Real Incest (relationship with father)


When I lived at home my room was across the hall from my parents. One day i was lying on the bed naked using my vibrator, and I heard dads door creak, and footsteps from across the hall, I kept going I remember feeling excited by it, and I came, but then in heard my dad groaning on the other side of the door, About 18 seconds later I heard him walk back across the hall. That evening at dinner, he wouldn't make eye contact, but for me what happen was a rush. About a week later I came home from work earlier, dads car was in the drive way, I went upstairs to get changed, his bedroom door was a jar, I went in to my room, but left the door slightly opening I thought I would see what happen, so I started to masturbate, sure enough he came across the hall again.

He didn't come in but we did like we had the week before masturbated on either side of the door. This ritual went on for about 2 months before mom came home everyday, but he never came into my room.

One day he finally asked if he could watch me masturbate, his only condition was that I didn't look at him. We did this a few times.

That xmas I though it would be fun to buy a clone a willy and give it to him as a gift, he never let me see him masturbate, and I was curious if he would make me a dildo of his dick. Mom was at my aunts for a few days, so before I left for work I put the kit on my dads bed while he was in the shower. A couple of days past and nothing, then the day Mom was due back, I came home to find Dad in the living room watching TV, I went upstairs to find the dildo on my bed, with some lube, then I heard dad coming up the stairs, the door was open a bit, and he stood on the other side. He asked me to get naked and lay on the bed, so I did. He told me to play with myself, and then he asked me to close my eyes, he came into the room, I heard his belt open, and then he asked me to put the dildo inside me. I was nervous, i didn't really use dildo, and his was quite thick. I started inserting it, but it was painful, luckily for me, moms car pulled into the drive, dad quickly left the room.

I got up, I was disappointed that I couldn't take his cock.

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   I decided to try again myself, i though it would be good, to take a bath, and brought the dildo with me. I lay in the bath looking at my dads cock, it was about 7 inches long, and it was wide, but i was far to excited to stop now, i rubed it along my clit, and started to insert it a little, this time it was more pleasurable, maybe it was the water or maybe it was under less pressure,soon I had taken about an inch, I climaxed so hard, arching my back out on the water.

We all spent xmas at home, I could feel my dad staring a lot, like he was dying to talk to me, one day he came up behind me and whispered, that he would love to finish what we started. I whispered back that I already did, and that i loved his cock inside me, he got a bit red, and just smiled.

Later that week, mom got a call from her sister, she had taken another tumble, and was in a bad way, Mom decide that she was going to visit her. Once she left, i came in a sat next to dad on the couch. After a few mins I asked if he would like to come upstairs ans watch me as I fucked myself with is cock, he didn't say any thing, but just nodded. He followed me upstairs, he came into my room.

I was already undressed and lying on the bed. I started the touch myself, and then moved on to the dildo, I rubbed it along my breasts, and slowly towards my clit, I rubbed at my clit, I felt myself tighten a little, I knew I was closed, so I inserted his dildo again about an inch, as it slid a little deeper, i imagined it was actually him, but I stop when I felt resistance, after all I was still a virgin. I could hear groaning, and asking me to go harder, i didnt, but about 30 seconds later, I came, and out of nowhere I shouted 'fuck me daddy'. He then groaned out 'I wanna fuck you so deep chicken' (chicken was his nickname for me).
We both started laughing, I got up on my elbows, the dildo still in my pussy and my legs apart, I stared at him, with his pants around his ankles, cock still in hand leaning against the dresser, it was the first time i ever looked at him while we were masturbating.

We kept this routine up daily for about 4 months, making sure we both got home an hour or so before mom, sometimes at lunch too.

Sometime in early May mom was to go off on a work retreat for the night, the day before after a lunch time session, Dad asked if I wanted to take things further the following day while mom was away.

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   I had been thinking about this for a while and quickly agreed. We made a plan, that we were going to finish work early the next day, a meet at the house, we agree on his room, he was more comfortable with that.

The following day I got home first, so I jumped in the shower. While shaving my legs, I remembered for dads porn mags, that he liked a shaved pussy, so I quickly shaved off my hair. . . . . . .

Dad arrived while I was still in the shower, when I came out of my bathroom I hear the other shower so I figured I would head into dads room and wait. While I waited, i lit a few candles I bought, and opened a red wine, i figured we may need some liquid courage later, if we wanted to go further.

I notice moms new bathrobe on the back of the door, dad gave it to her for xmas, but she hadn't used it yet, it looked nice and I was starting to think better of just standing there naked, so i put it on.

Then dad came out of his ensuite, he had a towel around his waist,he was a bit startled by me standing there, but quickly smiled, and walked over to me. He told me the room look romantic, and brushedhis hand on my cheek, we sat on his bed.

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We drank some wine and started to talk, he admitted that he and mom had not had sex in 4 years, that he has begun thinking of me in a sexual way for about 18 years, but was always too scared to say it, he said that his attraction to me, caused him to stop wanting mom, and that he could only cum thinking of me.

I admitted that I had been thinking of him while I masturbated, for a while, and that I started rubbing myself for the first time when i was 12, when I accidentally saw him getting changed one day while on holiday. I recalled for him that i stood at the door, mom was outside at the pool, and put my hand down the bottoms of that pink and orange 2 piece i had, and rubbed whiled he got undressed and lay on the bed. I remembered a tightening and being wet. I admitted I used that image for years after while I fingered myself.

He laughed and shook his head, I asked what was funny, what he said, turned me on so much, he told me that about 30mins after he laid down on the bed while on that holiday, hr got up and checked on me, I was asleep, and had gotten changed. He picked up my 2 piece from the floor, and noticed the bottoms were wet, he realized quickly what it was. He said before he knew it, he was jerking his cock with my panties in front of me while I slept. . . . he said later that day I put them backon, and he could see his cum stains on them, and it took all he had torestrain himself. . . .

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He then asked if he could watch as I played with myself. I asked him to touch me while I was in the middle of an orgasm, he said we wasn't ready yet so I carried on myself, i caught a glimpse in the mirror a the end on the bed, I realized, i still had te robe on. . . . . . . . . . .

Then it was his turn, i got up as he lay on the bed, he left is towel in place, almost following suit, he reached between the folds, and pulled out his cock, he began pumping it hard, dildo in hand I stood over him, I told him to look at me, I slide my hand up and down the shaft, and told him to imagine that it was my hand pumping his cock, within about 18-18 seconds he was cumming, moaning that he wanted to be deep in my pink pussy.

We experimented with mutual masturbation for a few hours, I laughed, that it was all very chased, I was still in wearing the robe and he the towel.

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   Dad was still finding it difficult with the touching, the most he had done was feel my breast, while I played with myself, I had tried to give him a hand job, but he wasn't havingit.

Later has we lay on the bed, I asked why no touching, and he explained, that while we were masturbating, I was still his daughter, and once he crossed the line and began touching me, he knew he would want to have sex with me, and he wasn't sure if he could as my dad cross that line, he wanted to, but he was scared.

In response I felt the need to kiss him, but i wasn't sure, up to this point, our sexual encounters didn't involve kissing.

I leaned in quickly, and chased a kiss on the lips, he was a bit startled, but he then stood me up and returned the kiss, he began flicking his tongue against my lips, I opened my mouth, and we began kissing passionately.

This quickly lead to use shedding our inhibitions, he pressed me against the foot of the bed, I pushed my ass up on the bed, and spread my legs, he quickly moved between my legs, opening robe, caressing my body, I could feel his cock, it was hard, i pushed him back and without a word I was on my knees, i pulled the towel away, and began fondling his cock, I then looked up for a nod, and I took him in my mouth, I quickly bobbed up and down, using my hand to play with his balls. All of a sudden he began grabbing my head pushing his cock deeper in my mouth, cumming with a fast thrust.

I got up and it was my turn, he laid me down on the foot of the bed, robe splayed open, and began eating me out, i was already so wet, that it didnt take much of dad sucking on my clit to make me cum.

I pushed my self up meeting his mouth, for the first time in a good while, I began to get nervous, this was leading to sex, as he began sucking on my neck, I began to debate telling him I was a virgin, i resolved not to, as he might stop, and I didnt want that. Then he stopped kissing, and reached over for the dildo, he growled in my ear that the was going to bury himself in my pussy. My brain and mouth stopped engaging, and I yelled out 'No, Im a VIRGIN'.

Dad stopped dead, and dropped the dildo, I looked at him, he tried to pull away, but I stopped him, Itold him that I still wanted this but I would rather it be him deep in me for the first time and not a dildo. . . . .

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  . . .

He regained his composure, heslowly positioned himself, both of use, still half standing, half leaning a the foot out the bed. He kissed me, for the first time his cock began to enter me, but hestopped, he asked if i was really sure, I answered yes and thrust my hips forward, sliding the whole 7 inch's inside of me at once. I cried out but he held me, slowly slide out a bit, and started thrusting softly. Soon he lost his restraint though, and began pounding me hard and deep, kissing me wildly.

It was painful to start, but soon gave way to pleasure, a began moaning wildly, screaming fuck me daddy, i felt the walls tighten around his cock as I came, he did too, he became faster sensing his own end, he began growling 'daddy loves you chicken, I want to shoot my cum so deep in you pussy baby, i wanna cum'. He pulled out as he came. He lay on top of me for a few minute and then began kissing me, just them we heard the gate open outside, it was 9am and mom was home.

We rushed around, i grabbed the wine and the candles and dad fixed the bed. I remember just making it back to my room, as she was opening the front door, it was exciting.

Later that day, we were all sitting around, after lunch. Dad asked if I wanted to get going on sorting out those books in my room, I said yes, and we slipped upstairs, mom was none the wiser, she saw it as an opportunity to catch up on some TV.

As soon as we were in my room dad locked the door, and pulled off is pants, i did the same, before I new it I was on top of him cowgirl style, we pounded away as quitely as we could, soon we shifted and he was on top, we picked up the pace, the throbing from last night was gone, and i could feel my self starting to cum, I grabbed a pillow , and bit down, it muffled my moans.

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   Within a minute dad had his face in the same pillow, but he was a lot louder.

I swear mom heard him that day but never said anything.

This has been going on now for the last 3 years, we replaced our after work and lunch time masturbation with sex.

I moved out last year im about 2 hours from where mom and dad live. When i decided to move Dad took on a 5 year contract close by. Mom thinks he is on nights 3 days a week, those days he lives with me,and we have some freedom in our relationship.