Prision bitch


Im a male prision gaurd at a womens prision. There are alot of benafits to being a male in a prision like this. The girls need odd and end things. Nothing really like drugs or killing stuff but mail and my bigest money maker is shampoo. Well maybe not money but any sex I can think of. In the most cases oral Or just fuck them in the ass. Rarlly I will fuck them there pussy. If I got one pergnent I would louse my job. I have my favsYou know porn star like but I even have the plump to fat ugly Just because the can geve a blow job or the tightest ass. Im not badly hung a good 9 in. so I cand fill a hole.

But one day I was breking a cat fight up in the middale of the mess hall. when the worst thing could happen. Riot. I had women jump me from all sides. I was knock out.

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   When I woke I was in a the large doorm room were we sent are over flow. I was hand cuffed to a bed in the middile. and there were two female officers to my left. and we were suronded by the cons. Then one saw I was awake. Hey girls this bitch is awake. I heard. Then jill came from the crowd. Hey gils he the one that treats us like a hore hous. I think all of you should take a ride on him he dose have a nice cock With that I was having my couthes ripped off. I had hands coming from all sides grabing my shaft and balls I could not help but to get a hard on. One of the larger morebutch wemon pushed her way in and said she was first. Wait he needs to stay hard give me a sec and I will fix that. She went and got a shoe sting and tied around the base of my cock. trust me hell stay hard for hrs.

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   I did it to my ex and he went all day. till the cops showed up. they all laughed. Then big mama mounted up. She sat her big harry snatch down on my cock. She was not makeing love she fucked me hard and fast. I noticed anouther taking he pants off. Lets see if he can use his mouth. She sat on my face and started beating me till I ate her. I went t it sucking and licking her clit. She was rideing my face as much as the other was on my cock. then the one on my cock got off hard she was a squirter it felt like i pissed my self. then the one on my face got off too. Just as fast as they got up two more were there to take there place. It took for ever for the next two to get off.

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   To tell you the truth I was loveing this even thow I was scared out of my mind and knew as soon as they were finished with me I was dead. Then I heard some screaming come from the bed next to me. The other officer was being striped and then had a girl sit on her face and was being raped by her night stick. Then another women sat on my face again. She was a hevy set woman and I could barly breath. And her cunt was so big She was almost fucking my head. I tryed to yell for help but it just made her ride me more. She had my nose on her clit and my chin between her lips. She was grinding my head in to the matress. I started getting light headed and things went black. I passed out. I was woke up by what I thought was water. But as my eyes cleard It was piss. The fat girl was pissing on my face And some one was twisting my balls. I tryed to hold my mouth closed but I had a water bottle with the bottom cut out to make a funale.

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   So every last drop went down my throught. I was chokeing and gaging but all I could do was drink it down. When I thought she was done anouther one said Well I think he looks thersty so Ill give him the next drink. she hoped up there and emtyed her bladder. and it was a big blatter. I could not swollow fast enough so it over flowed right into my eyes. It burnt By this time My pecker went soft. Well Shit the funs gone away what do we do know. I got a thought. One said as she grabed the night stick. I know he like to give it up the ass so how bout giveing him some. I was cuffed in all ways. so I could not move but I tryed. Being held still I felt the cold hard rod press into in to my hole The shaft was big and I had a vergin ass. It was very painfulle The more I tinced The worse itgot.

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   Then It poped and slid right in luckaly the other womens jucies were still on there. She pushed it in till she could not push more. I was in the most pain in my life She used the handale well She pulled and pushed as fast as she could. I dont think I could even fuck a women that hard. With every push I would jump. Then my body gave up. and relaxed. As soon as it did It was sliding in and out smoothly. Even if I did not want it my dick was likeing it and he poped up right away. then we went back to geting fucked three ways. Oral dick and in the ass. In the oddest way I had the best sex I ever had. The wet pussy on my cock. and the tast of all the juices in my mouth even the smooth rod in my ass. It was senory over load.


   I still hade the string tyed around the base of my shaft. so my balls were sweling. I have never held a load like this. I lost count of how many diferant wemon I had. At the same time the two other officer were being raped as many was as they could be. But I think they were injoying it as much as I was. They went moning in pain they were in plesur. Then they said somthing about the swat was coming. As my string came lose. and I blow a load to dorfe all loads of cum. the women I was in was being filled so she pulled off to let me spray in all direction. That turnd the wemon into a feeding frinzy They were licking and sucking every drop off of me. Even when the rest were runing from the swat the were still licking asthey were takin down. I was let to take off for a month. and every thing i tryed I could not get the same feeling from it.

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   I could not wait to get back in to the presion. Once I got back that is anouther story. .