Quickie After Church


It was late spring. Still a bit chilly. But perfect for a walk along the wooded path that leads up a hill near our church. Anyway, my husband was off to a round of golf - I never could get interested in that game - so I went alone.
About a half mile along the way, I saw, coming the other way, my old boyfriend Eric. Well he was my boyfriend for a few months in High School and yes we had been lovers too. But now were both married and though I would run into him in stores and at town events and such, we were pretty much over each other. Or so we thought.
"Hi, Eric. Nice day. How are you?"
"Hi. I'm great. It is a nice day. "
I went to give him a kiss on the cheek, which I did. But then we kissed on the lips.
"Wow, Hi.

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   I wasn't expecting that, Margo. Brought back memories," he said.
I don't know what was coming over me but I kissed him again. Soon our tongues were playing in our mouths and I was sucking on his tongue like I used to do.
I was wearing a nice spring dress, top to bottom all blue and yellow flowers, coming just below my knees and not a bit of cleavage. Petticoats flared it out and, if I do say so myself, made my figure look great.
Then I felt his hands wandering over my chest. Even through all my clothes it was a wonderful feeling. Even though I was getting nervous, I let him kiss me on the neck. Electricity flooded through me. Finally, I pushed him away, looking about warily.
"We can't be doing this. People will see us," I said. Then we were kissing again and those oddly familiar hands were on my breasts again. I broke away again.

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I looked around to see if someone might be coming up the path. So far no one. The woods were pretty thick off to the right and led down toward a creek. I took his hand and let him down the hill. Out of sight of the trail, we stopped and kissed again. His hands cupped my breasts and he tried to reach below my waist, but all he could do was push the skirts between my legs.   My dress was proving to be a problem because i had so many layers on and this wasn't exactly the place to take it off. His shorts on the other hand were not a problem and I could stroke him through his clothes. Oh I wanted him.
I was thinking I would have to lean against a tree, but then we found a log he could sit on. I pushed him down and stood looking at him with desire in my eyes.
I reached behind and unzipped my dress as far as I could. I slipped out of the sleeves.
Then I pulled myslip down off my chest and reached back again to unclip my bra.
I threw my bra to him and reached under my skirts to pull off my pantyhose.

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   I was in a teasing mood so I draped them over his head.
"Mmmm. Smells like someone is excited," he said. It was true. I was soaked through.
"Looks like she's not the only one. "
I reached under and slipped off my panties. I laid them right over the bulge in his shorts. He still couldn't see anything down below.
Then I leaned over and unzipped his shorts. His cock felt even better through the cotton of his jockeys.
When it popped out as I pulled them down, I noticed that it hadn't changed since I last saw it years ago. I wrapped my panties around it and started rubbing again.
"Oh, that feels good," he said.
"I've got something that feels better," I said, and I held up my skirt and petticoats so he could see all of me.

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   Or as much of me as possible with my dress in that state. I don't shave, except my legs all winter long, so I had a nice bush for him.
I pushed him back on the log and straddled him and the log. My skirts fell back over him. Reaching through the side of my hem, I held his cock upright and positioned myself over him. His hands were carressing my bare breasts -- oh it felt so good when he gently twirled my nipples.
    I was using his cock to tease my clit and he was sighing as he felt my wetness all up and back on my pussy.
    Then I just wanted all of him. I got my vagina over him and -oooooh yessss-slid down over him. My skirts were balooning in ripples as we fucked. I know he couldn't see anything but my bouncing boobs, but he was bucking like a horse up into me every time I dropped down on him. I was having a beautiful orgasm out there in nature. I don't think anyone could hear my moaning; at least I hope so.
    Married men don't carry condoms in their wallets and I certainly didn't carry one to church. So it wasn't long before I felt his intensity peak and then the throbbing in his cock and his juices pulsing into me.

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       Oh my god it was good. He was able to keep going long after he finished until eventually what was left of his cock popped out of me.  
    "I never cheated before," he said, looking guilty.   I didn't say anything because I couldn't make the same claim.
    "I better get home," he said. "Carol will wonder what happened to me. " I must have stood up too fast because I had to wipe my leg off with a kleenex, two, three. I put on my panties and bra and stuffed the panty hose in my purse. I let him leave first so we wouldn't be seen coming back to the trail together.
    And that was that.   Except that wasn't that. We found more convenient times to meet for the next several months. I had to clean up real well because I knew my husband would want to finish off the weekend in style.



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