One Boy Fucks Two Girls In Sunday School


In the best Sunday School lesson of all time, Elder Kensington plows Sister Pratt and an investigator.

Lisa is a sexually-adventurous, blonde non-Mormon who is investigating the church. She has managed to seduce two of the sister missionaries, wild brunette Sister Pratt and innocent young Sister Mauer. Sister Pratt brings her to church one Sunday. As they chat and flirt in a classroom, the teacher pokes his head in. It’s handsome Elder Kensington, a young Mormon stud who lost his virginity in the MTC to Sister Hardy. Something has changed about him — he’s more confident, more of a man than before.

He smiles at the two pretty girls and sets his scriptures on a chair. Seeing that Lisa doesn’t have a copy of Gospel Principles, he offers to go find one for her. As soon as he has left the room, Lisa puts her hand on Sister Pratt’s knee and gives her a knowing look. The two girls have done everything together — in her office Doctor Lisa taught the Mormon girl to masturbate, played with her boobs, ate her pussy, they finger-banged, they fucked with toys, they even had a threesome with another sister missionary. And now Lisa wants to watch this naughty Mormon girl take a cock.

“He’s cute,” she says.

Sister Pratt admits she has had a crush on him for a long time. He’s a very polite Mormon boy, good-looking, clean-cut, but Sister Pratt can tell that he’s a little wild too and imagines he has a big meaty cock.

“Do you think we should do something about your crush?” Lisa asks.

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   Sister Pratt is very nervous. Elder Kensington could turn them in and get her sent home in disgrace. But she’s horny at the thought of fucking him and Lisa at the same time. She doesn’t want to initiate, but if Lisa can make it happen… She has never done anything with a guy before, and this sister wants cum.

As Elder Kensington starts his lesson, Lisa gropes Sister Pratt’s knee, then lets her hand travel up her leg and squeezes her thigh. Elder Kensington notices and starts to turn bright red. He pretends he doesn’t see what’s happening. Lisa hikes up the sister missionary’s skirt and exposes her sacred underwear, then leans in and starts to kiss her. Elder Kensington is totally turned on. His dick gets hard and he can feel sweat beading on his forehead. But this is totally inappropriate, and he feels like he has to say something.

“Ladies,” he says politely, “this isn’t right. ” But the girls can see how flustered he is. The giggle and keep making out. Elder Kensington shifts in his seat to face away from them, but he steals little glances at them as they take off their blouses and kiss passionately. 

   His boner is rock hard now, and he wants them to take turns blowing him. Sister Pratt stands up and walks over to him, bends down and kisses him on the mouth.
    He drops his scriptures on the floor and kisses her back. Then Lisa leans in and gets a kiss while Sister Pratt drops her skirt and garments, and rubs her naked ass on the boy’s crotch. He reaches around and plays with her tits as Lisa makes out with him.

    Sister Pratt unbuttons his pants and sees his giant erection straining against his garments. She wraps her lips around the head of his cock, garments and all. Lisa strips naked and fingers her companion’s pussy, and then they take turns sucking his hard dick. Elder Kensington can’t believe he has two nude girls working him over at once.

    In no time at all, they have him stripped naked and pushed up against the wall. The girls are both hungry for his dick, and their pussies are wet with anticipation. Elder Kensington pushes Lisa up against a desk, lifts her leg, and slides his cock into her tight pussy. She moans loudly as the fat head of his cock enters her, and Sister Pratt drops to the floor and licks his balls and her clit as he fucks her.

    When she can’t wait any longer, Sister Pratt gets between and Elder Kensington plows her from behind while she fingers Lisa’s cunt. The three of them kiss and hold each other tight as they fuck.

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       Elder Kensington wants to see how many orgasm he can fuck out of them before he himself cums. .



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