Purgatory Games


Purgatory Games

Kyle knew he was in trouble when he saw what waited for him inside his new cell. The top bunk was empty except for a heart shaped box of pink mints on the naked stained mattress. A note next to the box said, “Be my girl”. The guard looked from the note to Kyle’s pretty face.

“Welcome to Purgatory, boy,” the guard said with a smile fit for Hells’ gatekeeper. He slammed the heavy cell door, leaving Kyle to the cruel hands of the twisted God who ruled this place.

Democracy raged across the world in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and North Korea. The warriors who did battle on baseball diamonds, footballs fields and basketball courts were gone, overseas waging war for a Democratic Utopia. With police forces across the country depleted by war, the Department of Homeland Security desperately needed a new flavor of electronic heroin to soothe the jaded masses.

Back in 2025, the Monastic Reform Law blasted through Washington and came down on prisons like the devil’s hammer, bringing prisoners to God in a rough way. Purgatory was the first prison to offer redemption under the new Monastic Reform Law. The redemption and punishment of prisoners became a public spectacle, second only to the Roman Coliseum.

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The public couldn’t get enough of televised whippings of unrepentant prisoners. Prisoner gladiator games, the newest concept in reality television, became the biggest money maker since boxing in Las Vegas. Now, years later, every prison in the country brought cutthroats, thieves and reluctant soldiers to God on live television, the ultimate electronic heroin high.

Kyle slumped down onto the bottom bunk, letting the bedding under his arm slip to the floor. He sat with his head in his hands, letting his dark brown hair fall across his face like a curtain. Behind his closed eyes he saw the Call to Service card that had turned up in his mailbox two weeks ago, one day after his nineteenth birthday. Kyle’s mad dash to the Mexican border was a nightmare of days without sleep and hitching rides on dark highways from men who demanded payment from Kyle on his knees.

Kyle’s capture came in the middle of the night. The border patrol swooped down on him, grabbing him up into the metal jaws of the Unpatriotic Actions Law. When he refused to sign his service papers, they said they’d give him a year to think it over. After his year in Purgatory, they’d be back with their papers. If Kyle refused to sign again, he’d get five more years.

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At nineteen, Kyle was the hottest piece of ass in Purgatory. Slavery might be over on the outside, but here in Purgatory, pretty boys like Kyle were handed out to gladiators like first prize trophies. The Father Confessor who ran Purgatory had assigned Kyle to JT’s cell, as a reward for JT winning the Statewide Gladiator Games.

            On the outside, Kyle used his slender body and sweet boyish looks to get what he wanted. One look into Kyle's sultry brown eyes and men understood the promise of pleasure his soft pink lips offered. Before this nightmare started, he wouldn’t be with men who liked fucking ass. Now, Kyle looked around glumly at the dark red brick walls of the narrow cell. He knew his days of sucking cock and saying no to more were over. One look at JT, and everyone knew his bitches took it up the ass. Hard.

Loud footsteps and harsh voices echoed in the narrow hallway. The gladiators were coming back from training in the yard. Kyle steeled himself, and tried to get ready to meet the man who now owned him.

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            JT slid the heavy cell door back with a bang and walked into the small cell. His dark chocolate skin glistened in the light of the single bulb that hung overhead. His bare chest and arms rippled with hard, sleek muscle. Sweat beaded on the flat toughness of his sculpted belly. A dark tattoo of a screaming skull rippled and writhed on the bulging bicep of his right arm.

When JT turned and looked at Kyle, there was a dark hunger in his black eyes that made Kyle shiver inside.

“Hey boy,” JT said in a deep voice that rumbled with bass. He slid the red bandana off his head and rubbed sweat from his bald head. “What’s up?”

Kyle wasn’t sure if he should answer. The hardness in JT’s eyes made Kyle feel like he was thinking about doing something cruel. Something that would make him scream. To avoid saying anything, Kyle shrugged and reached down to get his bedding.

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   But JT stopped him, leaning his six foot three inch frame on the top bunk.

            “You’re even prettier than I thought,” JT said quietly, looking down into Kyle's light brown eyes.

Kyle looked at the swelling bulge between JT’s spread legs and pressed himself further back on the small bed. JT reached out to stroke Kyle’s cheek, but the boy flinched as though he’d been slapped.

            “Take it easy baby,” JT said with a low laugh. “I ain’t gonna hurt you. You’re gonna suck my dick and I’m gonna fuck you. But you ain’t in no danger with me. ”

            Kyle tried to hide the fear that jolted his heart. No one had ever taken his ass. JT seemed to read his thoughts.

“You still a virgin, boy?” JT let his eyes crawl greedily over Kyle's slender body.

When Kyle turned brilliant red and didn’t answer, JT chuckled, a soft, low sound that sent chills down Kyle’s spine.

“I got you a present. ” JT offered Kyle the box of candy from the top bunk, looking down at him with hard eyes that promised no mercy.

Kyle knew what it would mean if he refused the box of pink, heart shaped candies. An image of Jimmy’s face, horribly battered and bruised, rose in his mind. Kyle took the pink box from JT’s big hand, nearly snatching it in his haste to accept the gift.

“You’ll do alright with me,” JT said quietly, seeing how Kyle’s hand trembled when he took the candy.

JT grabbed the boy’s slender arm, pulling him off the bed.

 “Come here baby,” JT said softly, wrapping Kyle in a steel embrace.

JT ran his calloused fingers slowly along the softness of Kyle’s mouth, looking at the way his pink lips came together in a pout.

“These lips feel good wrapped around a man’s cock?” JT stared into Kyle’s soft brown eyes, unbothered by the fear he saw in the boy.

            JT pushed Kyle gently, sending him reeling into the corner between the bunk bed and the wall.

            A picture of Jimmy’s face rose in Kyle’s mind again, in grim detail. He spun and faced the wall, spreading his legs, his ass out. Better to let JT have his way without a fight.

A heavy hand fell on Kyle’s shoulder. He tensed, squeezing his eyes shut, promising himself he wouldn’t scream when JT’s cock tore into his ass.

“Damn baby,” JT’s deep voice said behind Kyle. He sounded slightly amused. “I ain’t gonna do you like that, bitch. Turn around.

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   Get on your knees for me like a good girl. ”

Kyle turned and faced JT, slipping to his knees. He looked up at the big black man standing over him, his legs spread. JT’s bulging crotch was inches from Kyle's lips. His cock looked big enough to ream Kyle’s ass with just one stroke.

“I’ll do what you want,” Kyle blurted. He looked up into JT’s eyes, pleading. “Just don’t make it bad for me, please?”

JT’s black eyes were twin pools of dark hunger, like an animal on the prowl.

“I like my bitch to blow me after I train in the yard. I get relaxed like that,” JT said, ignoring Kyle’s plea.

JT had unzipped his jeans and was reaching in to take out his dick when a voice stopped him.

“JT, we got to talk,” a man’s low voice said at the cell door.

  • 5in; line-height: 200%">“Fuck that,” JT said without turning around. “I’m trying out my new girl. ”

    “It’s important,” the other man said. “About the game next week. ”

    “It better be important,” JT said, zipping his pants, keeping his dark eyes on Kyle.

    JT stroked Kyle’s cheek, and pursed his lips in a silent kiss. “Later baby,” he said, and turned away, disappearing through the cell door.

    Kyle sprang to his feet the moment JT left and went to the cell bars. JT stood at the far end of the tier, talking to another man. For a wild moment, Kyle thought of escape. But to where? Nobody fucked with a gladiator. He got his bedding from the floor and started putting sheets on his bunk, thinking of the coming night.

    After dinner, Kyle trudged back to his cell, sure that JT was there, waiting to ream his ass. He was relieved to find his cell empty. Kyle lay on the top bunk, thinking about JT. Before he realized it, Kyle was thinking of how it felt to be on his knees, with JT’s hard body towering over him. Kyle's cock surged at the memory of JT's dark, sleek body pressed close, his unzipped jeans inches from Kyle’s lips.

    The breathy sound of men fucking came from the next cell, echoing down the narrow tier. Kyle closed his eyes and imagined himself on his knees between JT’s legs, letting the harsh sound of the men screwing become the sound of JT while Kyle sucked him off.

     Kyle undid his jeans, took his hard cock in his fist, and was about to jack off when a low voice said, “I don’t like my girls jacking off when I ain’t around. ”

    Kyle sat bolt upright at the sound of JT’s voice. He shoved his cock back inside his jeans, a flush of embarrassment rising to his face. JT walked into the cell and leaned against the top bunk.

    “Was you thinking about my cock in your mouth or up your ass?” JT caressed Kyle’s hot face softly

    The lights out warning buzzer saved Kyle from answering. Just after JT walked into the cell, a guard came down the tier, locking cell doors and doing last head count. Ten minutes later, a loud buzz signaled final lights out, and near total darkness fell.

                “Come here baby,” JT said. “You take care of my cock every night after lights out. ”

                 Kyle slipped from the bunk bed and knelt in front of JT, anxious to show him that he would have him without a fight. The last thing Kyle wanted was for JT to get angry.

     “No,” JT said quietly.

    Kyle looked up at him, fear bright in his eyes, afraid he’d done something wrong.

    “Over there, in the corner,” JT said. “I know you bitches don’t like nobody seeing you with a man. Guards can’t see you there. ”

    Kyle got up and wedged himself into the shadowy privacy of the corner between the bed and wall. A dim ray of light fell across Kyle’s face in the darkness. JT caressed Kyle's face, feeling how he trembled.

           “You scared of me?”

           Kyle nodded, knowing he couldn’t hide it.

           “You suck my cock and get fucked like a good girl, and ain’t nothing gonna happen to you. ”

           Kyle knew he should have kept quiet about Jimmy, but he couldn’t. Jimmy had been JT’s boy until two days ago, when he’d been shipped to the hospital, with his right arm broken in three places and his jaw shattered from a bad beating.

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       Kyle had seen them taking him. His face had been swollen like a water balloon, both eyes blackened and purple.

    “What about Jimmy?” Kyle said quietly.

                  “He wouldn’t be a good girl,” JT said softly. “But you ain’t like him. You’ll be a good bitch for me, won’t you?”

    Kyle nodded, looking up into JT’s glittering eyes in the darkness.

    “Good. Then I won’t have hurt you like that,” JT said, unzipping his jeans.

    JT unbuttoned his jeans, sliding them down his hips. He stood with his legs spread, his thick cock jutting straight up, well past his navel.

    “You gonna suck my cock like a good girl?” JT said, stroking his hard meat.

    Kyle nodded, nearly mesmerized by the sight of JT’s fat cock.

    “Get to it bitch. ” JT pulled Kyle by the hair and forced the boy’s face into his crotch. “Show me how good those lips feel on a man’s dick. ”

    Kyle closed his eyes a moment to steady himself, then he started at the base of JT’s impossibly thick cock, licking around his low hanging balls. Kyle ran his slick tongue up and around JT's hairy balls, taking his time, letting his whole tongue slide along JT's nuts. Then Kyle slid his tongue down the length of JT’s cock, feeling how the hard flesh was veined, nearly all the way out to the thick head.

    “I been thinking about your hot mouth all day,” JT said, pressing his crotch into Kyle’s face.

    Kyle let his tongue linger on the head of JT’s cock, circling the thick head slowly, before sliding his hot tongue all the way back down to his heavy balls.

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    “Oh yeah bitch. Open your fucking mouth. Suck my cock,” JT said. He leaned on his powerful arms against the wall.

    Kyle opened his mouth wide and JT slid into the pretty boy’s hot mouth, feeding him his thick ten inch cock, moaning softly. The sight of his dark chocolate cock sliding between the boy’s pretty pink lips drove JT crazy.

    “You better suck my cock good, bitch,” JT said, pumping his hips slowly.

    JT slid his cock deep down Kyle’s throat on every stroke, nearly gagging him, then he held himself inside Kyle's mouth, enjoying the way the boy’s gag reflex made his throat massage the head of his cock.

    “I can’t wait to try that virgin ass,” JT said, fucking slowly in and out of Kyle’s mouth.

    He took the boy’s pretty face in his hands, feeling the softness of his cheeks, watching how Kyle’s pink lips stretched tight against his dark, thick cock.

    “You look so fucking hot baby, on your knees with my fat black cock stretching your pretty lips,” JT said.

    JT tossed his head back and pumped his hips in a slightly circular motion, speeding up as his throbbing cock came close to exploding in Kyle’s mouth.

    “Get ready to swallow my come, bitch,” JT said, driving his hips into Kyle’s face.

    Kyle struggled to take JT’s cock deep down his throat, gagging, feeling how his own hard cock strained at his jeans. Choking on a man’s cock drove Kyle crazy. He ached to take JT’s load down his throat.

    “Oh yeah bitch, you want it. You want my come real bad, don’t you?”

    Kyle grabbed JT’s cock near the base.

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       When JT didn’t slap him or make him stop, Kyle  started jacking him off, tightening his fist around JT's slick, throbbing cock rhythmically.

    “Oh fuck, yeah,” JT said, pushing his cock into Kyle’s grabbing hand.

    JT wrapped his fingers into Kyle’s hair and held him still while he fucked his face.

    “Oh yeah bitch,” JT said, breathing hard. “You fucking suck bitch. Take it. Take my fucking load. ”

    JT slapped Kyle's hand away and pumped Kyle’s mouth harder, choking him on nearly every stroke, breathing hard, moaning deep in his throat. JT jammed his throbbing cock down Kyle's throat again and again, hard and fast, until finally he crammed his dick deep down Kyle’s throat, groaning in pleasure. His cock exploded and sent hot come shooting down Kyle's throat.

    “Swallow it,” JT said, looking down at Kyle with hard eyes.

    Kyle swallowed, working his throat, looking up at JT.

    “Good, bitch,” JT said. “I make my girls swallow. Or I beat their ass. ”

    He wiped the corners of Kyle’s lips where come had leaked from his mouth and slid his fingers into the boy’s mouth, forcing Kyle to lick and suck until his fingers were clean.

    “How you like sucking my dick, boy?” JT said, zipping his jeans.

    Kyle shrugged, unable to make himself meet JT’s eyes boring down into him. Kyle's need to suck cock and be a bitch for a man like JT always embarrassed him.

    “Don’t be acting like you didn’t like it, boy. I know a cock sucking bitch when I see one. Come here,” he said, pulling Kyle to his feet. He was more careful this time, so Kyle didn’t feel like his arm was ripping out of its socket.

    5in; line-height: 200%">“Turn around,” JT said.

    Kyle faced the wall and JT pressed real close to him and reached around to cup Kyle's bulging crotch.

    “Damn,” JT said. He massaged Kyle’s dick through his jeans. “Look how fucking hard you are, bitch. ”

    Kyle moaned softly. He was aching to come.

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    “Take your jeans off,” JT said.

    Kyle slid his jeans down his slender hips, shaking loose of them almost immediately. Now he stood with just his shirt on and his jockey shorts with an embarrassing bulge in them. JT unbuttoned Kyle's shirt from behind, while he kissed his neck softly.

    “I’m gonna give you a taste of what little bitches like you need,” JT whispered into Kyle’s ear.

    He slipped the boy’s briefs down and slid the shirt from Kyle’s slim body, passing his hands gently over Kyle’s tight round ass.

    “You got a pretty ass boy,” JT whispered into Kyle's ear. “Soon I’m gonna put you on all fours and fuck this tight little bitch hole. ”

    JT ran his rough hands slowly over Kyle’s smooth chest, paying special attention to the boy’s nipples, ignoring the way Kyle trembled in his arms.

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    “Start jacking off,” JT whispered into Kyle’s ear.

    JT’s promise to fuck his ass terrified Kyle, but he was desperate to shoot his load after the way JT had fucked his mouth. Kyle grabbed his cock and started jacking off.

    “Not so fast bitch, enjoy it, go slow. ” JT put his big hand over Kyle’s to show him the slow rhythm he wanted him to use.

    “I only make bitches out of men who want it up the ass,” JT said into Kyle’s ear. “But you don’t want it up your ass, right?”

    JT lubed two fingers with Vaseline and held them up so Kyle could see.

    “I ain’t gonna hurt you. Don’t do nothing stupid like trying to fight me,” JT said.

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    Slowly, JT pressed one lubed finger to Kyle’s ass. The boy tensed immediately.

    “Relax bitch or I’ll make you get my cock hard again. You want me to ream this virgin ass?”

    “Sorry JT,” Kyle said in a low, scared voice.

    “Keep working your cock,” JT said.

    Kyle tried to relax as he felt a long finger press slowly into him. JT kissed the side of Kyle’s neck softly, while he worked his finger into Kyle's ass gently.

    The feel of something inside his tight ass was new to Kyle. It felt good.


       His hand sped up on his hard cock, but JT slapped Kyle's bare ass, hard.

    “Slower,” JT said. “You better not come ‘til I let you, boy. ”

    Kyle slowed down, even though his cock throbbed crazily in his slick fist.

    “You ain’t no bitch. You don’t like it up the ass, right?” JT whispered into Kyle’s ear.

    JT felt Kyle’s tight hole open to him and he slid all the way in. Slowly he started easing another finger into Kyle’s tight ass while Kyle worked his cock in the slow rhythm JT had given him.

    When both fingers were inside him, JT leaned close to Kyle and said, “I’m gonna fuck this hot little ass with my fingers. If you don’t come like a moaning bitch after I finger your ass, I’ll give you back.

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       I won’t do nothing to you. ”

    Slowly JT worked his fingers in and out of Kyle’s ass, matching the slow rhythm of him jacking off. At first, Kyle held himself still against JT’s long fingers, tightening his ass. But his ass loosened up and JT worked deeper into his tight hole with every stroke, until finally his long fingers massaged Kyle’s prostrate.

    “Oh fuck,” Kyle said, pressing back into JT’s fingers, moaning softly.

    “Yeah boy, that’s it. Show me how much you hate taking it up the ass. Show me you ain’t no bitch. ”

    JT wrapped his muscled arm around Kyle’s waist and pulled the boy close, keeping his fingers inside Kyle's ass. Then he slapped Kyle’s hand away. JT grabbed the boy’s cock in his strong hand and started jacking him off in a slow rhythm that made Kyle writhe in his grip.

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    “You liking it up your ass, bitch?”

    “It feels so fucking good,” Kyle said, moaning.

    “Yeah, that’s right. Look how hard your cock with my fingers up your ass. ”

    JT slid his fingers slowly in and out of Kyle’s ass, matching the rhythm of his hand on the boy’s cock.

    “Only a bitch likes it up the ass.   Ain’t that right boy?”

    Kyle rocked his hips, caught between the double pleasure of JT’s fingers up his ass, and his strong hand on his cock.

    “Yeah,” Kyle said, breathing hard.

    “Say it,” JT said, sliding his fingers in and out of Kyle’s ass real slow. “Tell me. ”

    He kissed the side of Kyle’s neck, licking up and down his soft skin.

    “Tell me how you’re gonna be my bitch and take it up the ass,” JT said.

    Kyle moaned in helpless pleasure, but he said nothing.

    “You want me to stop boy, and handcuff you and make you sleep like this?”

    “No,” Kyle said. “Please. Don’t stop. ”

    “You know what you got to say boy,” JT said.

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    “I’m your bitch,” Kyle said, pushing his ass back to meet JT’s fingers. “I’ll be your girl JT. Let me come, please,” Kyle begged.

    “Oh yeah. I’m gonna let you come just like a bitch, on your knees. ”

    JT pulled his fingers out of Kyle’s ass, and spun him around. Kyle looked up at him in confusion, his hard cock jutting up between his legs.

    “Down,” JT said. “I’m gonna watch you jack off on your knees, while you tell me what a bitch you are. ”

    Kyle slipped to his knees, grabbed his throbbing cock and started jacking off again, moaning and panting softly.

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    “Look at me boy,” JT said, standing over him.

    Kyle met his dark eyes.

    “You’re my bitch now,” JT said, while Kyle jacked off for him on his knees. He slapped Kyle's face lightly. “You understand?”

    “Yeah,” Kyle said, sliding his fist up and down his hard cock.

    JT grabbed Kyle’s chin so he could look down into the boy’s eyes. He loved seeing the need in Kyle's eyes.

    “You’re gonna suck my cock and get fucked up the ass. How come?” JT said.

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    Kyle tried to turn away from him, but JT slapped his face again, harder.

    “How come you’re gonna suck my cock and take it up the ass?” JT said.

    Kyle was panting and moaning, looking up into JT’s hard, merciless eyes.

    “ ‘Cause I’m a bitch,” Kyle said.

    A moan of pleasure escaped him.

    “Please JT,” Kyle begged. “Please. ”


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       Come on your knees like a bitch. I wanna hear you say it. Tell me you’re my bitch, over and over, ‘til you shoot. ”

    “I’m your bitch,” Kyle said, jacking himself off wildly.

    Nothing made JT hotter than forcing a man to make a bitch of himself for him.

    “Louder,” JT said, giving Kyle’s face a rough shake. “Don’t piss me off. ”

    “I’m your bitch JT,” Kyle said, loud enough for it to echo in the small cell.

    “Good,” JT said, holding Kyle’s face and looking straight down into his eyes.



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