Physics Class


Her name was Breeze. You would call yourself lucky if you had Breeze as your girlfriend, or lucky if you could do her, or you can say to have her as you Physics lab partner. This year Breeze was my lab partner and I left no scope to talk to her and get to know her better. Eventually, I came to know that she was not as quiet and hard to understand as everyone said; actually she was a very kind person and was very touchy. Well, for us or for me it is very hard to keep her hands off me because we all want to get brushed by her hair or bumped hard on our chests by her huge boobs. Boys even ended up getting flattered by seeing her in her swimsuit, when she entered the pool, her nipples froze and erect, her skin’s flamboyance screwed everyone up. But no one had a chance to ask her out. Well, one physics class, I got an opportunity to ask her out for a movie. As usual, thinking she is being friendly, she grabbed my palms and then hugged me. While she was still hugging me, I asked her out. My, was she getting warmed up. Our teacher entered the class but she would not let go off me. It was like she had melted and frozen on me. It was after 18-18 seconds that she responded and shook her head and let go off me. After class, I rushed towards her and asked her at what time I should pick her up. I reached at her place at 7 30 sharp to see her and see her in the formal clothing.

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   She wore red lipstick; she had applied scent all over her. Her tits couldn’t have been any more massive than in her tight top. Her bra kept slipping off her shoulders, and her miniskirt revealed some of her meat. She was looking beautiful! I hugged her and we headed towards my car. While she was walking in front of me, I caught hold of her with my arms and lifted her miniskirt a bit. Whoops! She was wearing thongs of red color and really blushed after me saying that. I made sure to behave decent and friendly all the while I was with her and while I was about to drop her home, she grabbed me and took me to a corner of the car parking where she and I, both were sweating. She let go her hair and I opened a few buttons of mine. That area was very quiet. She grabbed me by my neck and kissed me hard and kept fondling with my buttons invariably when I lifted her miniskirt to spank her a bit on her cheeks. Finally, when both of us were turned on, we let out our breaths and headed towards our car. She was shocked when she saw me heading towards a street and when I parked my car at the dark shade under the sky, she lost it. I mean she was panting, don’t know if she was scared of me or whether she was excited thinking what I was going to do, but whatever happened next cannot be said in words. But still, she went back, to the seats behind and took her top off and motioned me to come accompany her too! I jumped on top of her and this was the first time I pressed her boobs, not accidentally, but on purpose and felt really steamed up. We both were sweating and I had already let my buttons opened.

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   She was now kissing my neck and I was pressing her boobs and was fondling with her hair, smelling her musky sweat made me any and I was really erect. No wonder she felt my hard-on and started undoing my pants while I lowered my head towards her cheeks and licked her on her temples. She was panting even more and now she was breathing heavily letting out warm breaths form her warm mouth. I kissed her plunging my tongue inside her mouth and she twisted and slurped my tongue to dryness and simultaneously, removing my boxers rhythmically. We were now about to die due to heat but we continued making out and we were eating each others lips nibbling a bit of our noses by mistake and licking our mouths giving us the cooling effect and now I was semi-nude revealing my monster (8. 5 inches) to her. She moaned and we again started kissing, this time she was on top of me and her bra’s fabric kept brushing my nipples as I was now getting topless. The musky smell in the car was soon overpowered by her perfume when I licked her armpits. She, unable to handle, removed her bra and tossed it somewhere below. It was suffocating but our desires kept increasing as I licked her second armpit. The wetness increased her orgasm level and she was gushing torrents of sweat form her hair that curled down to her cheeks. I would often lick her sweat off and take her closer to orgasm. She was rocking her butt in motion as I kept sucking her nips and nibbling around her tits. I didn’t want to make her bleed or something. We were in shortage of space, so we pushed our front seats forward and while doing this she was in a doggy style position and her panties wet with sweat.

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   As the last drop of work was dripping down her back, I licked her back and kissed her back while gearing her boobs and tuning her nipples like a radio transmitter. I could tell by her moans that she liked it and her moans went to purrs and eventually screaming when I was fondling my penis head in and around her butt. I creased my motion and stopped letting her decide what to do. She yelped and pulled me towards her and started licking my forehead and temples, now cooling me a bit. She was still panting which made her boobs increase and decrease in size every time she breathed in and out. I let out a gasp and blew air in and around her mouth making her feel ticklish. We then started playing by tickling each other and she would often wank my penis a bit and this made my dick throb. I felt the pulse in my dick go wild and I came after she rubbed her clit on my balls. She was fingering her cunt and letting my sperms in her love hole. She had still not reached her orgasm so I preceded by nibbling her nipples and rather forcing my hands between her boobs to let me kiss her cleavage. It was to the extreme end, yes the condom. I could not handle it anymore and I slipped the condom on my neck and then on the complete shaft and then I wet her love hole making her moan in extreme pleasure, she was like GO ON!! DON”T STOP FUCK ME LIKE A DOGGY LICK ME, PRESS MY SLIT WITH YOUR MONSTER OH I WANT YOU BAD CHRIS!!!!!!!!!! This was all she said and it was enough for me to get enough confidence to rupture her hymen by pushing my 8. 5 inch all the way till her womb until my balls stopped me from going further. She was now bleeding and I was yet waiting for her to reach her orgasm, with a thrust I pushed my cock deeper and it reached her G-Spot. She came instantly while her hymen was still bleeding.

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   I could not lick her love juices off as the blood got mixed with it. I was spanking her ass with my balls and yet going deeper and eventually I came inside her and let go off my condom.
    She was now purring in pleasure and her arms wrapped around my body. This was just the start and we were again back in making out this time with an inner desire to be fucked again (for her) and for me to lick her love juices off. I waited for her to motion and start rocking her ass because that was the time when she would again get lubricated and hogged! I was lubricated with my pre-cum and I was still fondling with her boobs, milking her like a cow and sending gushes of milk out of her tits (don’t know how it happened) She was giggling while I stroked her areolas and gifted me a kiss on my dick. She was slurping all of the pre-cum and was now giving me a blow job. It happened so fast that I couldn’t help but let her hog my monster. I was still waiting for her to reach her spasms. She was loaded with cum and slurped my dick smooth till it was dry again. All this time I was fingering her ass that made her moan and even bite my dick several times in pain. She was masturbating by putting the used condom on her finger and putting it deep inside her ass. She would let out gasps when I would kiss her on her labia. She stopped fingering her hole and wrapped her leg around my head, leaving me no choice but to keep sucking on her clit. Eventually, she let out moans and heat out of her molten puss and I got a chance to finger her. First 2 fingers and then eventually my 5 fingers were softly placed inside her walls.

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       She was real tough and I was not able to release my hand out form her cunt and she was about to blow while I was sucking her tits. She screamed CHRIS I’M GOING TO CUM!!!!! With this I stopped playing with her tits and reached out for her pussy. She was dripping now, but soon letting heat and steam along with her river of love juice. I was pretty sure I could give her yet another orgasm and so I took my monster cock and triggered it towards her cunt and spread my load on her. She collapsed on me and was shaking and trembling in pleasure. I wanted more so I pushed her as far as I could and with one deep blow I went up to her tubes and was screaming in pain while she was cushioning herself to let me go deeper. My dick felt bigger and I was able to reach till her 2nd G-Spot which made me and her cum at an instant. She mixed mine and her love juice with her hand and slurped some while I was resting on her shoulders licking her collar bone. I was deeply in love with her and wanted more, but after getting a call from our parents, we hurriedly wore our clothes and rushed back home. She walked as it was walking distance for her and I saw her trembling yet in pleasure and after she left I masturbated for a while in the car by pressing her thongs on my groin. She had not worn her bra either so I returned both to her next day to her in school. She didn’t say thank you for all of this but gave me an address of a brothel and time and wrote get nothing but yourself ;) I was going to fuck her once again. .



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