Out of control part 1


Natalie and I were in trouble. We had been getting horny, and in the park, in an area where we thought no one would see us, we had stripped down naked and gone down on each other! The forbidden nature of doing it outdoors made my cunt cream up like crazy, and Natalie tasted so sweet, soon, we were gushing wildly, cumming all over each others face. Unfortunately, not only were we seen, we were also photographed. The photographer told us that he would release the pictures to the Net, unless we did what he told us to. He told us that he wanted us to perform at his party. He reminded us of the pictures he had taken of us, so we didn't really have a choice. After reading off an address to us, he told us to be there at 7 PM, and he would meet us. He also told us he wanted both of us to be wearing summer dresses, black garter belts and black stockings, with no panties or bras. He told us to park halfway down the block, and he would be waiting there for us.
As I hung up, Natalie and I exchanged glances, wondering what the night would bring!
Just a few minutes to 7, we pulled up to the appointed area. He was there waiting for us. He smiled, and I remembered him from the day before. He told us to follow him, and he led the way. He explained to us that he was taking us to a frat house, he was in charge of the entertainment committee, and he wanted to give the brothers a good time like they'd never had!
He led us inside, and there were a few frat guys hanging around, they grinned at us. He led us into a side room, and asked us if we knew what glory holes were. Of course we did, and he said that we were going to service all the party guests, through glory holes.

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   He pointed over to the wall, and it was just a thin sheet of plywood, with 2 fist sized holes cut out at kneeling level. There were 2 chairs, and he told us to sit, it would be a little while until the party was in gear.
We heard guests coming in, and getting settled. just before 8 PM, he told us to strip off our dresses. We did so, and he took them. He told us to take our places, and the fun would begin!
Natalie and I knelt down on a pillow by each hole, and positioned ourselves.
From the common room, we could hear him speaking.
"Brothers, I bid you welcome to our annual Spring bash! Now, some of you may have thought about going to Florida, or Mexico, for a little spring break action, am I right? Well, you'll be glad you stayed, follow me. "
We heard them tromping down the hallway, and the door to the room on the other side of the partition was opened.
"Well, check this out! Not one, but two glory holes! And the babes on the other side are ready to suck your cocks dry! Ladies, put a hand through, and wave for us, so that all the guys know it's two lovely ladies in there!"
We did so, and a chorus of cheers and hoots of delight erupted from the guys.
"There you go Men, all female, with hot sucking mouths and tight cocksucker lips that are hungry for your loads! Line up Gents, no need to push, they'll service all of you!"
A cock was pushed through each hole, almost at the same time. Natalie stroked her hands along the thick specimen she had, while my fingers glided along the big cock I had. We heard groans of appreciation, as we licked at their big cock heads like lollipops! We looked each other in the eye, and then we swallowed them right down to the balls! They gasped as we took them deep into our mouths, and we clamped our cocksucker lips tightly around their shafts, so they would shoot fast! Our mouths glided up and down, feeling their cocks starting to twitch wildly. I clamped my fingers around his balls, coaxing him to explode, while my mouth, molded around his throbbing cock in a tight, sliding ring, pulled and milked at him! He gasped, "oh fuck, I'm cumming", and his cock exploded, his load gushing into my sucking mouth! I felt 5 thick ropes of semen spewing all over my tongue, and I swallowed every drop, before releasing his cock!
Next to me, Natalie was getting her mouth filled, as the thick cock she was sucking exploded, gushing a thick load into her eager mouth! I could see her throat working, as she swallowed all of his load. The cocks withdrew, and 2 big black cocks appeared.

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   We eagerly swallowed them down, sucking and licking them wildly! Guess mine was a bit excited, he lasted all of 30 seconds, before he shot several thick ropes of cum, his tasty load spewing all over my tongue! After sucking out every drop, he withdrew, and a massive 12 inch cock appeared! My mind reeled as I saw this massive pussy splitter! I took 6 inches down, my mouth slobbering all over it! Next to me, I saw the big black cock throbbing, as it filled Natalie's mouth with a thick load! It withdrew, and another big cock, a 18 inch beauty appeared before Natalie! She slid her mouth down, and we were both sucking big cocks! My pussy was burning, being on my knees, sucking all these stiff hard cocks, and knowing I was only wearing only a garter belt and nylons, was making me hornier than hell! I put one hand down to my pussy, and I could feel my juices gush, coating my fingers! I started to tweak at my clit, my fingers strumming at it! Looking over at Natalie with a sideways glance, I could see her hands down at her pussy, fingering herself wildly! That just made me hotter, and I finger fucked myself wildly, feeling the burning fire of orgasm building rapidly! I swallowed 9 of his 12 inches and he gasped, and his cock exploded, spewing a massive load of spunk into my mouth! I had to swallow rapidly, as he gushed wildly. His cock withdrew, and an 8 inch beauty appeared, all ready for sucking! I clamped my lips around his shaft, and slid it in! His cock exploded, and he filled my mouth to overflowing with his tasty spunk! That did it, and my pussy exploded, my cunt sizzling wildly as my orgasm slammed into me!
One by one, a cock would appear, we'd suck it, drinking down the hot load, and another stiff prick would appear! We'd suck that one down, and on and on! I kept track, we each sucked 20 hard, stiff cocks! Some would last 30 seconds, some longer, and each one gushed a thick load into our mouths!
Our host appeared, and said that we were now going to get fucked by all the guys, in a frat house gang bang!
"All right, gents, that was good for the warm up!" we heard one of the guys say, "Now, for the topper, we are going to have the lovely ladies who sucked you off, milk your cocks of their loads, with their hot pussies! It's time for our spring break gang bang!"
A loud cheer went up, and we were led out into the hallway. The guys were lined up, and silence fell on them! They saw how good we looked! I am 5'10" tall with natural blond hair and green eyes, and measurements of 36,23,36. I had a good tan and I think I looked my best. And Natalie, she is 2 inches shorter than me, but a little heavier, with big beautiful breasts. She is brunette, very pretty with a neatly trimmed pussy, unlike mine which is shaved bare and smooth. The guys were all lined up, and they were all naked! We could see their cocks becoming rock hard as we were led past them, naked save for our garter belts and stockings! As we were led past them, they reached out, their hands stroking our tits, asses and pussies. We were led upstairs, and into a bedroom. There were two beds, and each of them had the Liberator wedge/ramp combo, with wrist and ankle restraints. We draped ourselves over them, our asses lifted up high. Our wrists and ankles were locked up, and we were ready to get gang banged!
The wedges were angled towards each other, so we could turn our heads, and watch each other get fucked! I looked over at Natalie, and I could see a line of naked, horny frat boys lined up behind her, all with hard, stiff cocks, all ready to fuck her cunt! The thought that there was a similar line of frat guys behind me, ready to fuck my cunt, started me going, I could feel my pussy juicing up quickly! I felt hands stroking my ass, and feeling for my slit! A cock pushed it's way into me, and started to fuck me! I grunted as 6 inches of stiff cock filled me! I moaned and gasped, and told him to fuck me, it felt so good! He slammed his throbbing cock in and out of my fiery cunt!
"Fuck, you got a real tight pussy there, baby! Oh fuck YEAH!" he grunted.
His cock exploded, his hard prick pumping it's hot load into me! I looked over at Natalie, and saw her egging on the frat boy fucking her, he gasped, " Oh fuck" as his cock exploded! My guy withdrew, and another set of hands felt my ass, sliding a finger up and down my slit! He put the head of his cock against me, and I could feel him penetrate me! Ah, 7 inches of prime meat filled my cunt! My cunt was running freely with my own juices, as I grunted with pleasure! I urged him on, and he started to ram his cock into me, his cock throbbing! I looked at Natalie, and one of the black guys was reaming her burning fuck hole with his massive 9 inch cock! The contrast of her very white pussy, being reamed out by his huge black dick, made me hot! I howled as I felt my pussy spasm and wrench wildly, as I exploded! My orgasm tore into me, and my inner pussy muscles clamped down on him, sucking hungrily at his throbbing cock! He grunted, "Fuck, yeah!" as his cock gushed wildly! The spasming tightness of my hot cunt sucked at him, and he emptied his throbbing balls deep into me!
I felt another cock push against me, and I moaned with pleasure as it penetrated my dripping twat! He grabbed my hips and plowed into me, again and again! He gasped, "Fuck YEAH!", as his cock exploded! He filled my cunt, and pulled out to splatter 2 thick ropes of spunk on my ass!
It went on and on, a cock would be shoved up our cunts, and fuck us hard until it blasted a thick, juicy load into us! Then, as soon as he withdrew, another cock would penetrate our dripping fuck holes! All 20 who we sucked off fucked us hard, splattering our insides with thick hot loads of cum, emptying their balls deep into us! The room was filled with the grunts and groans of the guys, our cries of orgasm, and the liquid sounds from our bodies as they did us! Having our wrists and ankles restrained while they fucked us made us into hot and horny cunts, just wanting to explode, and we did, Natalie and I exploded again and again, their big dicks slamming our swollen clits, our spasming cunts milking their big cocks, sucking out every drop they could pump into us! The 20th was the 12 inch big dick, and I squealed with pleasure as his massive prick slid into my, spreading apart the walls of my cunt! He rode deep inside me, his massive cock splitting my pussy open, again and again! I could feel my eager pussy stretched wide around his massive prick as he rode deep within me! He was power fucking me good, making me delirious with pleasure! It felt like electric shocks were hitting my throbbing clit as he rammed me, and I came hard, my shrieks of orgasm bouncing off the walls! Natalie's orgasmic shrieks joined mine, as her 18 inch dicked frat boy slammed into her, over and over! My partner's throbbing cock swelled tight with a massive urgency! With a final push, I felt the entire 12 inches slammed up my spasming pussy, as he split open my burning cunt as deep as possible! My cunt had never been split open so deep, as I felt the stretch of my cunt walls being forced apart so deep, I howled with pleasure, my cunt exploding in another massive orgasm! The wild spasms of my quivering cunt milked greedily at his swollen 12 inch fuck pole, and he grunted, "Oh Fuck, YEAH!"! I could feel his cock exploding and squirting wildly inside me, and I could feel his seed being splattered up my wildly quivering hole! The feel of his huge prick, filling me up with his massive load, shoved me into another explosive orgasm!
The guy fucking Natalie growled, "Oh yeah, I'm cumming", as his 18 inches split open Natalie's cunt, and he lost his load deep up her spasming tightness!
My pussy was a mess, the mixed spunk of 20 horny frat guys was splattered up me! I could feel streams of hot spunk running down my thighs! We were released from the restraints, and our host told us take a break, and clean up for the next part. He led us to the shower room, and left us there. Natalie and I went in, and took a quick shower, washing out our pussies of the thick sticky juice that had been pumped into us! After drying ourselves, we returned to the bedroom.
Our host told us to lie face up on the Wedges.

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   We did so, and our wrists and ankles were once again restrained, with our pussies elevated, ready for more fucking!
"All right gents, now for the next part!", we could hear one of the guys speaking, "Now, everyone who fucked our blond babe, line up, and you will know have a brunette to fuck! Same for the other guys, we have to make sure your cock gets to fuck both hot babes!"
A cheer went up, and the boys lined up at the bed, their cocks stiff and ready again!
Natalie and I were mounted, again and again, cock after cock were shoved up our burning cunts, our pussies milking at them until they exploded, gushing wildly. Then as they climbed off, another stiff prick would penetrate our dripping twats! Natalie and I were just going from one orgasm to another, our throbbing cunts exploding as cock after cock fucked us hard, and gushed thick loads of spunk up our burning twats! Our cunts were slick and sopping with the mingled cum, but the next guys didn't seem to mind, they'd shove their throbbing pricks in, and hump us hard, riding deep in our quivering holes, until their cocks exploded, their thick juicy loads joining the cum already splattered up our burning cunts! Must be some kind of frat brother thing, gang bang us, and let their cum mingle together in our horny holes! We just went from one orgasm to the next, as the frat boys fucked us hard, losing their loads up our spasming cunts, emptying their balls deep
into us!
For the finale, the 12 inch big cock took on Natalie, while her 18 inch dicked frat boy did me! Natalie looked almost delirious with pleasure, as her cunt was split open by his massive 12 inches! I squealed with pleasure as I felt my pussy being split open by the thick 18 inches! I could feel my eager pussy stretched wide around his massive shaft, as he sank it into me! He fucked me with long sure strokes, splitting my burning cunt open, right to the balls, over and over! I howled with pleasure as my cunt exploded, and Natalie's cries of orgasm joined mine, as her 12 inched frat boy slammed every last inch in, his cock erupting, flooding her with his juicy load! With one last shove, my 18 inch man shot his thick load up my burning cunt, as my pussy spasmed wildly around his thick shaft, my cunt sucking every drop out of him, as he emptied his balls deep inside me!
After the last cock had shot it's load up our burning cunts, the guys retired to the downstairs common room.
    Our host again led us to the upstairs frat house shower room, and told us to take all the time we needed. He then withdrew, leaving us alone.
    Natalie and I looked at each other, we stripped off our garter belts and stockings, and in 18 seconds, we were in a tight 69! My cunt burned as I shoved my face into Natalie's dripping pussy! As I started to suck on her pussy, I groaned
    as I felt her tongue slide up me. I ate her ravenously, tasting the mixed spunk of the frat boys! Very soon, I could taste the sweet cream I knew so well, and I could feel my pussy churning, gushing my cream into her mouth! We both exploded, our pussies spasming wildly, our shrieks of orgasm bouncing off the shower room walls!
    After a few minutes of rest, I helped Natalie up, and we stepped into the shower. We cranked on 2 shower heads, side by side, and we took the soap, and washed each others bodies from head to toe. After we had washed each other, we found a stack of towels, and we dried ourselves off. Five minutes later our host returned, with our dresses. We got dressed and he led us downstairs. All the guys were there, and they thanked us for such a hot, sex filled night. He walked us back to our van and told us that he was the host for the end of school year party. By popular demand, we were going to be the guests of honor.
    He watched us get in the van, and once we were safely on the road, he walked back to the frat house. Natalie and I looked at each other with the same thought.

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       It may have started out a bit forced, but now, we were looking forward to the next mass glory hole suck off and frat house gang bang!.