Reality Fantasies Part 1


Wanting to have some time purely for us, my man suggested we had a mini break.
He likes the nicer places to stay, so I set to work finding somewhere special. After a while, I found just the place - a country hotel with a few secluded cottages set within the property. Stay in the main house, or in the grounds? Knowing my man has a desire for outdoor sex, the workman cottage option was a no-brainer. I had every intention of making one of his fantasies become reality.
We drove for a couple of hours to get there mid-afternoon on the Friday. Thank goodness for sat-navs, this place wasn't the easiest to find, but it was so worth it. Driving up the gravel drive, the main house was simply gorgeous. Georgian architecture, clipped topiary, even stripy lawns. Inside was just as you'd hoped from the outside. High ceilings, chandeliers, polished wood - grandeur without trying.
At check-in, we were given the keys to the Gamekeepers Cottage, and a map to show the way. Situated almost in the middle of the estates wood, it was perfect.
The cottage itself was more normal, in comparison to the main house. Cosy, with a few surprises. We found a large sleigh bed, an oversized bathtub and a separate huge shower.

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   Outside we had a very well presented garden leading out to the wood. no-one and nothing to be seen except trees, birds and squirrels.
Opting for an early dinner, I headed for the shower. The shower was divine! It was like a waterfall. I must've moaned in pleasure because the next thing I knew, he'd joined me. Both having relatively small bathrooms at our homes, showering together hadn't happened before, so this was interesting.
Just standing under the water, our kissing seemed more heightened. His lips were softer, delivering little kisses everywhere. His tongue was more insistent, dancing in my mouth, licking that sensitive spot on my neck. His teeth were a little more daring too: biting my lip, my tongue, that bit where my neck meets my shoulder, my nipples.
Remembering why I was in the shower, he let me go to reach for the sponge, and started soaping me up. And I mean he washed everywhere! Down my arms, over my shoulders, down my spine, under and over my breasts, the crack of my butt, up each leg and then just as the bubbles ran out, he finally reached between my thighs. After carefully holding me so I could raise one leg, he gently washed my labia. I never realised that could be so hot and I wash it everyday. Dropping the sponge, he parted my lips and washed within with just his fingers.

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   With firm strokes, he "cleaned" around my clit and my pussy opening. With my moans in his ear and my lips on his neck, he concentrated on my clit and held me as I came.
After I'd recovered enough to stand unaided, he handed me the sponge. My turn to lavish his body with attention. Starting with his shoulders, I enjoyed the sight of the bubbles running down to his peachy bum. Running the sponge down his back, I made sure to clean those cheeks just so, Turning him around, his erection was impressive. A solid smooth head on top of a stocky stem, it's a pleasing sight normally, but I'd never seen him quite this engorged. So naturally I ignored his cock, and washed his chest and nipples, watching the bubbles run down his belly. The whole time I was teasing his nipples with the sponge and enjoying the visual of the bubbles hitting his strained appendage, his focus never left my face. I think he enjoyed watching my girl-like delight at being able to explore his body.
Losing the sponge, my attention finally went to that cock. Carefully splashing water around the rim of the head to wash it, rubbing my hands up and down the shaft to get rid of all the bubbles, and running his balls around the palm of one hand.
    As I lent down to lick the pre-cum from his throbbing head, he finally closed his eyes and groaned. I licked the whole head to make sure I'd cleaned it thoroughly, I sucked his cock into my mouth in one smooth motion. When I withdrew to collect more pre-cum with my tongue, he stopped me from taking him back into my mouth.

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       Leaning me back against the tiles, with my boobs in the direct flow of the shower, he hooked one of my legs around his waist and buried his cock deep into my pussy. Oh god, I love how he does that. It's like his cock was made specially for me. It fits so perfectly, rubbing all those special spots, I could have him fuck me for ages. Kissing me deeply, he slowly thrust in and out of me. Keeping his eyes on mine, he picked up the pace until the sensations were too much and he filled me full of his cum. Holding each other for a moment as we caught out breath, he then slowly withdrew and took hold of the shower head. Raising one eyebrow in bemusement, I watched him angle the water to wash his cum and my pussy juice from his softening cock. When he was clean he held open my labia to rinse me clean too! Oh, the sensation of water needles on sensitive clit and pussy lips certainly wakes you up!