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Topic: the life of an engineerI do many jobs 1 of which is a window cleaner and this particular day i was going around my normal round when i happened apon this gorgoues dark haired woman pleasing herself.   I knew i shouldent but i stayed there and watched it seemed like an eternity and i was getting rock hard.   Then she spotted me and before i could get down the ladder and gone she was outside dragging me in,  the next thing i knew she had hand cuffed me to the stairs.   Not that i minded to much as she was still half naked in front of me, then she went upstairs.   The next thing iknew she come down in a tight black pvc suit with a whip and she started hitting me with and it hurt like hell.   She kept saying so you like perving through peoples windows do you as she pulled her undies to 1 side stuck her pussy in my face, she said so does it look good up close as she hit me again.   Idarted my tongue out and caught her pussy she went crazy and hit me several more times saying you dirty bastard how dare you try and eat my pussy. She then proceded to rip my clothes off untill i was stark naked i was scared and very limp below by now.   She looked at me and said look at that little thing all shriveled up that is no good to anyone little man then she hit me again as she wallked back upstairs.

  She came back down wearing a little nighty and sat on a chair opposite me and started to play with herself and said so is the little man going to grow up to play, I could feel myself starting to swell up again at the site of her sweet pussy.   She moved the chair closer so she was inches away from me and could smell the sweet smell of pussy as she was dipping her fingers deep into her pussy and then licking them clean by now i was as hard as a rock and she knew it as she said so you want to fuck me little manyou want to stick your cock in my pussy do you.   I said no i want blow my load all over your face bitch.   She said we will have to see about that as she buried my head between her legs as i lidked her sweet pussy for about 18 mins before she came all over my face.   She laughed as she undid the cuffs and before she knew what was happening i threw her on the chair and burried my cock in her pussy and fucked her hard she said is that all you got.   So i pulled out and rammed it into her tight little arsehole she screamed in agony so pumped into her arse even harder she soon started to enjoy it but it did not take long before iwanted to come so i pulled out and held my cock facing her mouth and came all over her face the dirty bitch licked my cock clean and then scraped all my cum off of her face into her mouth and swalloed the lot.   She said eeeermmm that tasted nice we will have to do that again sometime.

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    So i went and cleaned her windows the next day except i took a camera with me and got some good pics. .