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That day I asked my parents if I could sleep at my cousins house and they were happy to see me wanna get out of the house. I was very happy too because we had a plan for that night. This would be our very first night all alone together.

I headed over to his house with my pillow, my sleeping bag and of course, the lube. We played outside for about 1 hour so we challenged each other 2 or three times to know who will start the " game ". When we got inside, we decided to go take a shower.

It was so sexy to see him all wet under the hot water with me by his side. We played with each others body for about 18 minutes before dry ourselves with such eroticism. We walked around in the house fully naked. We went to his room and put some porn into the video. We sat side by side while looking a the hot porn on the screen.

He started by slowly running his fingers on my already hard shaft, I was getting more and more aroused by his caress and the movie playing on the TV. I looked at him and got my hand on his cock, I saw him smile and roll his eyes in pleasure has I started to stroke slowly his beautiful cock. Our cocks had grown a lot since we first " played ". He slid down as he wanted to get closer to my dick, but when he was going to start I asked him if I could suck him at the same time. We've gained a lot of experience with time.

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   I was really good at blowjobs and he mastered the handjob perfectly.

I lied on the bed teasing him with my cock, he when to my nipples and started to suck and lick them I was really enjoying it and then he turned around giving me a great view of his incredible ass and big hard cock. He kissed the head of my cock as I spanked his firm ass. He took my shaft in his mouth and I started to suck on my finger to get it wet. I also started to suck his great cock and I started to massage his hole. I could feel his soft skin on mine and his hot tongue hardly licks my shaft.

He stopped and told me I had to get on my knees, face down. I obeyed, as I knew what would happen next, I knew that he wanted to fuck me for the first time this night and he was going to prepare me for this. He spanked my ass a couple of time before starting to jerk me off with his right hand, I could saw his left hand doing the same to him as he started to lick my butthole.

I never felt something like that, it was really great and I was asking or more. He was stroking me so hard I knew he loved it too, he then got a finger in his mouth to lubricate it and then massaged my asshole. It was really tight even with the hot session of analingus I had. He pushed it a little bit further at every minute getting it wetter and wetter everytime. Soon he had a whole finger into my ass doing circular move to relax it even more. The feeling was strange for the first minutes but as time goes, I started to really enjoy it.

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About 5 minutes later, I asked him to fuck me. I turned around and started to suck him to be sure he was really really hard and horny, he bent over me and he continued to finger my ass. When I turned around on my knees spanking my own ass, he caught the bottle of lube, put some on his big hard cock a a lot into my ass. I was ready to be fucked, I wouldn't be a anal virgin anymore, I couldn't wait any longer. I told him: " Come on Fuck me, fuck me hard! ".

    That's all he wanted to hear because he wasted no time to get his cock into my ass. Pain was the first thing I felt as he penetrated me, I had a moment of hesitation between the first minutes of it. The pain was really unpleasant, but he kept saying that everything would be nice in a couple of seconds. He was right, the pain was now gone now leaving place to such a great feeling. His long hard cock was ramming my ass and I could feel the skin of his shaft moving at every stroke. I was really enjoying it, he grabbed my hips to give him more control and power, and I loved the fact to be dominated. He then got out of my and lied on his back next to me, I went to suck his cock and he told me to get on top of him. I first sat on his belly to let him play with my dick as I was stroking him too. I moved my ass on his cock and push his dick all the way into my tight ass. We both started to moan like crazies, it was so hot and sexy to be fucked by him.

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       He was jerking me off while I was guiding the pace of fucking, I want faster and faster as I felt I was gonna cum. I told him : “ Oh god, I’m gonna cum! I cum! “ I sprayed my juices on his torso and a little bit on his face too, that was such a powerful orgasm. At the same time, I felt his hot cum filled my ass, we had came at the same time, It was incredible.
    Then, we heard a sound in the staircase, we pull the bed sheets over us but not in time, it was his sister. She looked at us and told us…” Why didn’t you wait for me…?”.

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    This is pure fiction

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