Our First Meeting


Our First Meeting You contact me on AOL IM and tell me that you are available to meet me on Friday night.   Your family will be out for the evening.   So I get in the shower and prepare myself for you.   I then get in the car and drive to your home.   I call you as I am getting closer to the neighborhood that you reside in.   As you talk me to your house, I arrive.   I get out of the car and walk up your drive way to your front porch.   You open the front door and let me into your home.   As I enter your home, I take notice of what you are wearing.   Your shirt is a jersey of your favorite hockey team, your pants are pajama pants also bearing the logo of your favorite hockey team.    As soon as I enter your house you wrap your strong arms around me and pull me tightly into your chest.   I breath in and smell you, you smell so good.   You release me from your grasp and shut the front door.   As I move slightly to allow you to completely close the door, you reach out and ever so gently caress my ass.   I walk into your front room. I notice the pool table that you had described to me in earlier conversations.

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    I place my purse on the chair against the wall.   I turn around and find myself in your strong arms again.   You pull me in close to you.   Our mouths so close to each other.   You lean in and kiss me.   Your tongue wanders, parting my lips.   Your warm tongue explores my mouth oh so gently.   Your lips are soft, soft as a budding rose petal.   I wrap my arms around your waist.   Your hands rest ever so gently on my ass.    You move your lips to my cheek and kiss my cheek.   You softly trail kisses down to my neck.   I am in pure ecstasy.   I began to kiss your neck and your ear.   You moan, telling me how good it feels.

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    Your hands wander so softly to my hips and then to the waist line of my white capris.   You guide your hand into the front of my capris and slowly begin to massage my pussy through my blue lace boy shorts.   Your technique has my pussy wet and waiting for more.   I slowly let my right hand fall and it comes to rest on the outside of your pajama pants.   I can feel your cock and I trace the outline of your cock with my hand.   I raise my hand to find the waist line of your pajama pants and slowly reach down to were I had found your cock just seconds before.   I wrap my hand around your cock and massage it ever so gently.   I am amazed by the size of your cock.  As we continue to fondle each other, our lips once again meet.   Waiting so eagerly for the next kiss. You remove your hand from my pussy and undo my capris and slowly pull them down along with my boy short panties.   I feel your cock growing in my hand, and I am eager to taste your cock.   I slowly slide off your pajama pants and take your cock into my mouth.   I slowly suck the head of your cock into my mouth, gently guiding the head past my teeth with the suction my mouth is applying to your cock.   I take all but 9 out of the 18 inches into my mouth.

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    I love the way your cock feels in my mouth.   I start sucking a little harder, applying pressure to the shaft of your cock with my tongue.   Your cock feels so good in my mouth.   You warn me that if I continue the fabulous blow job that you won't last much longer.  I stand up and I then remove my shirt and undo my bra.   You begin lightly sucking on my hard nipples, while I am stepping out of my capris and panties that are laying around my ankles, I grasp your cock and slowly start rubbing my hand up and down the shaft of your long cock.   You tell me that you have to feel my pussy wrapped around your cock.    You turn me around, and admire my ass.   You tell me that I have the most beautiful ass you have ever seen.   You bend me over the pool table and guide your cock into my pussy.   The feeling of your cock entering my pussy feels absolutely wonderful.   You slowly start pumping your cock into my pussy.   I begin to moan after a few minutes of your cock stretching my pussy.   As I begin to moan, you increase your thrust into my wet, waiting pussy.   You tell me that you love the little sounds I am making.

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    Soon I feel the orgasm beginning to build, my legs begin to shake.
    I tell you how good your cock is making me feel in between breaths and moans.   You grasp my hips and thrust your cock deep into my pussy.   You know that I am about to cum. You can feel my pussy grabbing at your cock with each thrust.   You continue to work your cock in my pussy until I tell you that I am cumming.   You push your cock so deep into me.   You tell me that you will not stop until I am done cumming.   I surprise you with the strength and length of my orgasm.   You tell me that you are going to cum. I feel you cock jerk in my pussy as you cum all over the walls of my pussy.  You pull your cock out and turn me to face you.   You grab my arms and pull me tightly into your chest.   You hold me so tightly and tell me that I am truly amazing.   You kiss my forehead and then my lips.

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        We then get dressed. You tell me that we definitely need to enjoy each other again, I am quick to agree.   I realize what time it is and understand that you have to get up early in the morning.   I don't want to keep you up so I tell you that I was going to leave.   You walk me to the door.   You can't help but to reach out and pull me in close to you again.   As you hug me you squeeze my ass. Once again you tell me how you love my ass.   You kiss me good bye and watch me walk to my car.  As I am walking away, I am wondering what the next encounter will bring.   You call me once I pull away to make sure I am ok and to make sure I won't get lost in your neighborhood.   Once again you tell me that I am truly amazing and that you really enjoyed our encounter. I verbally make you aware of the pleasure I felt, just to make sure you are aware of it.   You thanked me one last time before we said our good byes.

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