Photographer and the Model


For the very sexy Benji, I hope you enjoy it.
Disclaimer: The people are real, the story is fiction (sadly)
It was early May and surf season was well underway. I had been contacted by a popular Skimboard company to arrange a photo shoot to both advertise their boards as well as their sponsorship of the Skimboard competitions happening up and down the Eastern seaboard of the United states. I was flying from New York City that morning with my partner in crime Ari. Ari is a beautiful Korean-American man who shares my every interest including my taste in Men. Though he is currently based out of Hong Kong he flew in just to help me with this project. We flew in a few days early to get our bearings. Ari is amazing at planning. He had arranged for a model for each board and he had the perfect plan. One that I was quite excited about. The models were not all boarders but they didn’t need to be. They just needed to be hot.
We arrived at the beach at 4am on the day of shooting, I knew it would take all morning and I wanted to make sure I got a least a couple shots at dawn. As the models trickled in. Ari had their legal paperwork to sign. There was a nondisclosure to sign and a paper that said they would do what we asked of them and everything we asked.

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   Nothing dangerous was planned. Ari had arranged for the police to block off the area around the Pier in a 1000 foot radius. We did not want any bystanders.
The first model to arrive was an Italian man named Geo whom I had worked with before. He had shoulder length straight hair and a perfect tan. The muscles rippled across his body. As he handed over his paperwork he was snatched by the makeup artist who was oiling down the guys so that their skin shined on the camera.
I stripped down to only my Bikini. I grew up on the beach and is where I do most of my photography. It was a tiny little thing. The kind that Ties on each hip as well as behind my back and neck. I have to be careful because one tiny pull could undo the whole thing. This I found out the hard way once, yet it is my favorite. The little triangles barely cover my C cup boobs, I probably should have bought a bigger top but I like to show as much as I can. In Europe I usually go topless at the beach.

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   It is so freeing. I have been working on my ass for the last couple years. Squats mostly. I have worked it into a wonderful round muscular shape. It has been grabbed quite a lot lately.
I set up my equipment in the sand near the underside of the pier. It was a perfect place because I could aim out and we could take some shots under the pier. I love piers. I love the way the waves roll in and crash against the supports. These particular ones are cement and will make the shots interesting.
I gathered the models together. Geo had been joined by 7 more equally stunning men from all over the world. I surveyed the amazing bodies standing in front of me. All glistening in the rising sun. Well-oiled machines I thought.

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   Oh what I could do to them. I felt a little butterfly in my stomach and a quick warmth and throb between my legs. I looked at Ari and realized he was watching me fantasize. He knows me so well. He gave me a smirk and looked at the men. He began handing each one a board. The last to grab his board was the Model from Australia. Ari knows me well. Italy, Brazil, Panama are all well and good but he knows I am a sucker for the Australian accent. I blushed,I knew he arranged for him just for me. We help each other out like that.
“Okay guys we are going to start with just a few action shots with the boards, have any of you actually used them” A couple raised their hands and so we started with them. As the waves broke I got shots of them Skimming into the break waves and in most cases falling. The blond American with the perfect dreadlocks would photograph well for the action shots.
As the morning pressed on it began to get hot.

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   I could see the tide was creeping up on us. Our next plan was the guys posing individually with their boards. As each guy took his poses I helped them get into the positions that I wanted. I kept thinking how much I love my job as I began to touch and manipulate each of their bodies. When I got to the Australian I checked out his tight fit body and I worked him into the positions that I needed. I had set my camera on the table and I was standing next to him trying to get him to balance in an awkward but slightly seductive position with his board. As a particularly large wave hit him in the back he reached out to stabilize himself on me. He hand darted under my bathing suit to grab my ass. I did not have the balance needed to support the both of us and I proceeded to fall crashing into the waves on top of him. His strong arms wrapped around me tight and immediately helped me back to my feet. That split second that I was laying on top of him in the water was likely going to be the highlight on my day along with the fact that his hand had been directly on my bare ass. As we stood up I thought maybe I had seen a hint of an erection but I chalked it up to wishful thinking.
“Okay boys” yelled Ari. “This is where it gets fun! I need you all to strip” The guys all looked at each other and shrugged. Ari gave me a look that said “This is why we are best friends” and Smiled.

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   The plan was to line each model up in a row and place their board in such a way that the tip of the front of the board just barely hid their cocks and left very little to the imagination. I could feel my pussy getting a little wet. I looked down to notice that despite the heat my nipples had gotten hard and my now wet top was clinging to them. They poked through so much I might as well not be wearing anything. I looked at the naked men in front of me and noticed only the Australian was staring back, he had noticed my nipples and smiled. We made eye contact for that split second. I felt another surge between my legs and for the first time realized that falling might not have been an accident.
We moved on to having the guys kneel on their left knee with their right foot on the sand and the board in front of them. This hid their dicks but showed off the side of their ass and their muscular abs and legs.
“Hey’ said the Brazilian “Can we grab a break? I need a drink”
“Take 30” yelled Ari. The models moved toward the table and cooler that held cold water and snacks. By now the sun was beating down and the tide was rolling in.
I decided to take a walk into the shade under the Pier. I walked between the supports letting the water wash around my ankles. I love the ocean so much and I am always so happy that I was able to make a career of being near it.

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I heard a thud on the sand behind me. The unmistakable sound of a board hitting the sand. I ignored it. Intent on enjoying the sound of the waves on the sand.
Suddenly I felt hands on my waist. I didn’t even look behind me as I felt a kiss land on the spot where my neck meets my shoulder. Then those same hands spun me around and grab my long blonde hair and pull my head back exposing my neck. I could feel the heat building in my pussy. I opened my eyes to see that it was the Australian. He began kissing my neck moving closer to my mouth. Everything disappeared around me. My back was pushed up against the cement support and I couldn’t have moved if I wanted to, which I didn’t. I kissed him back feverishly, sticking my tongue into his mouth and savoring his taste. I could feel his dick growing extremely hard between us. It was pressed up against my hip and I wanted to stroke it so badly but my hands were wrapped around the back of his head holding it close and we passionately kissed.

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   I felt hands on my back and on my hips. Before I knew it my bathing suit was thrown onto the dry sand behind us. I spun him around pressing him against the support and began to kiss his neck. Slowly and using a little bit of my tongue. I worked my way down to his chest. Quickly my tongue darted across each of his nipples and I felt him jerk a little when it tickled. I dragged my fingernails that were perfectly manicured across his tight ass while I kissed his abdomen working my way down to his huge cock, larger because his hair was carefully trimmed and his balls were completely bare. I dropped to my knees in the surf his penis directly in front of me. I wasn’t sure if I could fit the whole thing in my mouth but I was sure as hell willing to try. I circled the tip of his dick with my tongue. It was purple and I could tell he was so hard it might even be painful.
“Oh baby” he uttered. It was the first words he had spoken to me and his accent made me quiver. “Take my cock and suck it hard”
I pulled him closer digging my nails into his ass cheeks forcing him forward into my mouth. I relaxed my throat taking him deeper and deeper as we worked into a rhythm.

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   As he fucked my face, his shaft working farther and farther down my throat I began to massage his balls with one hand keeping the other on his ass. I squeezed his balls a little to match his thrusts into my mouth. It was hard to breath but I didn’t dare stop. My hand worked its way behind his balls between his ass cheeks. I wet my fingers with the spit building up on the base of his shaft. I proceeded to allow first one then a second finger to enter his asshole just a bit. I wasn’t sure if he would like it but he did not stop thrusting. I heard him moan and I knew he was getting close. I tightened my lips on his shaft as one hand massaged his balls and the other explored his asshole. His hands wrapped around the back of my head as I heard him begin to grunt. I felt the hot cum hit the back of my throat and run down it over and over as he blew one of the biggest loads I had ever experienced. I pulled back and took a huge breath. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He nuzzled his face in my boobs and began to suck on my nipples. First one and then the other.

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   To my amazement his cock never lost its stiffness. All I wanted was to feel it in me. I slid down his waist a little. I wanted to feel his cock enter me. I could feel it poised right at the entrance to my dripping wet cunt. I slid down further easing myself onto his still rock hard cock. He began to bounce me up and down. I felt like my 110 pound body was being split in half by his huge dick. He was sliding into me deeper than anyone ever had. It didn’t take me long to feel the first orgasm wash over me. I could feel my cunt tightening and loosening around his cock. He walked backward with me out of the waves toward the beach. I could hear a sound in the background that I recognized but I just couldn’t place it.
He laid me down on the skimboard that he had dropped on the sand. Slowly he began to kiss me.

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   Working his way down to my nipples. He gently kissed my nipples first the left then the right. At the same time I felt his hand slide up my inner thigh. His fingers quickly found my hot dripping snatch. I could feel the tide creeping up. The waves were washing over the tip of my toes. As his fingers rubbed the length of my slit they paused for a second on my clit with each pass. When he would touch my clit he would also gently bite the nipple he was kissing sending a jolt through my body. I have never felt so turned on in my life. I could still hear that sound but I didn’t care. Why I was there to begin with was completely out of my mind. I didn’t even remember how I ended up here. He began to kiss is way down my waist. Then down the inside of my left thigh and back up the inside of my right. I began to pinch and pull at my nipples, I love the pain.


   He traced the landing strip that was so perfectly manicured and the parted my pussy lips. He began to lick the full length of my slit. As one had spread my lips the other one worked its way toward my ass. My head dropped back in pure ecstasy. I opened my eyes to look behind me and found out that we were not alone. Behind us were the rest of the models, and Ari, holding my camera. The sound I couldn’t quite place was Ari photographing my entire encounter. Every single look of pleasure was caught on camera. The other models were still naked and were clearly aroused by what they were seeing. I noticed Geo, the Italian and the only one whose name I knew was stroking his enlarged cock with a rhythm that was similar to ours. I would have imagined that being watched in the throes of sex would scare me but it just managed to turn me on more. I made eye contact with one model after the other. Each with his own member in hand, stroking to completion.
I started. I felt the Australian’s finger enter my asshole and begin to finger fuck my ass while he bit and sucked on my clit.

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   That was all it took. I felt myself orgasm in a way that I never had before. Hot cum squirted out of me and onto his face. The tide had worked its way to washing up against my ass. He crawled toward me. I could hear someone moaning behind me. Geo was feverishly stroking his cock. I could hear Ari clicking away. I was still lying on the skim board as the Australian crawled on top of me entering me again. He pulled on my hips pulling me into his cock. He bent my legs up and flipped me onto my hands and knees without removing his cock from my pussy. On hands and knees I looked up at the models in front of me. The Australian began to fuck me from behind gently at first but getting harder with each stroke. I was so wet. As he fucked me he worked a couple wet fingers into my ass, preparing it for what was to come.

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   Before I knew it he lined his throbbing cock up with my virgin asshole. He entered slowly. I gasped at the pain. Though it hurt it was the good kind of hurt. He slowly began to fuck me. Speed building he began to fuck my ass all the way to the hilt as far as it would go. Other than moaning he had hardly spoken. I hear him say “Oh my god that is so tight”
He reached around to stick a couple fingers into my pussy stroking my g-spot as he slammed into my ass over and over. I could feel another orgasm building up. It was the best hurt I have ever felt in my life. I locked eyed with the American with deadlocks. He was stroking his cock to the rhythm I was being fucked. Faster, harder I grunted and groaned. I was getting louder and louder. I kept my eyes locked on dreadlocks who began to spurt hot cum onto the beach in front of him.

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   I screamed as I orgasmed. I could feel the Australian cum at the same time. His huge cock filling my asshole with his hot sticky juices. He collapsed into the water next to me and I crashed down beside him. He wrapped his strong arms around me and pulled me close for a second. We both sighed as we caught our breath.
Our eyes locked and we kissed. Then he jumped up and grabbed his board. As I struggled to my feet to collect my suit he said “I think my break is over” then began to head back toward where we had been when Ari called break. He stopped just before walking out from under the pier. Turning to me he said “By the way, I’m Benji”
At least once a week I look at the pictures that Ari took while I stroke myself imagining the sexy Benji inside me. I really need to hire him again.