Revenge Best Served Cold


It was 0400 Hours when I arrived at the observation point. I parked my vehicle several blocks away and hiked to the large vacant lot across the street from the place I was set to watch. With me, I had ariel photographs printed from Bing that showed the home from all four sides. These were not obtained at home, but on a free wireless access internet. I had several other items with me. For one, I had a new pair of shoes and a pair of binoculars that have the ability to take digital pictures. I found a good observation point to watch the house from. Much of the vacant lot was filled with large brush. This offered a lot of concealment opportunities. The field was many acres in size, and offered some high vantage points for observation.

The house was a run down single wide trailer. The yard was filled with debris. Makeshift dog cages were present around the perimeter of the yard. The yard itself was approximately an acre. A wood fence was contructed around the perimeter of the yard to block the view in. From the photos, I could see that there were dozens of derelict cars present in the yard.

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It was winter time, and quite cold. It wasn't until 0630 Hours when some activity happened. The male occupant of the house departed. As he left, the dogs in the yard barked. There were approximately 25 dogs outside the house in their own fenced in areas, or tied to debris in the yard. I noticed that he had to unlock the main gate before rolling the fence open, then move his vehicle out. Then he relocked it.

At approximately 0930 Hours, finally the target came outside. She was in a robe, and made the rounds through the open debris garden of a yard and began feeding and watering the many dogs. Before going back indoors, she turned on a radio which appeared to be playing for the dogs. The target was a woman approximately 45 years old. Average height. Overweight at approximately 175 pounds. Red short hair. From past encounters, she spoke with a british accent.

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   Think of a woman like Sharon Osborn. She had a perscription drug habbit. Some harder drugs such as pot and meth as well.

After she returned indoors, nothing was observed until 1720 Hours when the male subject returned home. Repeating the entry for the gate. At this time, I departed. Upon leaving, I threw away those shoes.

I returned the next morning at 0600 Hours and waited in my vehicle down the road from the target house. At approximately 0630 Hours, the male subject departed and passed by me on the road. I followed the subject to his place of work that was approximately 20 minutes away. He worked in a local framing shop building trusses it appeared. I wasn't sure what his job was specifically, but I now had some crucial data. I took down the name of the company went to a gas station. There at a phonebooth, I called his place of work and asked them what their typical work week hours were. I claimed I was interested in making a purchase for a project I was working on.


   The woman who answered the phone indicated that they worked 0700 to 1700 on Monday through Thursday. I asked what their lunch breaks consisted of, and she said they were gone for a half hour at 1200 Hours.

My next step was to gather the needed tools I would need for the job. Gloves, duct tape still sealed in it's packaging, large zip ties still in their original package, hand held tazer, condoms, 9mm handgun, folding razor knife, paramedic scissors, leather dog collar, a dog choker chain, a full face mask (black with a skull face), a brand new backpack and a large nylon bag with a draw string.

A key item was needed though. I traveled to a local porn shop that has video booths. I paid the money to view the booths. Inside, I went into the trash bin, and collected a used rag of semen. I put this sample in a sealed bag, then departed.

I laid my plan to make my attack on a Thursday. Worst case, the male Subject would come home, be dealt with and no one would notice them missing until Monday.

Right now, some of you are asking, "What did that poor woman do to deserve this?" That's quite easy. This poor woman is a sadistic evil bitch who has used and abused the helpless for years -- Particularly lower income elderly with no immediate family. When needed, she would use sex in order to obtain some sort of financial objective. Usually her methods were simple theft after securing trust from the unknowing.

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   Her arrest record covers theft, burglary, drug charges and assaults.

My encounters were from over five years previous. No contact had been made between us in that period. I was off the radar, and she had a lot of enemies.

My goal was quite simple, do unto her as she has done to others all of her life. That Thursday morning, I arrived again at 0400 Hours. Again, parking my vehicle many blocks away out of sight. I put my mask on and waited for the male subject to depart at 0630 Hours. Since it was winter, it was still dark out. As he locked the gate at the front of the yard, I jumped the back fence easily and quickly made my way to the door of the trailer after he left. The dogs barked as usual. I knocked on the door loudly as I had my tazer in my hand. I could hear her stomping through the house coming to the door, and heard her yell, "What's wrong?" in an irritated manner. She assumed I was the male Subject.

I stood off to one side of the door and waited.

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   As she opened the door, she said, "Who the fuc. . . " I stepped into her pressing the tazer to her chest firing. She yelped as the prongs made contact. Her legs collapsed beneath her and she fell onto the floor. She continued to make loud painful noises, so I leaned in and held the tazer on her for several seconds. Her body went rigid when hit. She was in a ugly ratty brown colored robe. I went inside quickly and glanced around the room making sure no one else was there. I grabbed her by the hands and drug her body into the living room, face down. I shut and locked the door. The entire process took less than ten seconds.

She wasn't unconscious, but she she was disorientated. I dug the sealed duct tape out of my pants pocket and opened it.

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   I tore a strip off and put it over her mouth. She started to come to, and tried to get up again. So I dug the prongs into the center of her back and tazed her for about five seconds. Her body tensed up again as she yelled into the tape. I yelled at her, "Shut the fuck up bitch, we're here for the drugs," to throw her off of my intent. She was pissed off and continued to try to yell. "Shut up, or you get tazed again, cunt," I told her.

I got into my backpack and got the dog collar out. I put it around her neck. I put a thick ziptie around her wrist and cinched it tight. I passed another ziptie between the ziptie on her wrist and put the ziptie through the collar loop and cinched it tight. This pulled her wrist tightly to her neck. I did the same with the other wrist. This forced both elbows in front of her.

Now that she was restrained, I put my knee in her back and applied several more layers of tape to her mouth to muffle her yells and screams.

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   I slipped the choker chain over her neck followed by the nylon bag over her head and pulled the draw string tight. Now that she couldn't see, I removed my mask.

I checked the windows to see what the dogs were doing. Most had settled down like normal. I found power cord that ran through a open window that went to the radio. I plugged it in, and the music started. This helped mask noises.

I looked around the livingroom. It was an epic disaster. Inside the tiny livingroom, two couches that didn't match and were torn up on the arms and on some of the cushions were at one side. Between them was a coffee table that was covered in empty bottles, cans, papers, and cigarette ashtrays. The counter in the attached kitchen was covered in dirty dishes and garbage.

I went back to her on the floor. She was trying to get to a standing position, but couldn't without the use of her hands. She was an overweight slob of a woman.

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   "On your feet cunt," I ordered while picking her up by the arm. As she got to a standing position, she started to struggle. She screamed," "I'll fucking kill you," through the tape. I forced her over to the coffee table and tazed her again in the kidney area. She buckled over and fell onto the debris on the coffee table. I controlled her fall so she was on her knees, but laying over the table. I leaned over her from behind and grabbed her choker, and pulled it tight. "I suggest you do as you are told," I said calmly, but firmly. When I released the choker, she coughed into her taped mouth. I could hear her sucking air hard through her nose.

In a muffled voice, she indicated that the drugs were in a jewelry box, take them and get the fuck out. I leaned down to where her ear was, and said, "If you try to get up, I'll hurt you bad. "

I walked towards her room which was very close by in such a small hovel. I stood at the door and pushed some boxes that were stacked up on a dresser over. Still watching her, I saw as she tried to struggle to her feet.

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   I quickly ran up behind her and stuck the tazer prongs right between her shoulder blades. I forced her back down and held her with the tazer for what seemed like ten seconds. Her rigid body was stiff and she was sliding off the table screaming into the gag. She fell over onto her left side. Her robe was now untied and her crotch was exposed. She was one hairy bitch, she had a full bush that had a happy trail going up the center of her stomach.

I stepped on her throat, and asked her, "What did you learn?"

"You motherfucker," she yelled in rage.

"Not much it seems," I responded.

I reached down and grabbed her by the choker chain and pulled her to her knees. When I released it, she choked and gagged into the gag. I got down behind her with my finger on the chain and got close to where I thought her ear was through the hood. "Listen to me, you dirty fucking whore, you're in for a really bad day," I said quietly. I reached around her, and put my hand inside her robe and squeezed her big saggy tits. As soon as contact was made with her, she got extremely violent and started flailing her arms side to side straining the zipties so they were cutting into her wrists. She yelled, "Don't fucking touch me!"

I pulled the choker tight, and said, "I'm going to do more than touch you, cunt.

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"I'll cut your fucking dick off," she yelled.

I ignored her vague threat and asked her calmly, "Have you ever been raped before [Her name deleted]?"

"Fuck you!" she yelled.

I pulled the choker tight and stuck the tazer between her shoulders again. I choked and shocked her for twenty seconds. She screamed in pain into the gag. "Answer the question," I asked again calmly.

Through the deep breathing, she said, "No. . . "

"I'll be honest with you," I said, "You're going to get raped today. "

"No, don't," she pleaded, "Just take what you came for and leave. "

"If that is the case, I came here to stick my dick in your ass," I hissed in her ear.

She bucked and tried to get up, and said, "Fuck no you don't. "

I pushed her face against the coffee table hard and said, "Afraid so. "

I slid my hand under her robe from the bottom and ran my hand up the crack of her ass.


   She had some sort of underwear on. She said, "You some sort of faggot going to buggar an ass?"

"You really don't know when to shut the fuck up do you?" I asked impatiently. I stuck the tazer to the back of her neck and gave her a five second burst. I got up and grabbed the scissors from my back pack. I started cutting the bottom of her robe up the middle. As I got to her ass, I folded the robe over her back which revealed her cream colored granny panties. I slid the blade between her ass and the fabric and cut, leaving the elastic waist around her waist. Her cunt had never seen a razor. The hair lined her asshole and up the crack of her ass. I parked her fat ass which showed her dirty asshole. Several hemorrhoids were present. "You're one disgusting fucking bitch," I told her, "But I'm still going to fuck you.

"Please no," she pleaded.

"Oh yes, consider it Karma for all the horrible things you've done. "

"I've done nothing wrong, think of what Jesus will do to you if you do this," she pathetically added.

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I pulled out a condom from my bag and dropped my pants. I rolled the condom on quickly and pushed up behind her. I spit on her asshole as I spread her fat ass. As I pushed the head of my rock hard 6 1/2 inch, thick, cut cock against her asshole, I asked her, "So where is your God now," as I pushed my cock up her ass in one push. She tried to crawl away as she let out a moan of agony. I gave her no quarters to recover, I immediately started slowly pumping her ass. I sodomized her slow so it would last. I told her, "I like how your hemorrhoids grip my cock as I slip it in and out of your shit hole [Her name deleted. ]

"Fuck you, faggot," she cried.

"Faggot? Does this make you feel better?" I asked, as I pulled my cock from her ragged asshole and slid my dirty cock in her sloppy cunt. She didn't respond, so I pulled her choker tight. I added, "I must be a faggot, because I would rather tear up your asshole then fuck your worn out cunt. "

I pulled my cock from her hairy snatch and roughly pushed it back up her ass. I had fun pushing my cock all the way in, and pulling it all the way out allowing the anal ring to close. Every time I pushed it through her anal ring, she would gasp.

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   I kept choking her out until her body went into a spasm from sexual asphyxiation. I assume she had an orgasm because her asshole clenched shut. I lost control of it and came deep in her ass. Sadly it was in a condom. After I finished nutting in her butt, I released the choker. Her breath shuttered back violently as she began choking and coming back to consciousness. I dropped my used condom into a sealed bag and put it in my backpack. I opened the bag I got from the sex booth, and threw the jizz rag on the table next to her.

I wanted to do much more to her. I wanted to piss in her asshole, but there is a potential for DNA evidence to be left in urine. It wasn't worth the risk.

I took several more zipties and I bound her fat thighs to the legs of the table. Followed by a tie from her collar to the leg of the front of the table. She was stuck. She wasn't going anywhere.



I went in her room and took her stash of drugs. In a leather bag, I found several of her sex toys. I returned to her bound body and shoved a thick eight inch dildo up her ass without warning. I sat on her back while plunging the cock in and out of her abused asshole before turning it on and pushing it in past her anal ring. I told her, "Good luck getting that out. "

It was entertaining to see her climate from the cock buried up her ass randomly. After an hour, I was ready for some more shitty pussy. I bagged up and slid my cock in her sopping wet cunt. I could feel the large fake cock deep in her ass through the thin walls between her cunt and her ass. I pumped her cunt for a while before pulling out and pushing my cock in her asshole driving the fake cock deeper. She laid there emotionally disconnected as I pumped another load into her.

I was done by then. I put my mask back on. Removed the hood, and covered her eyes with duct tape. After she was blinded again, I bagged my hood, and my equipment.

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   I stuffed several valium she had up her ass along with a big swig of Vodka to mellow her out for the long day she had ahead of herself before her husband would find her.

I told her I wouldn't recommend going to the police and that I'll be watching her. She said nothing as I put my hood back on, and left. I was back to my car by 0930 Hours. Everything used was taken and burned. Things that wouldn't burn were tossed in the lake.

Is she still a bitch? Of course. She never went to the police. My guess is when her husband came home, he probably got some fun out of her before untying her. Perhaps I'll visit her again some day for some further corrections.

Note: This is a ficticious story.



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