Our night out


Hi my name is Dave and this is a story that happen about 4 years ago. see me and my wife Aim hadn't been out since before the kids was borne.
and with Kelly 18 and Jim 18 we decided it was time we had a night out so we did.
I dressed up nice but as Aim came down stairs she was (wow) she was hot she had her long brown hair down and it set off her green eyes and she had a low cut top on that showed off her 44D and as I looked lower she had on a black miniskirt and her black stoking with her 3" hills man she was hot and thank that was all rolled up in to 130lb woman.
now as we got to the night club she wanted to dance so we hit the dance floor. the DJ had just put on a dirty dancing music so we bump and grind as we moved on the dance floor a black guy came up behind Aim and was grinding in to the back of her after a few she was turned around and was now grinding with this man I had seen my wife with other men but not for a long time and it was turning me on.
after the song was over she toke my hand and his and pulled use to the table we seat and he told use his name was Mike and he had a good time on the floor Aim ask if he would like to join use and he said yes that would be nice but he was hear with a friend Aim ask if his friend was mail or female. He told use his friend was a man his brother. Aim look over at Mike and said three men Mmmmmmm iv never had three men at once this would be fun she said. Mike look over at Aim and ask her if she would like to have three at once or one at a time.
she licked her lips and said she would start with one at a time and by the end of the night she would have one in each hole.
as Mike spotted his brother he waved him over and as he got to the table Mike introduce his brother to use as Steve. we had a few drinks and dance with Aim some more.
I got up to go to the bathroom and as I returned I fount that Mike and Steve had Aim in between them and it looked like to me that the two was getting Aim all worked up.

at the table i ask if we should get out of hear and maybe go some wear a little more privet.
in the car Mike said we could go to his place and that it was only five blocks away so in the car me and Mike got in the front seats and Aim and Steve got in the back going down the street i looked in the back seat and found Aim giving Steve a blowjob and from the moaning he was licking it to.

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at Mike's we skip the rest of the house and headed for the bedroom for there was three hard dicks and a woman that needed to be fuck. in the bedroom Aim told use to get out of our clothing and she wanted a dick in her as she suck the other two Mike told me and his brother to get on the bed and for Aim to get on her knees and she could suck use as he fuck her from behind as we got our clothing off i was impress with the size of meat the two brothers was packing. Mike had to have a 10" shaft and it had to be as big around as a coke can and his brother Steve was just as big.
i told Steve to go ahead and let her suck on him that i wanted to watch Mike put that shaft of his in her. so as Mike pushed the head to her pussy lips she let out a long moan and as it slipped in she pulled Steve’s dick out of her mouth and cried out (oooohhhhh your so fucking big baby) and as the words left her lips he pushed more of that shaft in her. Steve graved a holed of her hair and pulled her mouth back down on his shaft. after Mike had got his shaft in her he slowly pulled out tile the head was all that was in her and he pushed it back in he moved like that for a few and as Aim started to cum Mike picked up the pace it was hot watching these two black guys fuck Aim.
Aim was liking it to as she had three orgasm as the two brothers fuck her.
Mike pulled out of Aims pussy and i could see that she was open like i had never seen her before Mike rolled her over on her back and he was back in her Aim's pussy was making sloshing noise as Mike fuck her and she was crying out.
(oh fuck yes , oh yes fuck my little pussy with your big black dick, look baby he is fucking me oh yes i love it)
Mike told her she was his little white slut and she said she was. Mike told her to tail me that she was a black dick slut and she did. as Mike picked up his thrusting he slammed in to her two or three more times and hailed in to her as he shot his load in her. Aim's on orgasm rushed through her to.
after Mike got off of her Steve got on her and as he pushed his shaft in her he was fucking her with the same pace that Mike was fucking her and she was loving it. Steve didn't last as long as Mike and as he got ready to shot his load he pulled out and shot it all over her stomach and her tits it was my turn to fuck my wife and she new what i was going to fuck as i pulled her over on her stomach i got in behind her and pushed my dick in her cum filled pussy and got my dick good and lubed up and then i pushed it in her sweet little ass hole and as i pushed the full 9" of my shaft in her she knew she was going to get fuck hard.


after i got done fucking her little ass Mike and Steve toke there turn with her ass and by the end of the night we was all three fucking her at once.
we left Mike's house about 3:00pm the next day to go home and as we got to the car Mike ask if we would like to get to gather agene we told him that we would half to see and Aim told me that she loved her first time with three guys and that it was her first time with not just one, but two black guys she would never forget that night.
please let use know if you like this it is our first time posting thanks
Dave/ Aim