planned or was it? 3


Planned or was it coincidence? 3.

By Niteowluk2003.

For the last few weeks Jamie and Katie had swapped fantasises; although being honest towards the end; some of the spoken fantasises were made up knowing what the other person liked and was not really their own.

The one main theme which seemed to run through the fantasises was that Jamie loved the idea of watching his wife if fourteen years having dirty sex with another man and for Katie it seemed the larger the cock the more downright dirty she would behave. Almost by mistake Jamie asked if Katie wanted to take the fantasises a stage further and out one out for real and he regretted bringing the subject up for she snapped his head off and declared she felt betrayed by him to even suggest she should allow another man to see her naked let alone to fuck her no matter how big a cock he had.

Katie stormed off to bed in a temper and poor Jamie had to make do that night with the sofa; but the strange thing was during the night he heard his wife moaning and she was calling out a man’s name and it was not Jamie. Confused Jamie opened the bedroom door quietly and stood watching his wife who although she appeared asleep she was naked without bed covers and had her hand pressed tight against her cunt as her other hand squeezed her right tit. It was clear she was in the middle of a very erotic wet dream and he could not help but wonder who Charles was. He racked his brain but could not recall anyone they knew called Charles.

After watching Katie cum all over her hand and finally turn over on to her side in a deep peaceful sleep a trouble Jamie returned to the living room and decided to watch a DVD. He opened the cabinet where all the adult DVD’s were kept and discovered two titles he had never seen before; he made a mental note to ask Katie where they had come from tomorrow; but then thought better of it after all he really did not want to spend a second night on the sofa.

He popped one of the films into the player and decided the next time they settled down to watch a DVD together he would make sure he selected the title and would produce one of these two new titles and then he could ask when she had bought them.

In the glowing light of the TV; he settled down as naked as he was born; his cock already semi hard from having watched his wife’s horny show in the bedroom; the TV flickered into life as a woman dressed in a mini skirt and blouse walked through a park. The first thing Jamie noticed was that this DVD was not a commercial copy as there was no menu system at the start; instead it was clearly an amateur film.

As the woman walked through the park close to dusk; he watched intently as three black guys followed her and as she approached a large clump of bushes they pounced. The obvious leader clamped his hand over her mouth as the other two help him drag her into the bushes.

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They quickly overpowered her and using two ties, the secured her hands behind her back and the second tie became a gag keeping a hankie crammed into her mouth in place. Then one of the guys slipped his hand up her short skirt and found the giggle band of herself supporting stocking; (the giggle band is the part of the stocking where the normal suspender belt would attach and is so called because once a guy gets past that point he is usually laughing. ) he dragged the stocking down her leg and pulled off her shoe as he removed the stocking. This was then used to make a blindfold and make sure she could not see where she was going.

Then the film followed her being walked out of the park and unceremoniously dumped in the back of a van. Two of the three black guys climbed in with her and held her tight as the third guy climbed in the driver’s seat and soon the van was speeding along. Then outside what appeared to be a disused factory shop unit the van pulled up and once more the woman was dragged out of the van and frog marched inside the building.

Now the film changed to inside the building and in a dirty empty room with just an old mattress on the floor; the camera panned to reveal the two guys escorting the woman as they entered the room.

They immediately threw her down on to the mattress as the leader of the group entered and spoke to the woman, he said “Well bitch! You have mouthed off for the last time against da bruthas! It’s time for you to pay for the comments you made about the black community”

As he finished speaking; he signalled the other two guys and they both stepped forward with an open flick knife in their hand. Quickly they cut off the woman’s clothes delighting in letting her feel the blades as they slipped in the side of her panties and cut down the side; also they made sure she felt the blade as they cut off her bra too.

Now naked and defenceless the woman was clearly sobbing and trying to plead for her life; much to the amusement of the black guys. While a shocked but extremely horny Jamie watched the visions unfolding on his TV screen; he was unaware of Katie stood in the living room door way.

He watched intently as the black guys quickly undressed and delighted in showing the camera their larger than average cocks. Next the leader stepped up to the woman and untied her hands before telling her to remove the gag and blindfold. The woman sobbed uncontrollably when she saw the three guys all naked and realised they intended to rape her.

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But they did not suddenly leap on her; instead they took turns in teasing her cunt and tits with their hands or mouths until she was panting with lust. Just then Katie coughed and a startled Jamie spun to see his wife standing there. He knew it was pointless trying to hide his now erect cock but smiled as he saw Katie rubbing her cunt as she viewed the scene.

Quickly she was beside him with her hand firmly wrapped around his cock as she explained the DVD belong to one of the women at work who had sensed the friction between Jamie and her and offered to let her see this film. She pointed out that the woman in the film was the actual woman who she worked with.

On the screen now the naked woman with large pear shaped boobs was sporting rock hard nipples and it was clear her cunt was wide open and excitedly soaking. The woman with trembling voice began to beg not to be released as one would expect but instead to be allowed to taste the big black mamba one eyed snakes of the guys. The leader stepped forward and ordered her to suck his cock which she eagerly did.

Then at a signal from him the other two grabbed hold or the woman and turned her face down on the mattress as the leader moved between her forced pen legs; he delighted in forcing his large thick cock up her anal ring calling her a two bit whore as he did so; the woman screamed he was hurting her but he just laughed as he applied more pressure forcing more of his cock up her arse; this caused the woman to scream even louder till he told one of the men to fill her fucking mouth with cock to shut the slut up.

Quickly the second guy buried his cock into her mouth causing her to gag on his cock but it did the trick as she now could not scream if she wanted too. The leader laughed as he told her it proved the old wives tale that bitched could not and should not talk with their mouths full. A chorus of laughter broke out amongst the three guys. Just then the leader announced , “I don’t know why you were complain you silly cunt because you have taken all fourteen inches of my cock up your virgin arse and now I am going to fuck you so hard you will think my cock is coming out your dirty foul mouth, you whore!”

BY now Katie had Jamie’s cock buried in her mouth and was bobbing her head up and down giving him the best blow job of his life and even when he announced he was about to cum, she never stopped taking the full force of his spurts in her mouth; despite the spurts dying away she continued to suck his cock never letting it get soft and when she was confident it was fully hard again she quickly stood up and then lowered herself on to his manhood. She lowered herself on to him; not up her cunt as he expected but she slipped his cock into her arse and began riding him at the same pace as the black guy was fucking the woman on the screen.

Jamie by now had stopped watching the TV and was concentrating on fucking his wife’s hot tight ass; sensing it was what Katie wanted he suddenly began telling her how she had a slut’s arse and how he was going to fuck his bitch good tonight, he told her in no uncertain terms how his cock was going give her whore of an ass the pounding of its life and then for good measure he was going to eat her steaming cock loving cunt out before he finally made her his cum bucket of a slut by spraying with his spunk.

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By the time he shot his second load; this time up her arse; Katie was already on her third orgasm and both of them were dripping with sweat as he lifted her up and carried his wife off to their matrimonial bed. That night he slept with his cock trapped between his wife’s thighs as they spooned together and drifted off to sleep.

Next morning he discovered he had left the DVD playing and the TV on; he was tempted to restart the DVD but he knew he was already running late for work and today was his turn for the late finish so he would not be back home till after 9 pm that night.

Katie sang to herself for the first time since their honeymoon as she showered; she was due at work in an hour and had promised to tell her colleague how the DVD had gone down at home. She also secretly planned to surprise Jamie that night with a special make up dinner; so she had planned to be home by 6 pm in plenty of time to prepare it.

At 6 pm; Katie loaded up with groceries arrived home and struggled to get her key in the door; she entered the house and walked down the hall towards he kitchen; when she turned to enter the kitchen everything went black and the last she remembered was her legs buckling beneath her.

She knew not how long she had been out but suddenly she felt icy cold water on her face and as she came round she found herself unable to raise her hands from her side. She glanced down towards her feet and found her arms were tied to her side and her body was naked.
    As the mist cleared she suddenly saw the figures of three masked men standing ogling her body.

    One guy then knelt beside her and grabbed her hair tightly and asked when her fucking other half was due home; without thinking she blurted out 9 pm and the guys smiled. Then one of the other guys knelt between her legs and began kissing his way up her thighs. She tried in vain to fight him off but there was nowhere for her to go. Soon he had his head pressed against her cunt and was forcing his tongue into her cunt despite her trying so hard to keep her thighs clamped together.

    Suddenly she felt a stinging sensation on her face as the first guy told her to open her fucking legs like the whore she was; fearing another slap across the face she did open her legs and the face at her cunt seriously went to work sucking and licking her clit.

    She wanted so desperately to fight the feelings but her body betrayed her and she found her thighs trembling as the first onset of her climax hit; much to the delight of the three guys present; they made comments like the whore’s on heat already and she is going to be an easy slut to fuck if she gets so turned on by a little pussy eating.



    The third guy was not going to be out done so he launched into gobbling at her tits and several times bit into her tit flesh before scraping his razor sharp teeth over her nipple. All this added to her discomfort but also to her heightened state of arousal and before too long she was groaning her way through an involuntary orgasm.

    She shrank back pressing herself into the carpet even more when she first saw the size of the cocks now being exposed to her gaze. She was promised that she was going to have all three cocks in all three of her holes before they had finished with her and she was going to become a slave to black cock too.

    One of the guys then pointed to his watch and all three guys quickly stood up and nodded; then they lifted Katie and hid her behind the sofa as they then took up positions to surprise Jamie;they warned Katie not to call out or the worse it would be for the pair of them.

    Unaware of anything being wrong Jamie let himself into the darkened house and immediately called out for Katie; with no response forth coming he made his way down to the living room to see if she had left a note and he even toyed with the idea of watching the rest of the DVD from the night before alone before Katie returned.

    He only just made it into the living room when a big black fist hit him square in the face and he was suddenly seized by two more big black guys. It took him a few minutes to realise that all three had their cocks out and he noticed that the smallest of them was at least 18 inches long and that was almost twice the length of his own.

    Then out of the corner of his eye he saw his wife tied up behind the sofa naked and he wondered what had they done to her; the leader of the group must have read his mind because he suddenly said, “Now the parties complete we can begin to have the fun we have planned on!”

    They dragged Jamie’s clothes off him; scalding him for having such a puny cock before dragging himover to a dining chair and securely tying him to it. Next they carried out Katie and placed her at Jamie’s feet. For the next five hours, Jamie had to watch as the black cocks ravaged his wife’s cunt and they laughed about not caring to use condoms hoping the white bitch got caught and had to raise a bastard half caste kid to remind them of this night. As each cock unloaded their jism into his wife’s cunt then they would stand in front of Jamie and wipe their cunt juice and spunk covered cocks on his arms. Then they all took turns at fucking Katie’s arse and whilst each one fucked her anally, the other two delighted in telling Jamie how his white cum slut of a whore loved their larger cocks and would no longer be satisfied with his puny offering.

    After shooting their spunk up her arse they made Jamie watch as his wife was made to suck their shit stained cocks clean. Then when Jamie thought the humiliation could get no worse; he was proved wrong as he and the chair he was fastened to was carried and tipped over between Katie’s swollen puffy cunt lips and he was told to suck the spunk from her cunt or they would take the rolling pin from the kitchen and without lubrication they would force it so far up his own arse that he would need forceps to retrieve it.

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       Jamie faked protest at being told to eat another man’s spunk from his wife’s cunt but secretly he was now fulfilling another of his secret fantasises.

    Now honestly can you tell me was this all planned or was it just coincidence that they had aroused each other with tales of rape and forced sex only for it to become real?




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