Plugged and Stuffed


He began bribing me, he would not tell my husband in exchange for letting him fuck me once a month, anyway he wanted. I relunctantly agreed because I loved my husband and needed his financial support. On the night I was supposed to meet him I told my husband I was going to a friend's for a tupperware party. I told him sometimes they sell sex toys at these parties, so he better be waiting. I headed out the door with a backup outfit in my bag. I stopped at a gas station and slipped into the bathroom. I took off my jeans and t-shirt and slipped into a short skirt, I pulled my gstring down and slipped the plug in my pussy, to get my cunt ready for its pounding, I
took off my bra and slipped a halter top on. I adjusted it so you could tell my breasts were being pulled up and in towards my neck without their approval, I changed my flip flops for stilettoes and headed back to my car. THe man behind the counter watched me all the way back to the car. I knew tonight was the night he would punish me.
This was punishment for not introducing my friend to him when I saw him unexpectedly at the grocery store. He said he loved my friend's Ds and thought about them in his mouth many times. I would learn by having my ass stretched for the first time. He pushed me up against the wall and ran his hands up the inside of my legs to my gapingpussy.

He pulled my g string down and spread my legs. I pulled my arms behind my back, and put one of my hands on his rock hard cock.

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   He walked over to the nightstand and withdrew a pair of handcuffs. I refused but he asked what would my husband think? He glasped the cuffs around my wrists. I could only slightly move my wrists. I wasgoing to remain this way until he released me. He disappeared into the other room and returned with a camera in hand. I tried to hide myself in protest and he snapped a shot. He put the camera on the bed beside me, and pushed me back to the wall. I spread my legs apart and ran his hand up my thigh, I felt the side of his hand emerge into my soft lips. I felt his pinky slide against my moist slit and it opened up to welcome his fingers. He let his pinky slide in my pussy. He slid his hand back down my thigh smearing my juice down my leg. He spread my legs further, pulled out the plug and grabbed the camera. He buried his mouth into my pussy and snapped a shot. I was so enveloped feeling his tongue replace the plug, darting around in my cunt. He withdrew his tongue and replaced it with his middle and forefinger.

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   He buried it all the way into my pussy. He pulled his fingers out and put them into my mouth. I licked them clean, he told me to spit on them. I did and he slapped my tits with his other hand and turned me back around. He told me to spread my legs and wiped my spit all over my asshole. He then rewet his fingers by running them over my pussy. He returned his fingers to my pulsating asshole, unassuming of what was to happen next. I had never felt this feeling, I felt myself almost backing up into his fingers. This was the first time anyone has prodded my asshole. I felt his finger slip into my anus, it was an uncomfortable feeling at first, but then he began moving it around; I began moving my hips and allowing him to penetrate my asshole. He told me I was a good slut and pulled his finger out. He took the plug into his hand and held it to my lips. I began sucking of it and he got to his feet and stood in front of me. He put his cock next to the plug. I start sucking both, taking turns.

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   He started pulling my mouth open as he slipped his cock over my tongue. He then took the plug and pushed it in my mouth, along with his cock. He fucked my throat until cum was
exploding in the back of my mouth. I swallowed it all and he pulled out his cock, but left the plug in its place. I continued sucking on the plug, with it all the way in my mouth. He went behind me and started playing with my pussy again. Once his fingers were nice and wet he returned them to my asshole. first just running it around
the outside, then i felt him trying to pull my asshole. I felt it resisting at first, and then it was being pulled open. he spit in my ass and then emersed his fingers, 2 at first. I have never taken this many fingers or anything else in my ass. he whispered that he was only getting my ready. he pulled the plug out of my mouth as he spit on my asshole again. he started rubbing the plug over my pussy and anus. i felt him begin to prod my ass with the plug.

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   he told me this is what it's made for. he pushed the plug further into my hole and spit on the plug. i felt my asshole resisting to the force and then relaxing around the plug. he pushed it further until my hole was plugged. he returned to his feet and put me on my hands and knees. he put his cock down my throat. i heard a snapshot.
He made me take his cock in my ass while my cunt was plugged. .