was tired so I got on top of him and put my dripping wet pussy in his face. “Lick me all up, I want your tounge in my pussy. ” I purred. “So do I. ” He began to lick and tease me.
    “Mmm, Jake. ” I Moaned. He turned me around and began to lick around my asshole. “Oooh baby. ”
    I wanted his dick in my pussy so bad, so I moved and slid his dick into my penis. He flipped us over and was now on top. He was humping me so fast my pussy was getting wetter.

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       “OOOH YES! FUCK ME!” I yelled as I came once again. As I was coming he came to. We were both moaning and screaming.
    That was the BEST revenge I ever got on any cheating exes ;) For me and you both.