Part 2 of 3 of Day 2 (Triple Trouble) of The Best Week Of My Life


I’m gonna be completely honest here. I’ve been lazy as shit and just haven’t found the time nor the energy to write lately. I start college next month, so my writing time will be cut back EVEN further. Just to put it out there. I’m still alive and making progress on getting back to writing. And please, for the love of God, have patience.

Part 2 of 3 of Day 2 (Triple Trouble)

Sam finished first, so she was first up. I felt Sam’s pussy, which was still wet from her recent orgasm. She had had quite a powerful one, but I guaranteed her I could give her one that would blow her mind. “Really? Then bring it on. Gimme all you got, big guy. ”
Seeing as how Sam was still wet and I still had enough of a wet dick to spare, there was no need for foreplay. Sam took me by the hand and led me outside, with Erin and Rockie in tow, down the bleachers, through the gates, and over onto the softball field right on top of the pitcher’s mound. “Right here, right now. ” I laid down on the pitcher’s mound with my dick standing up more straight than a ruler and hard as concrete. Sam lowered her down on my dick slowly and let out a low moan when it reached her hot little boiler of an entrance.

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   We all knew we could be as loud as we wanted because there was no one around for a ½ mile. Sam kept on letting out a few moans as my dick went further in her pussy until I was all the way in and began a slow rhythm. “Oh my god! You’re so big, Will!” After a while, I motioned for Erin to come over and sit on my face so I could eat her out while fucking Sam. “Oh my god! You’re so fucking good at eating me out, Will! Way better than Dalton! No wonder Stephanie l-loved…ohhhhh myyyyy goddddd…” I slowed down to let Erin catch her breath, but she would not have any of this. “I-I didn’t say s-stop…. oh god…oh god, I’m so close…. ” “Oh my god, Will…I’m about to come! Come in me! I need to feel you too!” All 3 of us were so close, all with Rockie lying down on the ground halfway between 1st and home plate with her shorts and panties down, rubbing and fingering away as if her life depended on it. “OH…. OHHHHH MY GODDDDD! SHIT!” I’M COMING! I’M COMING!” Erin came first all over me with her sticky sweet come, which then sent Sam and I into a wild fucking frenzy as her own orgasm was starting to reach its peak. The walls of Sam’s pussy gripped tight onto my dick like a claw on a prize in a crane game as she let out a mighty scream like a banshee and orgasmed on my dick as I exploded inside her and let out a long, drawn-out, almost primitive grunt. “OH YEAH! OH MY FUCKING GOD! YES!” I said with all of my hormones washing over me in a tidal wave as Rockie’s 2nd orgasm of the night finished. “Ohhhhh godddd…. that was so fucking good…” Sam and Erin said with ragged breath “Yeah, definitely…” We fucked again for a few minutes with Sam blowing me and me fingerfucking Erin with Erin’s 4th orgasm of the night and with me coming on Sam, who was helped by Erin who licked and cleaned my come off of her, sharing a few deep kisses and taking turns with Sam in cleaning me off. I returned the favor to Sam by eating her out to her 3rd orgasm. Afterwards, we laid there for a while, stoned as fuck on hormones.

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   “Think Rockie’s had enough, guys?” Erin said to me and Sam. “Oh yeah. ” Sam said. “Oh, I guessss…. ” I said with a slight bit of playfulness and eagerness in my voice. “Alright…C’mon, Rockie!” Sam and Erin said in unison, both giving Rockie a playful swat on her bare ass. “It’s YOUR turn! He’s ALLLL yours!”
“A-Alright. ” Rockie said, stripping off her shirt, revealing her C-cup breasts. Like a kid eager to lick the first scoop of ice cream on an ice cream cone, I was up in a flash and licking and suckling away on Rockie’s right breast while groping and kneading the left one with one free hand. “Oh god, that feels so gooood…” While we were enjoying ourselves, Rockie had somehow managed to lead us back through the gates, carefully around the long jump’s sand pit, across the asphalt of the 8-lane track and onto the turf which the American and European football teams (that’s football and soccer, respectively for those who don’t know what European football is) shared seasonally. “Welcome to MY domain, Will. ” Rockie said with a smile. “Oh, young Rockie…” I said with an impish smile. “You forget: this is MY domain too and Rule #1: There are no rules. ” I laid Rockie down on one of the sideline benches and kept licking and sucking away, paying special attention to her noticeably darkened areolas.

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   “Oh my gooooooddddd…” Rockie said with ragged breath. After I thought Rockie had had enough and wasn’t gonna take it lying down, I helped her up and helped her position herself so she could effectively suck my dick and give me a blowjob. “Like this?” Rockie put her mouth on the head of my dick and I was in heaven as she sucked and pumped away.
    “Y-Yeah…”Rockie was a natural pro. “Don’t come in my mouth. ” I had no plans on doing such a thing. If there was one thing that freaked me out beyond belief, it was siblings, especially older siblings.
    I went to high school with Rockie’s eldest brother, Tait, for 2 years and knew two things: Irish families were not people to be fucked with and not to fuck with them, especially since I went to high school with Tait, Rockie, and their sisters. “I’m gonna come…” I said, being sure to tell her so she could prepare herself. I came on Rockie’s breasts and wiped her off with my shirt, inserting a few kisses and licks here and there. I laid Rockie back down on the sideline bench and began to suck and lick away on Rockie’s pussy. “Oh myyyy goooodddd…. You’re so goodddd…” “I could say the same. You taste really sweet. ” I said with a smile.

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       Rockie tasted so sweet, yet tangy, intoxicating me and knocking me for a loop. Like with Erin, Sam, and Stephanie, I tried the alphabet lick on Rockie, leading her to her 3rd orgasm soon enough. “Ohhhh myyy goodddd. . . ” Rockie said through ragged breath. “You ARE good. ” “Told ya. ”
    After I let Rockie recover, there was one thing and one thing only she wanted in her pussy: my dick. “I need you in me, Will. Like, right now!” I was more than happy to oblige. I started out slow and rubbed my dick on her pussy. “Ready?” “R-Ready. ”Rockie let out a squeal when I entered her, pushing on her hymen. “You alright?” “Y-Yeah.

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       Keep going. ” With one final push, I had finally entered Rockie all the way and felt the inside of her pussy, burning hot as fire from desire. I fought back the urge to come right then and there and continued on with the task at hand. We kept a steady rhythm with our thrusts and kisses until Rockie started to turn red and flushed. “I-I’m gonna comeeee…” Rockie squealed, the last word almost incoherent. I, too, was fast approaching my 5th coming of the night. “I’m about to come…” “Don’t come in me…” “Rockie, it’s alright. ” Erin said. “He’s not viable. ”
    “Yeah, like you won’t be able to have a kid with him. ”
    “Wait!” Sam said, with mock seriousness. “So I won’t be able to have a kid with him?”
    “’Fraid not, kid. ” Erin shot back too with mock seriousness.
    “Ohh…then…” Rockie said. “I was so hoping you would say that! I need to feel you inside me, Will! NOW!”
    I felt Rockie’s pussy latch on my dick and begin to milk my dick for what it was worth, sending my come exploding into her in long ropes until I was almost drained dry, also sending Rockie into a huge messy orgasm as I fucked her with all my might.

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       I almost passed out right there and looked at my watch: 3:00 AM. 3 1/2 hours until sunrise. I closed my eyes to rest, heard whispers after a while, looked and saw Erin, Rockie, and Sam in a huddle, which ended after a minute. “You ready for this one, Will?”
    “Bring it on, ladies. I got energy to spare now. ”
    -------------------------------------------End of Part 2 of 3 of Day 2--------------------------------
    Want to be a Part 3 soon? I know I do. Let ME know and I’ll let YOU know what happens with Erin, Rockie, and Sam with their plan.