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My wife and I decided to go on a road trip up to Queensland in our camper last year for a month or so. To cut a long story short, I have always expressed my interest in my wife doing it with another couple but this was a topic that didn't overly interest her.

My darling wife is 42 with the sweetest body which she is not scared to show off. We found a gorgeous beach in our travels and decided to camp there for a few days as it was very private and thought we could work on our holiday tans. We were on the beach the second day totally nude catching the Rays when I decided to go and body surf. Tania stayed on the beach neatly nestled on her towel completely nude glistening as the sun beat down on her body.

Her smooth curves and that beautifully shaved pussy was a treat to look at. As I was raped up in body surfing the waves I didn't notice another couple who must of had the same idea, being totally naked walking along the beach towards my wife. They were a younger couple probably in their mid thirties and both very attractive people. They noticed Tania and made a bee line straight for her, that's when she noticed them both, sat up and covered herself slightly. At this stage I thought I'd better get over there as they were strangers and didn't want my wife to feel vulnerable in any way.

As I approached they turned and greeted me in a very friendly manner, that's when I noticed that the guys partner who's name was Sarah staring at my manhood. As I got closer they both stood up andwow she was stunning. Large breasts and a smooth pussy, and he was hung like a fucking horse. I noticed Tania was a little bit uncomfortable as his member was dangling close to her face. As we started chatting, Tania's gaze was firmly fixed on Sarah's body and as the conversation turnedtowards how attractive they found Tania to be,

I saw that she had moved her towel and slightly spread her legs so they could both see her now somewhat wet pussy lips.

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  I couldn't believe this was actually happening as Tania is a bit conservative in that respect so I took advantage of the situation hoping that it might lead to the fulfilment of my fantasy. I looked at Sarah's husband and he noticed my gaze and must have had the same idea, and didn't flinch as he took hold of his cock and started stroking it.

No invite needed I to started pulling on my hardening shaft which once grew was the same size as Barry's cock. It was then my mind was fully blown, Tania spread her legs fully apart her lips opening to expose the pink wetness of her now full aroused pussy. I didn't know what to do I was that stunned, but Barry did. He reach over to my wife and just slide his fingers deep inside her without missing a stroke on his now very hard cock.

Oh my, it was beautiful to see Tania arch her back as he thrust two fingers deep inside her, and hearing her groan with each thrust. It was then when Sarah turned towards me smiled and took hold of my shaft which she then placed into her mouth, gliding her tongue up and down my throbbing cock. I couldn't help myself but but I had to cup Sarah's large breasts, gently pinching her erect nipples which were gorgeous and very long, as she was still feverishly sucking my cock.

Tania to my surprise was watching the two of us as she lay back and allowed Barry to nestle his face between her legs, licking her enflamed cunt, her moaning as if it were the first time she had her pussy gone down on. It was then I got the biggest surprise of all, Tania reach over and touched Sarah between her legs, gently gliding her fingers over her swollen lips till you could hear that Sarah's pussy was making that slurping noise confirming that she to was very wet. I at this stage watching Barry eat my wife, Tania working Sarah's pussy while she was sucking away on me, it's was then when I unloaded myself into Sarah's mouth,and as she felt the first squirt of cum she sucked even harder making my climax last for what seemed like an eternity.

After Sarah lapped up the last of my jiz she turn and looked at her husband shewing away on Tania when she spoke for the first time after having started our little session. She said, Barry move over its my turn. He moved over next to me and just smiled and said, watch this mate.

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  Sarah thru her leg over Tania as if in the 69 position, her pussy inches from my wife's face and with two fingers spread Tania's swollen lips. She spread them that far apart that we could see inside her when she took her thumb and forefinger and started to roll Tania's clit between them.

Tania's legs spread even further apart as she moaned at Sarah's touch, pushing herself higher wanting a firmer touch. Barry's wife's now bent down so she could get a better look at what she was doing, giving Barry and myself a wonderful view of her arse and those lovely pussy lips from behind. It was then when Tania's actions surprised me even more, she just lifted up her head and gently and timidly placed her face between Sarah's legs, burying her tongue deep inside Sarah's dripping wet cunt.

I have dreamed of this for years and have never thought that my wife would indulge in this act but was ecstatic at the fact that she did. Barry at this stage had not lost his load so he moved around to to where his wife was playing with Tania's pussy, still rock hard he looked at me and gestured with his cock in hand his intention. I just nodded at him, so he shuffled closer cock in hand and with the help of his wife placed his knob between Tania's lips. He then slowly thrust the full length of his shaft into my wife, spreading her pussy apart to the point that I thought it would rip, but she took it all and gasped with each push. I think it was about ten strokes as my wife screamed bursting into the loudest climax I've ever heard, Barry pumping her pussy harder and more frantically until he to erupted, filling her with his cum. Watching Tania being fucked by another man as well as being touched by a woman was awe inspiring and after talking about what had just happened we decided to stay for a few more days, giving us the chance to experiment our sexuality further with Sarah and Barry. .