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Hello all.
This is our first story there be many mistakes

We are brother and sister we r twin.
We like to tell our experience in our life.
My sister is very sexy. From the early life. We like each other.
As a sister brother do. Sister name is Preeti I am Sonu.
My mom is also very sexy woman. Her name is Soni.
Father name is Lakha.

We living in India. Life was going fine. Our Grand mom, she is older.
One day father talked with mom that he is going to Canada for work.

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Mom said what about kids we have to take then with us.
Father said what about my mom? She will be left alone.

Father talked with his mother about going to Canada.
Grandmother , she did not like the idea. Gmom said you can go to where u want to go but leave kids here with me. But mom it be hard on you with kids here dad said.

She will not agree for the kids to take with them. We, Me and preet want to stay back in village. We were 9 year old then.

They use to phone every week. Ones a year one of them come to India to see us and grand mom. Time went on fine. One day Grand momgot sick was getting worst.

We were 18 then. We missed Grandma.

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  There was no one in our home.
Mom/dad left the house in care of mom,s brother.

Canada was strange place to us. Bit soon got to like it.
We started going to school to learn English.
Mom have white woman a friend. Her name is Josi. We use to go to her so we can
Learn English better.

When we were 18 year old Father had accident. It was very bad one . dad died on the spot. One big truck smashed in dad,s car.
It was hard for usand mom.

Our friend white woman Josi she took us to Church. The people there were very nice to us.

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   This was the first time we went in Church. Priest was very kind and supportive. He also asked us to come often if u like to. Josi said that is nice of u
To invite them in this hard time for them.

I told mom that I like to go and get into partnerships in the that factory where I can learn and make money. We don’t have money now since dad died.
Mom said I don’t like this that you go alone. I said I am almost 18 I can look after my self. Plus that uncle is there to look after me. Mom said ok till be get the insurance money comes.

I came to home at and I was 18 year old. I am adult now.

When I came home there were Preet and mom at the door to greet me.
They both hug me tight. We went in and mom had sweets on the table and tea for me.

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  . We all talked and were happy.

We had big home 4 rooms in top 2 room on the main floors. And there was basement.
Mom said the insurance money would come next week. It took long time but it is ok.

We had great time. But we miss you brother.
She looked very sexy with big boobs just like mom’s boobs. I looked at her and mom they both looked very sexy got me hard.
Preet said brother what are u looking at me n mom?

I said I am very sorry mommy.
They both said don’t worry bro,son at same time. Me always look that way at girls.
I said yes they do but not at their mom/ and sister.

Preet said your are in dark yet, there is lot of things has happened here.

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I did not reply to it. But made me think that she was saying?Is she thinking what I was thinking? Mom and Preet both looked at my bulge in my pants.
I just turn around and walked away. They both had sexy cloths on at eating time.

It was evening mom said what would u like to eat with a smile. Preet said what she meant was rice veggie or meat?Mom said we only have raw meet if u like?
They both came close to me one on each side of me. Mom put her hand on my cock that was semy hard Preet kissed on my lips and put her tongue in my mouth. Mom was making me hard I could not move away from them. Preet was on her knees. Mom free from my pajamas. She took my cock in her moth and doing BJ on me.
Preet said do some thing to my tits brother? With one hand I started to preet’ tits
Massage it. In no time we 3 of us were naked showing our self to each other.
Mom said son you have cock bigger then your dad. I said just enjoy it.

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   Take in all the way in your mouth.
Then mom said I want his cum in my mouth.

I said don’t worry I can last longer you can have as much time u want

We moved to bed which is king size bed.
Now ladies who want to get it first. Mom said let your sister enjoy first.

Mom held Preet’s legs up and spreadher legs apart and got my cock and push it in preet ‘s shaved hole. I asked if she want to put cream on my dik. Both’s said our holes be ok for your dik.
Mom was kneeling from preets’s face. Mom moved her puss on Preet’s pus while I started to bang in her.
    I was doing faster but sis was taking it easy. I was surprised
    That she can take my dik faster. She said do me like doggy brother.
    I removed my dik then sis got on doggy I pushed my dik in her puss. She said she like it from back.

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       My sweet brother does me hard faster just like doggy.

    Mom lay under where sis,s puss was up where mom can lick her hole. I did sis for 18 min faster. Then Preet said I am tired bro fuk mom/
    I started with Mom she was on her back with legs up.
    Mom said to me rip my puss go back where u came out from. .
    Yes mom I will go in that hole. Now see what is coming to you.
    I stared fast and ruff. After 5 min she start to cry. No son don’t do that fast.
    I love to fuk older women. Now Mom on your knees going from the back.
    Mom got her ass up I did not took much time pushed my cok in her ass. She said no son It hurt in there.

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      Just for few min then u will b fine Mom.
    It hurt more then your dad did in the hole.
    U said mine is bigger was dad,s was smaller?Yes he was smaller then yours.
    Preeti told mom you would remember lifetime how is how big he is in ass.
    Mom was crying so I stopped doing what I was doing.

    We sat down and talked about what we done.
    Mom asked me how did u got your dik that bg. Lot of exercise.

    But how do u got into sex?It was my daughter who got me into it.
    She told me she has don’t in India. Grand mom could not see properly.
    You brother did not knew what I was doing.

    I am glad that u starred before me.

    We both will tell u all the experiences we had when u went to learn.

    Many stories are coming, wait for them

    Preeti Sonu

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