Out of control, part 2


Natalie and I had been having problems, and we had separated for a while, to see if some distance between us would rekindle our feelings for each other. She was visiting her parents in Germany, while I was still living in the US. One day the phone rang. I took the call, and it was our frat boy, who had brought us to be the guests of honor at his frat house gang bang. Natalie and I had pulled their horny trains at 3 of their get togethers, before we had separated. He told us that we were required to perform at the frat house again. I told him that Natalie was no longer living with me, and was living in Germany. I was able to convince him, and he told me that I was needed, then. I agreed, and got ready to go.

Pulling up at the appointed place, he greeted me, and led me inside. He told me that the college football team had clinched their division, and he wanted to reward the team. For tonight, I was required to suck their cocks, as the good job for winning the division, and the incentive to take the championship game. If the team won the championship, I would be the guest of honor at a team orgy, I would take on every player, through every hole in my body. I would be sucking a cock, having my cunt fucked and tight asshole fucked at the same time. As I love taking it up the ass, as well as my cunt and my mouth, I was ready for that. And sucking their cocks, to give them the incentive, sounded great too!

He took me to the glory hole room, so I could get ready to suck off the team! He told me that the coaches had been invited to be sucked off also, and, since he was the wide receiver for the team, he would have the pleasure of feeling my tight lips around his cock, also!

I could hear the team entering, and hanging out in the common room.

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   He left, and told me to take my place, he would have the team ready to get their cocks sucked very soon! I positioned myself at one of the glory holes, and felt a stab of loneliness at seeing the other glory hole. Natalie should be there with me, and we should be sucking off cocks together, as a team! I brushed that aside, and set my mind to the task at hand.

"Brothers, I bid you welcome. " I could hear him say. "We wish to congratulate you on your divisional victory. I am sure that there will be lots of accolades, but we feel we have the best accolade! Follow me!"

I could hear them moving down the hall, and entering the other room.

"There you go, fellows, a glory hole, and a lovely lady to suck your cocks, and eager to swallow every drop of cum you can fill her cute mouth with! Put your hand through the hole, baby, and wave to the guys!"

I did so, and the players cheered with approval at my obviously feminine hand.

"This is your reward for clinching the division, our glory hole cutie has agreed to suck every one of your cocks, until you gush your big loads into her eager mouth! And, we have a very special incentive for you to win the championship game. If you can do that, she will take you all on, in a team orgy! She wants her mouth, cunt and ass all fucked at the same time! Yes guys, everyone will get to do every sweet hole she has, it's gonna be the train pull to end all train pulls! Line up fellows, and stick your dick through there!"

The first cock appeared, a thick 6 inches, throbbing and eager! I licked up and down the shaft, hearing a moan of approval! I quickly covered his cock head with my mouth, and slid my mouth down his pole, right to the balls! He grunted, Oh fuck, yeah! I clamped my lips tightly around his shaft, and gave him my own special "Milkmaid" suck job, letting the tight clamp of my lips milk his throbbing shaft! It didn't take long before he grunted, Fuck, yeah as his throbbing cock exploded, spewing thick ropes of spunk all over my tongue, my lips milking him for every drop! I swallowed all of his tasty load!

The next cock appeared after his, and I quickly sucked him down! I barely had time to get into a blow job rhythm, on the third suck, he exploded, filling my mouth with his hot load! I gulped his load down!

The next cock appeared, a 18 inch beauty, thick, and rock hard! The idea of that big pussy splitter opening my ass really got me going, and I swallowed him down, fitting in 8 of his 18 inches. I soon had him spewing thick streams of spunk all over my tongue, which I swallowed with delight, my "Milkmaid" sucking technique really had their cocks shooting off!

I took on everyone on the team, and, from checking out the cocks, it looked like the coaching staff was getting in on the action! Good, I though as I sucked them,
I wanted all their thick, hot juicy loads!

I sucked them all, their cocks had ranged in size from 6 to 18 inches, with the majority of them in the about 7 inch range. I had a thrill sucking the two 9 inch cocks and the 18 inch monster, the idea that I was going to be banged up the ass with those three jumbo sized cocks really fired me up! I was so horny that I had fingered my pussy, and shuddered through 3 orgasms while sucking them! Every one had gushed a thick, generous load of creamy hot spunk into my eager mouth, and I had swallowed every bit!

After I had sucked them all, my frat boy appeared, and asked me to strip down. He wanted the guys to see what I was offering for their incentive. He led me into the common room, I was totally naked, and the babble of voices stopped dead!

"OK fellows, I'd like you to meet the babe that just sucked you all dry! And, she will be back, hot, eager, and oh so ready for a team gang bang, IF you win the championship!"

I could hear murmurs and sounds of approval as they got a visual fill of me! I am 5'10" tall with natural blond hair and green eyes, and measurements of 36D-23-34. I had a good tan, my tits are natural 36D, and a smooth shaven bare pubic area!

"There you go fellows, an absolute angel to take all your cocks into every hole! You know what needs to be done, so let's get that championship!"

I was led back to the room, and I dressed and got ready to leave. My frat boy told me to stay by the phone, and he would let me know if I was needed.

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   As I drove away, I found myself starting to get really turned on. The idea of all my holes being filled and fucked at the same time really got me going! In bed that night, I masturbated twice, sliding my butt plug up my tight, twitchy back door hole, and fingering my throbbing pussy wildly, until my orgasms blasted into me! I was hoping that they would win, I wanted to be the guest of honor at their team gang bang!

Next weekend, I followed the scores of the team, and they won by a 49 to 3 win! Guess my body must have been enough to get them ready for the game!

I got a call from my frat boy, and he told me about the good news, and to return on the weekend.

Next weekend, I got myself ready. I made sure that my asshole was as clean as possible, I gave myself an enema. I liked the classical style enema, and I poured a full amount of warm soapy water into my bowels, and let it swish around until I evacuated it. I then washed myself fully in the shower, my cunt and asshole got extra clean. I made sure to shave my pubic area, until I was clean and smooth and bare as a billiard ball. Bristly pubic hair stubble is not good.

My frat boy met me outside, he smiled and led me in. As soon as I walked in, I stripped immediately! I was ready, no reason to be coy! My frat boy smiled, and led me into the common room. All the team was there, all as naked as me! He quickly stripped, and joined the guys. I could see their cocks rise and stiffen as they saw me! I smiled at the rise! I also smiled at the fact that every stiff cock was as well shaven as I! I love to suck a stiff, shaven cock! And my last boyfriend had shaved himself, and we loved the feeling of his bare cock surging into my equally bare cunt, with no pubic hair in the way!

"Right this way, everybody, follow me!" my frat boy said.

He led me, with everybody following, downstairs. There was a large open space, carpeted, it looked like a rec room. Attached to the ceiling was a love swing.

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   He explained to us that I would be in the love swing, it would support my body in an upright position, so that I could be fucked up both holes at the same time. Also, I would turn my head, and suck a cock at the same time.

He led me over, and got me fitted in. There were two thick straps that went down my back, under my ass, and ran along the backs of my legs, Once I was set, he lifted the rig slightly, and my feet left the ground! My legs were spread apart, I could feel that every part of my pussy and ass were accessible, and ready to be fucked! My pussy was soaked with the juices of my desire!

"OK, guys, line up. We need to arrange you in size, so our beauty can get adjusted to the stretch. She may be eager for you all, but she's no cheap whore! Remember that, or this will be over quickly! I have given our cutie a safe word, all she has to do is say it, and I will stop it immediately. So you treat her like a lady, not a slut! Got it?"

At the eager nods from the guys, he continued, "And remember guys, after you have taken our cutie up the ass, WASH YOUR DICKS!! There's a shower stall just across the hall. We don't want our babe getting dirty cocks to suck and fuck! OK, let's see. "

He lined them up in size, from smallest to largest, so that the 6 inch cock would open my tight asshole, and two six inch cocks would fuck my cunt and mouth at the same time. They got into position, and he made sure every one who was ready to fuck my ass on the first go round was lubed up first! I could feel a lubed finger sliding along my asshole! I could feel the cock being placed against my tight rosebud!

With a grunting push, he worked his cock in, and started to slide it slowly up my ass! It had been a while since I'd taken it up the ass, and I let out a grunt of mingled pain and pleasure. Then I felt a cock sliding easily up my soaking cunt! As they slid in, I turned my head, and slid my mouth over the six inch cock waiting for me! My back door fucker grunted, Oh fuck, yes! as his cock slid in, to the hilt. That was all I needed to remember how great it felt to be fucked up the ass! My cunt fucker slid his cock in me, right up to the balls!

I released the cock in my mouth just long enough to say, "Oh yes, fuck me! Let me have everything you got, fuck, it feels so incredible to be fucked in every hole! Blow your thick juicy loads deep inside me!"

Wrapping my mouth around the cock, I could feel both cocks start moving in my cunt and ass. As my other guy started to fuck my mouth, I let myself enjoy the sensations! I could feel both cocks pressing against each other through the membrane separating my ass and cunt, it felt fabulous! My mouth fucker was sliding his cock in balls deep, every time! I could hear grunts of lust and moans of pleasure from the guys, and the liquid sounds from my body as they did me! I could feel the burning tide of orgasm rising!

My ass fucker grunted, "Oh fuck yeah, I'm cumming, fuck, YEAH!"

I could feel his cock throbbing as he pumped his hot load deep up my ass! That got me off, and my body shook wildly, my cunt clamping down on the cock fucking me, and spasming wildly! I could feel my ass clamping down on the cock up my ass, draining every drop of his load up me! That set off the other two, as my cunt fucker howled as his cock let go, his cock throbbing as he gushed his load up my cunt, coating my insides with his hot spunk! My mouth fucker's cock started to pulse, and his tossed off several thick ropes of cum, his hot spunk spewing all over my tongue, filling my mouth!

When they withdrew, 3 more hunky players were ready! I grunted with pleasure as 6 rock hard inches slid up my bunghole, and 7 inches drilled into my cunt!

Just before I wrapped my mouth around the 7 inch cock ready for sucking, I grunted out, "Oh yeah, give it to me, Blow your swollen balls, and pump every drop of cum you got into my hot, horny holes! Let me have it!"

I wrapped my mouth around the stiff 7 inches, and they were happy to comply! I could feel my cunt and my throbbing bunghole getting reamed out, at the same time as my mouth fucker slid his 7 inches in and out, fucking my mouth! I could feel it building, and again, my cunt exploded in orgasm! The spasming of my ass and cunt took them over the edge, and they let out grunts as pleasure as their throbbing pricks exploded, filling my cunt and my asshole with their thick juicy load! My mouth fucker followed suit, and his hot juicy load was gushing between my tight crimson lips, spewing all over my tongue!

The next three guys were ready, and I noticed they were older guys, must be the coaching staff. I guessed they were around 40-50, but they were no old men in the cock department, all rock hard and ready to fuck me! Seven inches for my ass, and 2 eight inches for my mouth and cunt. I could feel my ass being opened up again, as he slowly slid his cock in! My cunt fucker joined the action, and slid his 8 inches up me slowly.

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   I turned my head, and 8 inches slowly slid into my mouth! They started to fuck me, slowly and deeply, more of a loving fucking than a 20 year old hard, fast fucking! It was incredible, and I was making wordless sounds of pleasure as I sucked the cock in my mouth, and my ass and cunt fucker slid into me, over and over! As I exploded, my body jerking and shuddering in climax, I could feel all 3 cocks exploding, tossing off wildly, as their throbbing pricks pumped their hot loads of spunk into me!

Three more players took their place, and 8 inches slid up my ass, my frat boy filled my cunt with his 8 inches, and another 8 inches filled my mouth! They rode me, plugging all 3 holes, and it didn't take long for them to lose their loads up my horny holes!

It went on, all 3 of my holes being fucked and filled! The 18 inch guy did my mouth the first time, and the two nine inches did my cunt and ass! They power fucked me good, riding my burning fuck hole, fucking my hungry mouth, and reaming my tight, twitchy asshole! Having all 3 hot, horny holes filled with thick, big cocks drove me wild! They worked on me like a team, power fucking my burning fuck holes until they all exploded, gushing more thick spunk deep inside me! My 18 inch guy exploded, spewing thick ropes of cum all over my tongue, giving me a huge mouthful of hot cum that I swallowed greedily!

After all of them had fucked one of my holes, they rested up, and let me down to wash up a bit. I could feel my cunt and ass throbbing as I stepped into the shower, and it wasn't over yet! In the shower, I washed my body, and got ready for round 2!

Returning to the orgy area, I noticed that a mattress had been moved into position. This time, I was on the mattress in a doggy style position. I would be mounted from doggy style position in my ass, my cunt fucker would be underneath me, and a guy would kneel down by my head, for mouth fucking!

There was a hunky football player lying on the mattress, his stiff 7 inches hard and ready for action! I quickly joined him, and growled with pleasure as I slid down his stiff pole, impaling my pussy, taking his stiff shaft right to the balls! I could feel another player kneeling behind me, and he slowly slid his stiff 7 inches up my asshole! I grunted with pleasure as he slid his cock in! The 6 inches was in front of my face, and I wasted no time in swallowing him right to the balls! We got a rhythm going, and I was being fucked, over and over! The feeling of triple penetration was mind blowing, and I quickly exploded again, my body shaking and shuddering! This set them off, and they all unloaded their juicy loads deep into my tight receptacles all at the same time!

It went on and on, as they again formed triple teams, so that every one of them did my willing body all 3 ways. This time, my 18 inch man was poised at my ass! I slid down the stiff 9 inch pole that was poised at my cunt! As I grunted, his 18 inch cock slid up my tight asshole! His thankfully slow, grunting reaming, as he buried his cock balls deep up my ass, gave me the time to get my ass adjusted! I slid my mouth down over the stiff 9 inch cock poised at my mouth. They started to do me, their stiff, massive cocks opening me up, filling my cunt, ass and mouth to capacity! I was on fire, and I blew, my body exploding in orgasm! They kept on going, and I felt a second orgasm roar into me! Their cocks followed suit, and all three of my horny holes were filled with thick, juicy loads of cum as their throbbing cocks blew their loads deep into me!

I hit the showers again, and got set for round 3!

Back to the action! This time, I was to lie face up, a player would be underneath me to do my ass, the missionary position would be for fucking my cunt, and again, I would turn my head to suck a cock.

The same groups were ready, and again, I was fucked in all 3 holes, it was incredible! My last team, the two nine inches were to do my ass and mouth, and the ten inches was going to fuck my cunt! Even though I had been opened many times already, the ten inches spread the walls of my cunt apart! He was big, painfully, wonderfully big, and I squealed with pleasure as his massive pussy splitter opened my cunt deep! Nine inches slid up my throbbing bunghole, and I quickly swallowed the other nine inches presented to my mouth! They got into the rhythm, and I was almost delirious with pleasure as they power fucked all my burning holes, their cocks exploding and squirting wildly inside me, filling all of my holes with their hot spunk!

For the final part, they formed a circle around me, and stroked their cocks in a circle jerk, until they all squirted their loads all over my face and tits! Watching them stroking their stiff dicks, and knowing they were going to blow their loads all over me, I had been so horny, I had been finger fucking myself wildly, I was just on the verge of exploding, when I felt the first 2 loads squirt all over my face! That did it, and I howled with pleasure as my pussy exploded, my cunt was spasming wildly with the pulsing of my orgasm! That set off the rest of the guys, I opened my mouth, and most of the guys were able to splatter some of their hot spunk into my mouth,as they hosed me down! I could hear their grunts and moans of pleasure, I could feel their thick, juicy loads squirting, splattering all over my face and tits with their juicy spunk! The feel of their loads squirting all over my body drove me wild, and I received the biggest, juiciest facial I have ever enjoyed!

After that marathon, I hit the showers, and washed all the thick spunk and sweat off my body! My holes were all throbbing from all the fucking they had received!

Before I left, my frat boy gave a videotape, and told me it was a recording of the night's fun, a sort of memento. A few days later, I watched it, and it made me so horny! I got out my rabbit vibrator, and, as I watched myself getting triple fucked, I shoved a nice thick butt plug up my asshole, and I rammed my trusty rabbit up my creaming cunt, and fucked myself silly, my trusty rabbit hammering my burning cunt again and again, powering me to orgasm after orgasm! I still have that tape, I love to get myself off while watching myself get triple fucked! It's fantastic stroke-off material!.