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Topic: Chapter 1"I want you, but I don't know if I should be doing this. " I whispered to her, face to face standing in the backroom of the Recreation Center we worked at. She said nothing, only looked at me with desire. Those beautiful green eyes gazed directly back at me, as she moved in kissing me with more passion that I had felt from my girlfriend in months. I kissed back feeling foreign lips connect with mine.  Her lips were incredible. Soft, warm, smooth, it had been three years since I kissed another girl, but it came back to me like riding a bike. I placed my hands on her waist pulling her closer to me feeling her body press against mine as we continued to kiss. She slipped her tongue into my mouth and I answered gently licking the tip of her tongue entering my mouth. We broke for a second looking at eachother, both of us expecting a sign for us to stop what we were doing but it never came. We smiled at eachother both realizing we were getting what we had both been secrectly wanting for months. I hugged her tight lifting her off the ground, she wrapped her legs around me. I began moving towards the wall, pressing her against it gently.   We began to kiss again, this time no reservations of what was right and wrong. I kissed her gently, but passionately showing her that I wanted this just as much as she did. Just as I imagined, she did the same back.

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   We had flirted for months, now we were finally getting what we had been thinking. I pressed my body against hers, she placed her hands on the back of my head running her fingers through me hair kissing me. Our tongues moved around between our mouths, breaking everyone once in a while we would connect lips. She would kiss my bottom lip and suck on it gently. I pulled away and began to slowly kiss her neck softly gently sucking on it, enough for her to began breathe heavily in pleasure but gently enough not to leave any hickies as evidence. She layed her head back against the wall giving me access to kiss where I please, my hands began to wander lifting her shirt slowly getting to feel her smooth skin. She soon got too excited wanting me to touch her more she took off her shirt. Exposing her black 34b bra and her soft cream skin. I began kissing her all over her body, letting my hands roam everywhere. I touched all over her back, her sides, her stomach, caressed her tits from over her bra. I couldn't handle it anymore the bra came off letting her tits come free. There were perfect in size her nipples were a little hard from the cool temperature of the room. I leaned in and began to suck on her right nipple gently as I massaged and caressed the left with my hand. I head rose and fell with movement of her chest. She breathed deeply biting her lip trying hard not the moan too loud as to give us away at what we were doing.

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   I switched and began sucking on her left nipple this time, I did not caress the other tit. I began to unbutton her pants. They came undone, as I still sucked on her nipple. I pulled away and she slowly slid down her pants showing me her sexy black boy shorts panties. She knew they were my favorite. I began to rub her pussy from over her panties, letting her feel the material move over her clit. She took a deep breath again enjoying the sensastion. Her pussy was already wet, I could feel the wetness on the her panties. I slowly slid my hand into her panties and began to play with her clit gently. She began to slowly move her hips back and forth rubbing her clit against my finger biting her lip, trying hard not to moan in pleasure. She kept going faster pressing harder until she let out a moan and pulled me in to kiss her and hold her as she came. "Oh my god, oh my god," she said under her breath her eyes were closed enjoying every bit of her orgasm. "You like that baby," I whispered to her, she opened her eyes and smiled. "My turn," she said sitting me down on a chair taking off my shirt and straddling me kissing me again and feeling my chest. She touched every inch of my upper body, enjoying the feeling of my muscles.

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   She moved down kissing my neck and gently licking my nipples. She slowly slid off me kissing down my stomach to my waist line. She unbuttoned my pants revealing my black boxer briefs, she slid them down just enough to see my 8 inch semi hard cock waiting for her. She looked up at me then took my 20 year old cock in her hand and began slowly massaging it. Of course it didn't take long for it to get hard, when it did she began to slowly lick the head of my dick. I laid my head back feeling her tongue move around my dick head. It had been so long since I have had a blowjob since my girlfriend doesn't enoy giving them so her mouth on my dick felt incredible. She kept licking and massaging at the sametime. She finally put my dick in her mouth and started to suck it. Moving her head up and down on me felt amazing, she then began to lick the underside of my cock while it was in her mouth, "Goddamn baby, you're fucking amazing," I said down to her. She began bobbing her head faster to show me she can be better. She brought me right to the point of cumming when I told her to stop. "I don't want to cum yet. " She smile and obliged knowing there was something else still needed to be done. She straddled me against placing herself above my dick.

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   "We don't need a condom baby?" "I'm on the pill, she reassured me. " She took my dick in her hand and placed it at the opening of her 18 year old pussy. And slowly slid herself down on it. I could feel every muscle in her 5'6 110 pound frame tense at the feeling of my dick inside her. She closed her eyes as slowly began to rock her hips back and forth on me. She placed her hands on my shoulders pushing and pulling me to help her grind on my dick. I put my hands on her hips gently steering her back and forth on me. She began to loosen up letting the feeling of my dick become more pleasurable. She began riding it faster and faster. She finally rode it hard enough she couldn't take it anymore, she threw her head back and pressed her pussy down hard on my cock as she came for a second time. SHe grinded me in circles for a minute milking every second of her orgasm. She kissed me, looked at me, and smiled. She took herself of my dick and sat on the unused desk not far from where I was sitting. She spread her legs as far as they would part and told me to come here with her finger. I took my dick and drove it straight into her.

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   "Get me, how you want me" she whispered in my ear. Her pussy was still so tight, I could tell that she had not had sex too many times in her life. I start pushing and pulling my dick in and out of her. I began fucking her nice and hard making her body jump everytime I slammed my dick into her. She held me tight digging her nails into my back, breathing hard moaning softly into my ear. "Yes, that's it. " she said I felt her body tense with another orgasm again, I couldn't hold it. I blew my load straight into her. I push my dick as deep as it would go, letting her feel my dick pulse and spread my cum into her tight wet cunt. I pushed my dick in her a few more times, as she held me. I looked at her, we both smiled and we kissed eachother. "I don't know what's going to happen now. " I said to her. "Don't worry, it'll be our little secret. " She replied.

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