Our Sex Game


This is the story following " My first Sex Experience "

We were " playing " for about a month before we decided to try new things.

We had a lot of challenge at that time and I almost won all off them but I was giving him back the favor whenever he wanted to. That day, I called him after school to do a bike challenge, which he won.

So he had to decide what we were gonna do and he decided to do as usual I had to suck him until he came. So we got into the living room, he fully undressed himself as I was stroking his now growing dick. After that, he took my head and then presses it forward his erect cock. I liked the head of his shaft while I was massaging his balls. I did this for about 2 or 3 minute before I took his shaft all the way down into my mouth.

He started to moan in pleasure the second after I did that. He was still holding my head while I was running my tongue up and down is 5-inch cock with one of my hand stroking my dick and the other massaging his buttock. Then he said he had an idea. . . I was really horny at that time and I was ready to do about everything.

He told me" I want you to eat my ass. " I was unsure at the beginning but the sexual pulse was driving me crazy so I said yes.

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   He turned around as I got naked, he had such a beautiful ass I couldn’t stop staring at it…he spread his ass cheeks as I got closer. He had such a pretty tiny little hole.

He told me “ Come on boy “ I could wait any longer I grabbed his ass as I started to lick his buttock, getting closer and closer to his ass hole. I spanked his ass 2 or 3 times before letting my tongue run all the way to his asshole. I was doing circular moves with my tongue to relax his tight hole and while my left cock was jerking him off. I could feel the intense pleasure he had because of his hard breathing and loud moaning.

His hole was getting more and more relaxed so I decided to push my tongue inside of him getting it wetter. After that, I started to finger his ass with one finger…a couple of minutes later a second finger.

He was now ready to be fucked. He turned around, pushed me on the floor and began to suck my dick like never. It was so amazing he was sucking my cock and fingering his hole with the other hand. I could feel his short blond hair between my fingers I was really having a good time. When my cock was fully erect, I went to my parent’s room to get the lube I found a couple days earlier.

When I came back I was so aroused by the view I had, He was there fully naked on his knees a hand on his big cock and the other still fingering his asshole waiting to get fucked doggy-style. I was impatient to get inside of him, so I putted some lube in my hands to lubricate his hole and my cock.

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   I was standing behind him with my dick close to his ass…I asked him if he was ready to do this. He answered me “ Fuck me big boy. ”

I could’t wait any longer, My cock probed his hole, and I felt that he was opening more and more at every thrust. Then I pushed the head of my dick inside of him, he was so tight and so hot. It was the best feeling I ever had in my life. I went further and further inside of him, ‘til my cock was all in him. I started to fuck his tight hole as he was shouting in pleasure and I was spanking his beautiful ass.

We fucked doggy-style for about 6-7 minutes. Then he said that he wanted to see me fuck him…so he turned on his back and I fucked him missionary style. I could see his dick moving each time I was entering him that view really excited me and I was really close to cum. I was stroking his dick faster and faster as I was coming close to cum. He released some big jet of cum onto my chest and that was all I needed to cum to. I did not had the time to get out of him so I filled his ass with my hot jizz. That was the biggest orgasm I ever had.

I laid beside him exhausted, he got on top of me and started to eat the cum still on my shaft, after he swallowed it all, he looked at me and told me…” Next time…I’m gonna fuck you boy “

This is still pure fiction

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