Personal Services Pt. 2


    The next morning Mary found Walter, as she had expected, passed out in his chair. She rousted him out, coldly ordering him to get ready for work. He obeyed without protest, his guilt weighing on him as much as his hangover. Mary made breakfast for the kids then drove them to school in her nightgown and robe, as she often did. Back home, she was clearing the breakfast dishes when the call came from Beck's office. Amber-the-little-bitch smugly informed her that she was to be at Mr. Beck's office by 18 Mary angrily slammed the phone in the little bitch's ear, but when 18 o'clock came around, she was standing in front of Amber's desk, suffering through the young woman's smirk as she buzzed the boss.
    "You may go in," Amber informed her, voice dripping with condescension. Mary glared at her and went through the door into Beck's office.
    Beck was sitting at his big oak desk, studying some papers. He ignored her, leaving her standing before his desk for long minutes as he finished his reading. Finally, he turned his attention to her, laying the reports aside.
    "What the fuck are you wearing?" he growled, scowling at her attire.
    Startled, Mary looked down at her expensive designer pantsuit in surprise. It was conservative gray, much as she had seen on many working women on her way into the office. She looked up at Beck helplessly.

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    "Take it off," he commanded. As Mary dutifully began undressing, he fumed, "I've got a man coming up in a few minutes and you show up looking like a goddamn lawyer. "
    Mary stopped and stared at him. "A-a man?" she stammered. At Beck's impatient gesture, she continued to remove her clothing.
    "An employee," Beck explained. "He just finalized a deal that's going to make me a lot of money. In addition to a fat bonus, you're going to give him a little reward. " He grinned at the stunned expression on her face. "One of your famous blowjobs. "
    "But. . . but I thought I only had to. .

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  . work. . . for you?"
    "You are working for me. And you'll do exactly what I tell you to do. If I tell you to suck a man's cock, you're going to suck his cock. Now get that fucking suit off!" he barked.
    Mary hurried to comply, fumbling with shaking hands. So you really are a whore, she told herself. To be passed around to whomever Beck decides. Soon, everyone at the company would know. All of Walter's and her friends and acquaintences, many of whom worked right here. Her humiliation would be public. She would be the subject of everyone's gossip, the name whispered in excited revelations.

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   Roderick Beck's whore. She just wished she could understand why that thought gave her such a hot, tingly feeling all over.
    "Again with the fucking pantyhose," Beck shook his head disgustedly as Mary pulled off her slacks. "Get 'em off," he sighed as she looked up at him questioningly.
    Mary quickly finished unhooking her bra and let it fall, then pushed her pantyhose down, sitting in the leather armchair to pull her feet out. She remained sitting, her back to the door, waiting breathlessly for more orders.
    "From now on when you come to me, I want you dressed in a skirt, no pants. Short enough to show some leg," he instructed. "You'll wear garter belt and stockings. No fucking pantyhose, understand?" Mary nodded and Beck continued. "High heels," he said, stroking his chin thoughtfully. "And no panties. I want your pussy bare and ready. Got it?"
    "Yes, sir," Mary answered meekly, face coloring with embarrassment.


   Now, spread your legs," Beck ordered. "Play with your pussy 'til he gets here. "
    Mary did as he instructed, blushing anew as Beck stared between her legs with a satisfied smile on his face. She fingered herself until the intercom buzzed.
    Beck picked up the phone and listened, then said "Send him in. " He hung up and gave her a warning look. "Remember, it's a reward, so it had better be good. " A moment later the door opened and he said, "Phillips, come in. Sit down. "
    Mary heard the man's approach, and his startled gasp as he caught sight of her. His step faltered, but Beck waved him on to the chair next to hers. He took his seat, nervously glancing at Mary as Beck continued.
    "Fine work on that Japanese deal, Phillips. You haven't been here long, but you'll find I'm a man who rewards his people when they do good work. " He held up a check.

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   "$10,000," he said, grinning as the young man's face lit up with shocked delight. "Mary, give the man his reward. "
    Mary stood and took the check Beck held out to her, then turned to Phillips. His eyes darted up and down her naked body, then up to her face as she waved the check in front of him. He took the check gingerly, turning it nervously in his hands as Mary knelt before him. Without a word, she reached for his belt, opening it then unbuttoning his trousers and fly. Phillips stared at her in shock, but dutifully raised his buttocks as she slid his pants and shorts down to his ankles. She pushed his knees apart and moved close between his legs. Pushing his shirttail up his belly, she saw his cock.
    It hung limply between his hairy thighs, resting atop his low-hanging balls. Mary leaned in and took it into her mouth. She sucked gently, teasing her tongue over the soft glans, pulling on the flaccid organ with her lips. Despite Phillips' nervousness, Mary's expert technique quickly coaxed a hard-on out of the timid organ. As it continued to stiffen in her mouth, she began moving her head up and down in long strokes, sucking lustily.
    Phillips groaned as Mary went all the way down on his now fully hard cock, letting the head slide down her constricting throat.

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   His thighs clamped down on her sides as he fought back a premature orgasm when she made swallowing motions with his pulsing cockhead nestled deep in her throat. She set a deliberate rhythm, sliding her sucking mouth all the way up to the head then back down to the hairy base. He did not hold out for very long. Phillips' whole body stiffened and his hands grabbed her head, pushing the violently spasming cock all the way back down her throat and holding it there as his cum pulsed out directly into her esophagus.
    Mary pulled away, gasping for air, swallowing hard to squelch the urge to regurgitate the slimy semen from her throat, forcing it down into her belly. She was aware of the young man pulling up his pants, thanking Mr. Beck profusely.
    "Next time double the profits and I'll give you some of her pussy," Beck joked and they both laughed. Beck then dismissed Phillips. Before he left, he actually patted her on the head, smiling widely when she looked up at him. She climbed shakily to her feet as she watched him leave.
    "Well done, Mary," Beck praised. "Now come over here. "
    He spun his chair to face her as she came around the desk and she saw that he had his own cock out and had stroked it to a massive hard-on. He grinned arrogantly when her step faltered as she was taken aback all over again by the sheer size of it.

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   He reached out and stuck his hand between her legs, his finger sliding along the wet seam of her vagina. She gasped as his finger penetrated her.
    "Damn, you're wet! Sucking cock gets you hot, doesn't it?" he chuckled. "Say it!"
    Shame-faced, Mary turned her eyes away from his arrogant grin. "Sucking cock gets me hot," she gasped, wishing she could deny it, but she knew he had ample evidence running down his finger. Her knees threatened to buckle as he continued to finger-fuck her.
    Beck pulled his finger out and spun her around. "Sit on it!" he commanded. When she didn't comply fast enough, he slapped her ass, hard. "I said sit on my cock, bitch!"
    Mary jumped at the sharp pain, then squatted slightly, reaching between her legs for his big cock. She held it steady, lining it up with her waiting hole, then lowered herself onto it. She moaned in spite of herself as the giant organ stretched the walls of her pussy. As she sat on his lap, fully impaled, he grabbed a handful of her hair and jerked her head back.
    "You like that, don't you bitch?" he growled into her ear. "Tell me how much you like my cock.

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    "Oh God, yes," Mary moaned, beyond caring how she sounded. "I love your cock! Your big, beautiful cock!"
    She writhed atop him, trying to work the big cock in and out. Finally, he released her hair and she began bouncing furiously up and down, driving her churning pussy onto the massive, jutting prick. She moaned loudly as she felt the impending rush of her desparately needed climax. But suddenly, she was startled out of her rhythm by the loud buzzing of the intercom. She stopped her movements as Beck picked up the phone and grunted into it.
    Mary could hear Amber's voice on the line, "Mr. Beck, those contracts you asked for have arrived and are ready for your signature. "
    "Bring them in," Beck ordered and hung up the phone.
    Mary groaned in frustration and started to rise, prepared to make a sprint for the bathroom. But Beck grabbed her by the hair and yanked her back down.
    She gasped as her weight forcefully drove the massive cock deep into her yielding vagina once again. She tried to protest, but couldn't seem to find her breath. Her eyes shot to the door in panic as she heard the click of the knob being turned. Time seemed to be moving in slow-motion as the door swung inward to reveal the hateful little bitch, whose step faltered as she took in the spectacle at her boss's desk.

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        Mary averted her eyes as Amber entered. Her humiliation was now complete. She was now fully exposed as the whore she had become, completely naked, fully impaled on a stiff cock before the wretched, condescending little blonde bitch. With Beck's relentless hold on her hair, she couldn't even hide her face in shame.
        Unable to stop herself, Mary opened her eyes and looked up at Amber as Beck began signing papers with his free hand. Amber grinned delightedly back at her, an almost gleeful sneer of scorn on her face. She let her eyes slowly travel over Mary's naked body, lingering on the sweaty breasts heaving with Mary's rapid breathing, the crimson nipples hugely erect, standing out like little twin soldiers. And down, over the quivering belly to the crotch, hopelessly exposed by Mary's straddle-legged position, with the slick labia stretched thin, widely splayed by the girth of the giant cock, and the purple-headed clit poking out to touch the huge testicles.
        Amber's contemptuous gaze came back up to meet Mary's, and Mary came. Without moving a muscle, under the smugly superior sneer of this spiteful little bitch who was everything Mary hated: young, blonde, and beautiful. Staring directly into Amber's mocking blue eyes, Mary had the most intense orgasm of her life. She moaned low in her throat, her entire body quivering as her cunt muscles spasmed around the massive cock.
        Beck handed the folder back to Amber, who continued to stare at Mary with amused delight. Finally, she turned and walked away, turning back for a final look from the doorway just in time to see Beck stand, pushing Mary face-down on the desk, the same position she had been in yesterday.
        "I knew you were the right bitch for the job," Beck laughed after the door clicked shut behind his secretary.

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        Mary squeezed her eyes tightly against the tears of humiliation. She was a whore. . . a depraved little whore, excited by being treated like a sex toy. She let out a sob that became a gasp even before it was fully formed as Beck's huge cock began slamming into her like a jackhammer. Then all thought went away as her body betrayed her once again, rushing toward another thunderous climax around the relentlessly pounding organ. She came as Beck pumped her churning cunt full of white-hot cum.
        Five minutes later Mary was walking for the door on shaky legs. Having been casually dismissed by Mr. Beck, whose attention had already turned back to work, she had once again gathered her clothes and rushed into the washroom. This time she had avoided looking at herself in the mirror as she hurriedly cleaned herself and dressed. As she opened the door to leave, she darted a look back at the ruthless bastard who had so easily turned her from a snobbish upper-middle class social-climber into a wanton, cock-craving whore. He ignored her entirely. She lowered her eyes in shame as she hurried past Amber's desk.


       She could feel the little bitch's eyes following her, the same eyes that had witnessed her total humiliation. A mocking snicker of contempt followed her as she fled into the elevator. .