Realizing Her Dream


As you walk thru the door. You notice the only light on is at the door. You notice a note sitting on the table beside the door. With a small velvet box laying under it. The note says "be quiet to the left is the bathroom you are to go in and strip completely naked. Open the box and follow the instructions inside"

At this moment the thoughts and feelings of all our conversations up to this point going thru your mind you turn slightly toward the door knowing that if you comply with this note your life will change forever. You will no longer be the same woman. No more quiet shy legal assitant in a small legal firm, no more sitting at home alone on those warm summer nights, no more Choices in how you dress or act. This will be a big step you have told yourself for years that this is what you really want. You have dreamed of this moment but now that the moment of truth is here you are hesitant to take that final step. You have heard the rules and recited them many times before you have read them each night on that worn out piece of yellow paper that was left on your desk months ago, wandering if you could truly take this step. As your mind races you hear the soft click of the clock in the dark room in front of you. You remember the rules you have one minute to make your choice its either into the bathroom where you are still not completely sure you can go, or back out the front door you justwalked thru. Back into that cold lonely wandering exsistance you have survived in for years since your husband left you for his little hussy. He tried to come back but you couldn't deal with the memories and for years you have dreamed of what lays in that bathroom. You know there will be no denial of your change to anyone who has known you in the past.

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   It will be immediate.

You gather up all your strength and turn to your left. Your shaky hand grabbing the knob on the door turning it slowly as you turn to pick up the box beside the door.

As you turn the knob slowly you feel your feet heavy now knowing that this is a permanent life changing experience. You feel the weight of the box knowing what is in the box yet not wanting to believe it has come to this. One innocent comment trying to chat with a client months ago has lead to this. Who would have thought that he could know your true subconscious desires so easily. That he could read that split second look on your face as you turned around to look at him as he left. His gaze as if he were looking into your soul. Seeing the you that you knew was there but supressed for the sake of what you percieved a good mom, a good worker, should be. The weight of the box now on your mind as you lift each leg slowly taking a step closer to the door as your hand turns the knob and pushes the door open you notice the light in the bathroom is on yet very dim. You step into the small room thinking how difficult it is going to be to read as you fumble with your glasses on your slim face. Grasping your face with both hands the door still slightly open as you run your fingers down your cheeks to your neck. You take a deep breath sighing as you release it. Your hands quivering as you feel the soft velvet of the box against the soft skin of your neck.

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   You look into the mirror knowing that once that door completely closes that your life will change for good. You look into your own eyes as you lean against the sink now with one hand. While taking the other and reaching back to close the door behind you. You have now made the decision. This is it.

You place the box beside the sink infront of you. and feel its soft velvet with your fingers as you look at it. Then you look up. You remember the basic rules for your first time. You have 5 minutes to complete this and open the door. Doing what ever the note says. You have no choice now. As you hear steps outside of the bathroom and the sound of keys being placed in the lock. He told you that the door locks from both sides with a key. That you were his when the door to the bathroom closed. 

   You hear his heavy steps as he walks back to the dark room that was in front of you when you walked in.

You look in the mirror knowing now that you are his. You see your hair so perfect just like you were going out to a ball. The little dark red dress and heels you are wearing you turn and admire your body. You have worked hard since the divorce to keep in shape. You take pride in your appearance light make up accents your beautiful brown eyes. Your brown hair up in a tight little bun held up by two japanese decorated sticks. You know he loves your hair and eyes he has told you many times. You remember how much he likes your glasses even though you despise them. You always seem to have trouble coordinating them with your clothes. Thats why you dress so simple at work. You see no need to have more than one pair and therefore your clothes at work have always been simple and plain just like them. You remember that comment that first day about the "naughty librarian" You wonder whats so special about that. Knowing that from here on you will have little to wonder about what he thinks of anything. You look at your small gold watch and see that almost a minute has passed.

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   You reach for the box and slowly lift the hinged lid. You see the note. it is Simple but hiding something below it. You know what is under the note but due to the time you lift the note and unfold it. Never looking at what is hidden beneath as you begin to read
" I am glad you have chosen to turn your life over to me completely. Enclosed you will find your new collar and a blind fold. You will strip completely naked except for your heels. You will place the collar around your neck. As i have not been able to size you this will be temporary tomorrow we will shop for a proper one. You will notice when you walk out the lights will be off in the foyer you came in. You will kneel in the dim light escaping from this bathroom with your head down sitting on your heels with your toes down. You will then place the blind fold over your eyes and tie it tightly. Then you will place your hands palm up on your knees with your head down and wait for me. "

Your heart skips a beat as you read the note. You have dreamed of this day for so long to completely give yourself to someone.

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   To relenquish control of your life completely. He has told you thru notes just like this for months that the only time he will allow you to make any choices is when your son and daughter visit on the weekends. You will be well taken care of and will have to serve his every desire and need. You will have to keep your job as he expects you too. You have taken a 4 day weekend for this as he instructed you too. You think that is a long time off for something like this. Though he has informed you that you will be expected to take time off when ever he tells you to with out any questions.

You reach back over your shoulder and push down the zipper on your dress, a practiced motion after so many years alone. Concentrating on work and your children to keep your mind off the disappointment of your husband cheating on you. One last look admiring your body and saying to yourself how you can understand his desire to have you as his. You wonder what the ex would say if he knew you were this submissive but he never asked. As you reach up your back pulling the zipper down. Feeling the cool air against your skin the dress though tight and short with lots of your 36dd clevage pushing up into that deep V down the front. You slide your hands up over your stomach you feel the tingling as you shiver at the feeling of your fingers. You push your tits into your chest as your fingers grip each side of the deep V and pull the dress forward.

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   feeling the freedom of the dress being removed. So happy that at the last minute you decided to not wear a bra. You wouldn't want him to see that red line across your skin as you notice your nipples hardening. As you let the dress slide down your arms to your waist and then push it slowly over your hips. So glad that you shaved completely today. You feel the softness of your Skin as your fingers push down over your hips and thighs as the dress falls to the floor. You wonder if he will like you in this position as you feel so sexy standing there in your heels and G-string as you slide your hands slowly up your thighs to your hips and hook your fingers in your tiny little panties. You feel the cool air as it rushes over your flushed wet pussy as your G-string slides down your thighs. you step out of your dress and underwear. You admire your legs knowing that you worked hard on having such beautiful legsas you reach up and remove your earrings now speeding up realizing that you have less than 2 minutes left. You then remove your necklace and watch. Two items that you wore tonite specifically because your ex bought them your way of sticking it to him as you give yourself completely to another.

You reach down an lift the box holding your collar. You see it plain leather with a silver ring on it. You know exactly what that ring is for you have dreamed of that leash for years.

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You have wanted this collar for so long Even back when you were married you wanted to be completely controlled by your Ex. But he thought you were to deviant. He thought it was just a phase. You played along till that night you caught him with that slut. She only thought she was a slut you muse. As you grasp the collar and slide it up over your naked body starting at your stomach nice and flat and up between your large heavy tits. You know they look good for being over 40. You graze your nipples with it as you lift it to your neck and wrap it around so glad you wore your hair up tonite. You click the clasp on the collar closed around your neck and turn it so the ring is in the front. You want to feel the heat of his skin as he reaches to clip that leash to it. You turn to look at yourself in the mirror in a trance now thinking how sexy you feel and how hot you look. You feel the wetness building in your pussy as you know that you are ready. You turn to face the door now with the blindfold in hand as you slowly turn the knob. Seeing as the note said that the only light you have will be from the dim bathroom. You take a deep breath and walk forward.

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   Your legs now light as a feather as you take each long step forward. You see that a velvet red carpet is on the floor you step onto it and slowly lower to your knees. Your pussy getting wetter with each inch closer to your knees you bend. Hoping he likes what he sees as you place your hands on the velvet and hold yourself as you position your knees and feet under you as you know you are expected to have them. Worried now about the presentation being perfect for him as you lean back sitting your bare ass on your heels. Your head down as you reach up with both hands and wrap the blindfold around your head. Pulling it tight. You hear steps.

They are heavy with each step closer to you he comes. You know this is one of the few times he will be alone when you are blindfolded unless you are bound. You hear the click of the light in the bathroom being turned off and void now of any ambient light thru the sides of the blindfold. You are alone in the dark still no words from him. As you feel something slide over your ass cheeks as it slides up your back to your neck.

Realizing now that it is leather and not his hand as you feel the softness of the leather the smell of the new leather against your skin. You have talked about this before in notes and on the phone you know what it is for.

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   As he says in a low deep voice "I am glad you have chosen to give all control to me. Spread your legs Bitch!"

The harshness of his words stinging in your ears as you feel that first tendency of fear. You delay and you feel the slap of the leather whip across your nipple. Then another on the other nipple. He states "You are now my bitch you will do as I say when I say so spread your legs bitch" as you comply meekly realizing that he is right the door is locked you have been to this house before you know the walls are sound proof and no one would hear you if you screamed. You feel your pussy betray your fear as it begins to drip you feel the drops leaving your pussy lips and imagine them landing on the velvet below you.

You feel the leather whip being traced across the skin across your nipples and up to your neck as he slides it under your chin and lifts your face. The sting from the first two strikes made you tear up as you feel a tear slide down your cheek. as he wipes it away with the whip. You hear something metallic as it falls near your ear but not all the way to the floor. You wonder how far this first session will go. As you feel it being attached to the ring on your collar. You almost raise your head to say thank you for collaring me as your slut, your whore, your bitch. I have wanted this for so long but you know this is not allowed. You keep your head down as he tugs on your leash and says "follow whore"

Each harsh word making you wetter more excited to have made this choice.

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   You start to stand but he slaps your exposed nipple again telling you on your hands and knees like the bitch you are. You lean forward feeling your heavy tits dangle as you begin to crawl on your hands and knees. following his tug of the leash.

You have dreamed of this moment for years. You realize that this is where you belong on your knees with no control as the bitch, slut, whore, what ever his deviant mind chooses to call you. You feel contentment at relenquishing all control. as you sway your ass as you crawl along the floor. You feel carpet under your hands and then your knees. As your leash is tugged and you are told to remove your blindfold. You see infront of you a video screen. You see many different pictures as he hands you your glasses. Telling you that you look like you are ready to be trained. As you place your glasses on and look into the screen you notice that you are in each screen. One is of you walking into the foyer and finding the first note. The second is of you in the bathroom unzipping and removing your dress.


   And the last 3 are of you here on your knees on the floor.

Without thinking you turn and say "are these tapes just for us?" At which point you feel two hard sharp strikes of the whip on your upturned ass. You start to say you are sorry and you feel two more hard sharp strikes of the whip on your upturned ass. Hearing him say in a deep low stern voice "Bitch you will address me as MASTER you will start and end each sentence this weekend with MASTER do you understand slut?"

With tears streaming down your face from your still stinging ass you say "Master yes I understand Master"

He reaches down and rubs his fingers over your hair saying "Good little slut you might become my slave after all"

He begins "we must discuss what is expected from you whore, first you are to address me only as master unless your children are around, You are to be naked just as you are now anytime you are home or whenever i tell you to be, You shall never say the word no to any of my commands from here on out, You will do what I tell you when i tell you no questions asked. no matter your embarrassment or concerns. Do you understand Bitch?"

You try to process such broad reaching rules in your mind as you feel the whip tapping your inner thighs as he tells you to spread your legs he wants to see your wet pussy. You hesitate and he slaps the whip hard against your pussy. You spread your legs. Now knowing that your punishment is immediate anytime you deny him his request.

You say Master yes your bitch understands Master

You feel violated as the whip probes your wet pussy rubbing roughly over your sensitive lips and clit. pushing slightly into you. As you hear a zipper go down you turn your head as you feel the whip again against your exposed pussy the pain is extreme. You have dreamed of this for years but now you wonder if you can handle such pain. As he tells you to keep your face forward and your head down as he tugs hard on your leash. slighty choking you.

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   as you realize it is true you are here and you are his.

You feel the leash lead behind you and sink till the cold metal lays out across your back as you realize now that he is kneeling behind you. Watching on the monitor you see his face for the first time tonite. the face you have dreamed of for months the one that you belong to from here on out. As he tugs on your collar pulling your head up and back as you feel his hard cock thrust deep into your wet pussy. he holds your leash back tight as he shoves his cock into you. Calling you his whore his bitch. Telling you how he will turn you into the dirty cum bucket you have wanted to be for years. Telling you with each stroke that you are to get your new tattoo tomorrow you will be tattooed on your ass with the word slut in a flower pattern. You will know at that point that you are permanently his. You will never be able to stray. That anyone to ever fuck your worthless body like this from here on out will know you are owned. That you belong to him. Your pussy tingles at the thought. As he reminds you as he feels your pussy quiver that you are not to cum till he tells you to.

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You feel the leash pull tight against your collar as he shoves his cock deep into your wet cunt and shoots his load into you. He pulls out and tugs on your leash till you turn around and he shoves his cock into your mouth. Having never tasted your own cunt juice you are at first repulsed. but he grabs your lower jaw and pushes that one point that spreads your lips as you look up into his eyes as he shoves his cock into your throat. You are his cum bucket.

He tells you this is just the start. he will make you the cum bucket who cannot be filled. You will beg to be used, abused, humiliated, and shared. You will beg to be allowed to cum but not right now.

Let me know what you think this is my second attempt at a story. Check out my profile and send me a message, Ladies are always welcome to send pics or fantasies to me. .



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