our story; kitchen sex


It’s late and I just finished my shower after along day. I go into my room and get my lotion then I start putting it all over my body. Starting with my arms and hands, then my neck line, collar bones, chest… I rub the lotion on my breasts and down my stomach; making my whole body soft to touch. I get thirsty and nobody’s home but me so I decide to just go downstair naked to get some water but the door bell rings. I am startled and at first I don’t answer to door, but I grab a blanket and peek out. I open it and it’s you; I hadn’t seen you in a week and I missed you so I instantly become very aware that I have nothing on but I blanket. You look me up and down and smile and kiss me and tell me how much you’ve missed me. I guess you don’t realize I am naked under the blanket because you ask me where my parents are so you can say hi. I say they aren’t here and I close the door and slowly follow you to the kitchen. You go and sit down on the couch. You ask for a drink and I walk over to the bar slowly. “What do you want? Scotch? Rum? Vodddka?” You tell me just some water and I say “Come on, just one shot. Let’s spice things up. ” You give me that smirk of yours and say just one. I take two shots and you laugh and lay back on the couch. “Hey babe?” you say.

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“Why’re you walking around with a blanket? It’s not that cold in here. So you reach over and pull it off without realizing I was naked until… well… you saw me. You just stare. I look at you and just freeze then I say, “Uhmm… so this wasn’t exactly ho…” Then you stop me from talking and grab me gently but also aggressively and just kiss me. I get so wet at this point. Your jeans rub up against my bare skin and your soft shirt caresses my breasts. I arch my back and kiss you back so hard. You life me up and I wrap my legs around you; you carry me over to the kitchen and sit me on the kitchen counter. It’s cold on my bare bottom and it feels so good. You push me to the back wall of the counter and the sensation of the coldness hits me even more. You kiss my breast, you suck on then, you give me a hickey on my hips. I’m slightly moving my hips up and down. “You getting turned on yet babe?” I respond with looking at your cock showing through your jeans and bitting my lip. You take off your shirt and just smile. Spreading my legs with your hands and all of a sudden your licking and and teasing my wet pussy.

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   I moan loud and you stop for a second, then get right back to it. “You like that baby? Your pussy tastes so good. ”
“Mmmm baby don’t ever stop. ”
“You wanna cum?” You ask and I moan in response. “Well you can wait. ” Then you wink and go back down. I can’t take it anymore so I pull away and get off the counter and pull your pants off without you even having a chance to stop me. But then you grab me and kiss me, pulling me to the cold hardwood floor with you. You still have your underwear on so you decide to tease me some more. I’m laying on the ground and you have my arms pinned down. “You want my cock? You want me to finally fuck you? Not yet. But when I do, you won’t even know what hit you. " You sit on my hips slightly and hump me with your covered cock. It’s so big and I’m moaning so loud. I try to stop myself but you just keep going.

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   Then you kiss me with the most intense kiss ever and turn me over. You give my ass a little slap. “You’re so sexy baby. I want to fuck you so bad. ” I say. “Slap my ass some more, it makes me so hot. ” So you stop and stand up, you tell me to stay down. You get a spatula and you hit my ass hard. I scream in pleasure. It hurt but I loved it so much. I moan and moan. You hit me again. “Now, just listen to what I tell you to do and in the end I will fuck you as long and as hard as you want. ”
“Yes baby. I will do that for you.


“Good. ” You say and slap my ass again. You run the edge of the spatula up my ass and my spine. and neck. You quickly hit my neck, middle back and my ass so fast I don’t even have time to scream until after all three have already started stinging. “Okay enough of that, I think you get the point baby. ” Then you get that little sincere look on your face and go in front of me and look me in the eyes.
“Tell me if you need me to stop, I will. ”
“I know baby… but please don’t stop. ” I reply and sit up and kiss you.
You whisper in my ear, “Any marks I give you tonight show that I am yours and you are mine. Only us together, you and I. ” You smile and I smile and you kiss me gently. Our kiss gets more passionate super fast and I kiss and nibble on your ear and breathe into it. I start touching you without realizing it.

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   You’re so hard and huge. I get wetter and I moan. “Please baby please. ” I say but you shake your head and keep feeling me all over without touching my wet pussy yet. Then I hear you say, “Go down for me baby, go ahead. Suck my huge cock. ” I do it immediately. I go down with one hand holding it at first and I lick the whole shaft and then start putting the tip in my mouth. I start suck and getting in a rhythm, getting faster, you holding my hair out of the way. You move my head a little bit, up and down. I work my hand a little more and then you take my hand off so I’m now just using my mouth. I hesitate but go deeper anyway and you let out a long moan. I hear you breathing a little harder and I go deeper and I suck harder so I can please my man a hundred percent. You shake a little bit and pull out. You smile really hard at me and I smile really hard back.

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   I go behind you and rub your neck and you calm down a bit. I turn away for a slight second and then all of a sudden you're on me and kissing me, rubbing your dick on my pussy. “I can’t take it anymore, I need to be inside you baby. ” That gets me going even more. You rub your huge harrrd cock on my wettt pussy for a few seconds to feel how wet I am and then you just push inside me. I moan so fucking loud and you do to. You go in and out, getting faster and faster, in and out, faster and faster, faster… “Faster babyy!” You go faster and I can hardly breathe as I am trying to find something to hold on to. You move your body close to mine as you fuck me and you kiss me hard. Harder. Harder. Faster. So wet. So hard. Our bodies have never been this close before. I feel like I’m going to cum.

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   “I’m going to cum baby. ” You say and I say “Me too. ” So you pull out and I work your cock some more until you cum in my hands and I cum hard too. We both laugh and smile and just kiss some more. “That was amazing. ” You say.
“You’re amazing. ” I reply. .