P.E. shower by jesswantsmore


Ok this is a story from my teenage days and its one that always sticks in my mind.

I was 18 and i has been sucking and fucking for little over a year by this point.

It was around may and hot as hell, summer was well and truly here.

Being a Friday my last lesson of the day was P. E. not my favourite subject mainly because i got to be out in the sun in my shorts and t shirt and my teacher wasn't bad looking given that he was in his early forties.

So we ended up running around tbe school field and doing random cardio stuff for an hour and i won't lie was sweating like a bitch it was so hot and it didn't help that it was dragged into clearing up all the cones and thing at the end of the day.

As i was picking stuff up with Mr parks (my teacher) every now and then i would catch him looking at me. Mainly when i bent over to grab a cone?

I thought it was cute that a was shy about looking at me. He called over to me and told me would finish up so i could hit the shower and sort out my stuff before i went home. So i jogged off to the changing room to find everyone else had already left sohad the whole place to myself.

I pulled of my short and dropped my shorts before turning the shower on, standing there in just my underwear. As the water got hot i undid my bra and tossed it onto the bench before bending over to slide off my little green thong.

So i stepped under the water letting it roll down over my body rubbing my skin. I was there for about 5 mins rubbing myself down from top to bottom.
Rubbing my nipples and down my body to my shaven pussy.

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   I decided to have a little play so i slid my fingers between my lips and went deep moaning quietly as i did.

I turned around to lean back against the wall and saw Mr parks peaking around the corner watching me work myself with his cock in his hand.

I smiled and told him to come take a closer look and he jumped quickly trying to hide better and put himself away.

I told him its ok i don't mind and that he could touch if he wanted. So he slowly made his way around the corner to find me on my knees dripping wet from head to toe. He stood looking over me as i worked my clit with one hand and pulled his shorts down with the other.
    His rock hard cock fell out to rest on my cheek. He stood there looking a little worried as i ran my tongue up his shaft taking his end in my mouth i started to suck. Slowly taking more and more of him into my mouth.

    I could taste the pre cum on his cock and it drove me wild. I stood and put my hands to wall bending over and spreading my legs inviting him to take me without saying a word. She stood behind me and gently pushed his way inside me, i had to try so hard not to scream with pleasure i put my hand over my own mouth to muffle the sound of my moans.

    He grabbed my hips and started to work me harder filling my tight teen pussy with his hard dick over and over. It was amazing and i felt like it was never going to end but it did. As i started to cum my legs turned to jelly and i dropped to the floor just in time for him to shoot straight up my back before pulling up his shorts and running off.

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    I couldn't believe it he just left not a single word said which put me in a real bad mood. So i cleaned up quick, change and left for home. Walking out the gates i saw him leaving in his car he looked at me turned away and drove off.