powers 1&2


a teenager gets superpowers. you can guess what he does with them.

i am a girl but i wanted to try a first person male perspective.

this is mostly coming from my erotic fantasies so it will get kinda weird in the coming chapters.

my first shot at erotic fiction. enjoy

In 1975 ww3 started. The whole world got a good dose of radiation poisoning. As it happened that didn’t really turn out to be such a bad thing but that sorta’ depends on who you ask. Since about 1/1000th of the people born since 1980 has had super powers I, the twenty year old in 2015, think it’s pretty cool, but y’know if ya ask someone born in the sixties, with no hair and boils all over their face I doubt they think it’s so cool, but hey, fuck’um. Not my problem.

Anyway back to the powers. The scientists say it’s something to do with mutation and that seems as likely as not but if you ask someone on the street chances are good that they’ll say something about God. I don’t really have any thoughts on it myself.

Most people with a power only have one power. Y’know like being really strong or shooting fire from their hands. Even the scientists really have no clue how any of this shit works.

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   A power’s, that we are called “power”s, biology isn’t any different from a normal human’s and there’s no way to tell if a person is going to develop a power until adolescence when the power shows itself, usually in a big and flashy way.

My power coming to me came in a pretty subtle way all things told. I was 18 and in the middle of class, the teacher, Ms. Hendrix was ripping me a new one for not doing my homework. She was about 30 and hot as could be in a tight white blouse, a tight business skirt and 4 inch black heels. In the middle of her tirade between my “yes, ma’am”s and “sorry ma’am”s I mumbled under my breath “shut the fuck up, bitch. ” And she did. She couldn’t speak. For five full seconds while I was still more angry than confused she couldn’t speak. In fact she was completely silent. When I thought to myself “why can’t she speak?” she could suddenly speak again. At this point I still had no idea that I had a power let alone how to control it.

It was at lunch that day before I started to suspect that it was me who had shut up Ms. Hendrix. I was sitting with some of my friends in the cafeteria.

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   My one friend Benson, who was a at tub of lard if ever I saw one, had enough lunch for three and I had none, my mother having drunk all the money away and my father having not sent a child support check in the last decade. I suppose being dead gave him leave to skip out on child support but it was still annoying. Anyway, as was my usual, I asked Benson for some of his food. Not expecting any to actually come my way. So when he pushed his box my way everyone at the table was surprised. Benson was famous for not sharing.

“You sure?” I asked. He looked real unsure about it but nodded. As I ate the food I got real quiet. I was thinking. I started putting two and two together. I decided to run a little test. I looked to one of my other friends, rick, his mom always put green beans in his lunch box even though he hated them, he always threw them out without eating them. I hated him a little for that.

“Eat your green beans,” I told him.

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“Okay,” he said. he did.

And I knew. I knew without a doubt that I was a power. Not just a Strength or a Flame but a Mind, one of the most dangerous types of powers. I looked around the table. Everyone was looking back at me. They knew what I knew. I couldn’t let them go on with that kind of information. Even a High school kid like me knew that it was not a good idea to spread around info like that. A few decades ago, before anyone really knew what was going on, there had been a couple of powers who thought that they were gods. Eventually the army had to get involved. Now the general consensus was that powers were crazy and needed to be controlled. There were a bunch of really strict laws in place about how we could live. Think of it like being a black person in 1920.

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   Just sorta’ unpleasant.
Why would I live like that if I could help it? So I tried something I thought Minds might be able to do. I reached into the minds of everyone at the table and I took the memories of the last five minutes from them. I gave the lunch box back to Benson. I wouldn’t need to beg for food ever again. As I thought about that I wiped my entire existence from everyone in the school. Nobody knew that I ever existed.

I thought that I didn’t want to be seen and I wasn’t. This is a really user friendly power, I thought. It wasn’t so much that nobody saw me it was more like nobody noticed me. I was just a piece of the background, not worthy of anyone’s attention.

Time to have some fun, I thought.


Ms. Hendrix didn’t look up as I entered the teacher’s lounge. She wouldn’t until I made myself noticeable again.

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   I had made it so that the other teachers and students who might want to come here would suddenly think up very good reasons not to come in about 20 feet from the door. Minds could do some interesting things. I would have to experiment later with some more things I wanted to try out.

I made myself noticeable again and gave Ms. Hendrix her memories of me back. She looked up suddenly, surprised by my presence.

“What are you doing here, Joseph?” she asked. Somewhat distressed about her lunch being interrupted but trying not to show it.

“I need to talk to you, Ms. Hendrix, as my counselor,” I said taking a seat on a couch across from hers. I sat in the middle of the couch, my arms behind my head on the top part of the couch, relaxed as could be.

“Alright,” she said, frowning, “what do you need to talk about?” I want to get back to lunch so hurry this up, she thought, not letting any of her annoyance show on her face.
[You’re a total slut. All you can think about is my dick and how much you want to suck it], I thought at her. And that was all it took.

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   I saw it instantly. A light blush came to her cheeks, her back arched ever so slightly, I could just see her nipples poking through her bra and the blouse, her eyes wandered down my body, and she re-crossed her legs, drawing attention to her stocking covered thighs. I noticed all of this but pretended that I didn’t.

“You see, Ms. Hendrix,” I said, getting excited from seeing her excited, “I’ve been through a lot of emotional trauma lately and I need some consoling”

She smiled, she had seen her chance. She stood up and walked over to me. In her heels she was six feet tall. A good deal taller than me, I’m about 5’6. I found that very hot.

“I think I know the best way to console you,” she said slow and sultry as she undid the top two buttons of her blouse. She knelt between my spread legs and undid the fly of my jeans showing me ample cleavage between her large milky white mounds. My cock sprang to attention and she looked slightly disappointed with my 5 inches. I wished that I was longer and suddenly my cock was 18 inches and throbbing. I was so surprised that I nearly forgot to make Mrs. Hendrix forget that my dick had just doubled in size.


   I was a poly-power! One of a very small number of powers who had more than one power. I was a Mind and a polymorph. I could alter myself to look however I wanted.

I stopped being able to think for a second as Ms. Hendrix licked my shaft up and down like she couldn’t get enough. She took the head of my fully erect ten inch penis into her mouth and I let out a small moan. Ms. Hendrix twirled her tongue around the head as she took me deeper into her mouth. She used one hand to stroke the lower half of my cock and the other hand to massage my balls. She looked up at me from her knees and I could see that she loved it. She left off for a second and slowly, in one long lick, made her way from the tip of my shaft to the base where she licked around my balls. While she was down there her left hand maintained a steady rhythm, stroking the top four inches of so of my fully erect shlong. Her right hand had started on my waist but had been making its way across my ass and at the same time that she took my balls into her mouth and started sucking she put one finger into my asshole. It was way too much for a sixteen year old to handle.

“I’M CUMMING!” I screamed.

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   She barely backed off in time to catch my hot load all over her herself. It went on for a good twenty seconds and I think she caught about a fifth of it in her mouth. The rest went all over her face, into one eye, on both cheeks, her chin, the top of her tits, and I think a little of it even went into her cleavage.

She looked at me, one eye shut, covered in my seed, and I knew she would need more. I was ready to give it to her.