Topic: OLD INTO YOUNG Pt 1 The lead in;
 A fluke view of my old neigbour led me to some sexual activity with him.
 At 29 with a husband and 2 kids life was fine,then by fluke my life improved even awoke at 5 one bright summers morning dying for a pee, - the very hot day previously had led to much greater intake of liquid and thus my bladder was full, - So popping out of bed to the upstairs toilet with its window wide open because of the heat,I noticed a sound outside. Having gushed a torrent while then standing up to pat my pussy lips dry with some tissue as we women do,naturally I glanced out to see what had made this noise. There before me in his garden not next door but next again bent my old neigbour mucking about with some weeds. Thing was,he was absolutely nude, - being very early I guess he felt no one would see him, - The cool morning air was noticable in as much,his nipples were stood out hard on his chest and as he turned a bit towards me,his scrotum was tightened up under about 4 inches of heavily foreskined penis.
 This was never how I imagined an old man of about seventies cock and balls to look. I just assumed they'd be all saggy and useless. Although I was some way away,what further surprised me was his pubes! They were a lovely bushy auburn not a dangly grey as the hair of his head. It wasn't so much imagined more an assumption on my part. Now this is what other women out there may be surprised about. I felt my pussy responding to what I was seeing. Strange? well yeah,I thought so at the time as well. After all he was no chippendale!
 I couldn't stop watching him and as he moved about I could feel my pussy getting juicy. A young bloke yeah,but this was a man that could have fathered my mum or dad. When he eventually disappeared back into his house I returned to my bed,but just lay running what I'd seen round in my mind. I knew he'd been widowed about ten years ago and in my now dirty mode I wondered if he'd had a fuck since.


   Or for that matter,wanted for one? He's a bloke after all,I bet he has,regarding both these questions.
 Now growing in my mind was,I wonder if I should respond in kind for the old boy. That is,not to wander around my backyard as naked as he did,that would be too obvious,but you know,a bit of planned accidental flashing.  If saw by anyone else it would be all together accidental. Of course hiding in amongst these devious thoughts were why it had made me fruity. I decided on a way forward. With hubby at work and my two kids below school age I could use my tending to them playing etc. and with skimpy clothing reveal all,nearly all anyway.
 So about 9. 30 next day while giving the kids their breakfast out on the BBQ bench,I casually dressed in an above knee dressing gown with no knickers on,ready to set about my plan. My pussy got wet just thinking about it. I spoke to him as we always did when out in our mutual gardens,the house between was empty at this time and with garden walls about (75cm) two foot six, all our sexual assets were viewable if put on display. Today I could sense my old neigbour seemed keen to keep me talking and I was pretty sure of the reason. There must be something on view I'd overlooked!
 Not part of my plan the opening front of my dressing gown was open a bit but nothing significant would be showing. I was watching his eyes looking down to my legs but trying to figure what he was seeing as I hadn't started my plan yet.


   Then it dawned,while chatting you occasionally adjust your stance and in unconsiously doing just that,I'd put one foot up on a rather large,upside down plant pot. I now wondered just what I was showing but as it clearly pleased my old neigbour held the position now consciously.
 With one leg held as though one was going up some rather high steps,it may even be showing my pussy. Being semi sideways to him I adjusted slightly more in his direction,to which he shifted awkwardly while letting his hands rest across his pube area. I am having an effect,I'm pretty sure he's starting to get hard. He must be seeing my cunt! My little'lest tumbled so on having to move I broke his gaze but I knew he was still stood there looking and I guess hoping for more and more I gave him.
 Bending over forward I knew he could at least see the half moon creases of my pert, - though I say it myself, - bum cheeks. On hearing him suck in air I was sure he could actually see my pussy from behind. If this was the case? Apart from my puffy vulva outer lips and inner flaps,he would be looking at a fair amount of pubes alongside and on my mound of venus as I was nearly bent double by now and shaved nothing down there. As I straightened up I looked back under and over my shoulder in time to a, "phew!" eminating from him. On turning back towards him smiling,the top of my gown snagged a rose thorn and pulled open one side, - not in the plan,the only tie being the belt - revealing one of my boobs,nipple and all! In no hurry to hide this sexual asset I cupped my hand under it and gently brought the gown back over. "Sorry about that!" "I'm not" was his response plus a broad grin.
 It was clear he had a half hard cock going down his right trouser leg,so deciding its time to call a halt for today, I excuse myself to tend the washing machine,but in doing so as I head towards the door I half pirouette as though in response to the kids hoping he got a last look,high up my thighs. He grinned widely,so it worked but could it be I overplayed it and he's twigged what I'm up to? If he has,it doesn't seem to bother him.
 I kept this up daily through the warm spell as did he about five each morning although I knew he wasn't aware of my horny gloatting.

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   My hubby asked me if having the kids had given me a bladder problem but I passed that off by pointing out they'd both been by ceasarion section to keep me tight for him. Satisfied with that he took no further interest in this activity of mine.
 I know this may sound terrible but the trouble now was,I wanted more! Weird though it was,after my daily performance I was sneaking upstairs away from the kids to masterbate myself and while masterbating I was imagining him two doors up wanking at the same time. We seemed to have a commonality that I just couldn't put my finger on? Age seemed irrelevant,being completely honest,I wanted to fuck him. I told myself,that's crazy,but I did,so there!
 Then it happened,he saw me looking from my toilet window. I darted back as he looked up but to late,I just knew he had spotted me. Like a little girl peeping again he was stood grinning towards me. I smiled guiltily at him forgetting I was naked as this was how we slept,not a stitch of night clothes. He now had a full on of my tits and I felt my nipples crinkle up and go hard. He just kept staring as I just stood there and blushed. How crazy is that?after all my flashing. He mouthed "Lovely" and I blushed even more but still stood there.
 Later in the garden I was back to my old tricks but it was different I know,as he adjusted his hardness blatantly hanging on to his knob, "Like it? I love yours" At which I found myself nodding yes. "When are you coming up for that sponsorship money,you've done the run now haven't you? I'd come over the wall to get it to you but it'll be easier if you pop round" I nodded yes I had and yes I'll come round adding, "Our mum's taking the kids for a week,I'll do it then after my man's off to work" He gave me a wry smile and he and I knew we were in harmony on what would be going to happen!
 But did it though? wait and see!
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Topic: OLD INTO YOUNG 2 Pt 2 The happening;
 I know now,lust is a happy event that helps a marriage
 for me that butterflies in my belly as the day neared for what I knew was going to be my first extra marital lust driven experience. Coupled with the butterfly feeling an overwelming excitement was driving my finger crazy at least twice a day as my masterbating amounted to an obsession. Each time it involved my old neigbour as I anticipated pure sexual lust with him. Yes totally crazy I know,in fact I thought my mother would murder me if she knew what I was up to.
 I don't care,I just got to have that man! At this time I am convinced I'm about two and a half months pregnant,but I've told no one. Partly because I know my husband will stop having me when he finds out like the two other times. It turns him right off and then he can't get it up to fuck me. At the same time I become sexually rampant,I've even walked round the house with carrots and cucumbers rammed up me and jammed in my panties to hold them there while I wiggle my hips unmercifully getting myself off.
 The day arrives. With my home cleared as planned and having spent half an hour at 5 in the morning watching my nude neigbour and wanking myself as I watched,I'm full of expectations for the next few hours activities. I have no thought of how or which of us will start whatever we get up to! Now at his door ringing the bell the butterflies are in full flight in my belly. I feel so excited with lust,it feels as though I want to pee myself.

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   Then he's at the door, "Ah the sponsorship money" he says rather louder than his normal voice,must be for effect if anyone's nosing. "I'll come in if you like while you write the cheque" I respond with equal guilty voice.
 Standing to the door to let me pass in,momentarily and completely un-intensionally my wrist bumps something at his front. I felt myself flush up, - it was his knob, - "sorry,sorry" "That's alright we've been waiting for you all morning" "Fucking hell! What am I doing,he used the plural,'we' I had no way indicated I'd be up for more than him" "We got a bit excited when you rung the bell" PHEW! "The we was him and his cock,for a second there I was shitting myself" I flushed up more, almost like guilt to think he would have done something like bring in another bloke.
 "Sit yourself down,want a coffee? No need for a cheque,its only a fixed tenner,innit,make it twenty if you like!" "No ten it is,the others know because I bragged about it being bigger than the one's they'd got" Fuck my guilt,I blushed more this time as I realised the double meaning I'd just implied.  He had either missed this or was too much of a gentleman to score on my embarrassment. "Decaff or non?" "Ordinary,white with three spoonfuls please" "Ah! so that's what makes you so sweet" "Flattery will get you everywhere" Fuck I done it again,I'm flirting without even trying. I realise then this is that commonality that I couldn't put my finger on.
 I felt I could already say or even confide anything to him. Coffee's on the table,he was now talking to my face,not my tits like most blokes,or letching up my thighs,again like most blokes if you're sitting in front of them. "Do you enjoy your life" he starts with, "Yeah its great and it got even better a couple of months ago" "Oh! what? dare I ask,you're pregnant?" "What made you say that? Well no and yes!" His brow wrinkled questioningly and we both chuckled, He said, "You lost me on that one!" "Well,yes because my life got better, 'Blushing again' as I have been secretly watching you,you know out the back in the altogether,for ages now,but how did you guess? you know pregger's like" "Oh, you look so fresh and healthy; women always seem to have that look of health like that when they're with child,I love it,no intention of being rude,but seeing a pregnant belly on a women makes me as horny as hell" Then he cracked the ice for both of us, "I'd fuck everyone of them for the duration of their pregnancy,the bigger their lump the more and faster I'd fuck 'em"
 "Also you gave me confirmation that first time you saw me staring up your thigh's,remember? No knicker's and it allowed me to note the much darker tanning of the top inside of your thigh's. That's a sure sign, I'm sure you clocked my hardon down my leg?" More blushing, "Yes,it made me go to my bedroom and you know" "Wank,you mean,so did I,I wonder which of us cum off first?" Both chuckling and swigging our coffee's, I said, "Perhaps we cum together" "Hope its the first of many!" "About that pregnancy stuff,my husband gets turned off period when I'm up the duff,I thought all husband's do?" "Some yes,but not all and I'm one that,correction! was one that didn't,I always fucked my wife right up till the night before she had 'em,she and I loved it,if the baby gets in the way I bent to a comfortable position to stop punching him with my knob" Giggling,"Did they ever punch your knob in retaliation?" "Yeah,not half did they,but I always won as I sprayed them with this hosepipe" Another grip of his cock. God that was so tormenting! 
 "Well yes I am and all I will have for the next 7 months will have to be a carrot or cucumbers" He chuckled again, "Come out here a mo' I'll show you something" I'm wondering now,then we are out his back into his greenhouse, "There,take your pick,anysize small too big too giant Fuck it was his cucumber plant, "I'll even shove them in for you,no extra charge and in fact i'll tuck the end inside your panties to make sure the neighbours don't see it fall out as you pop down home" We're now chuckling as we walk back in the house, grabbing his cock through his trousers,it looked hard, "Course this is an alternative fix or even an aswell,if you so desired"
 Punching him on the arm, "You know I 'so desire' stop tormenting,I'm soaking,you talking dirty about cucumber's and fucking a woman's lump" "Lift up your top a bit" I did,now standing in front of him, "Now pull the other part down,lower,down to the top of your pubes" I did again,he ran his rough palm over my small lump,I tingled, "That baby needs feeding,by the wall,on my settee or in my bed?" I felt a surge of pussy juice, "Living room" I heard myself say, by the time we got there he had nearly pulled my shirt and pants to my knees and his knob was swaying through his fly,hard and ready as was my pus-pus.

     His face had altered but I couldn't think how? Then I knew,as he pushed my top up his lips came onto my nipple and sucked me like a babies gums. He'd taken his teeth out,god what a sensation,a man's mouth with the baby feeding sensations.

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       My mind was racing now,take control, I did! I did pushing his head towards my pussy,his wet lips were tantalising every nerve in my torso as these hard yet rubbery lips dragged across,first my belly,then my pubes,resisting my pushing I could feel my pubes being made wet by his mouth as he moved each side into my groins.  
     I now pushed harder,I wanted him to suck me NOW! Then I felt his hot breath hovering over my poor pussy. FUCK! it landed with a vengeance, wide open,not my cunt; his mouth,he took all of me from my hood to the hairs towards my bum into his mouth. I thought he was going to suck me inside out. How he could suck so much of me so hard I can't even guess,practice maybe? but suck he did. With no teeth to nip or get in the way of his tongue,he sucked and wiggled his tongue over and under every flap,wrinkle and groove my pussy had.
     I heard myself gasping,"Is that me? STOP STOP,I'll pass out" It didn't stop,his mouth just changed action and the tongue pushed up into the top of my hood and crucified my clitoris" I just couldn't stop my legs from twitching. Then in a flash he pulled his face away for a second, "Come on my beauty,cum in my mouth" He was back at me with the power of a pump,sucking,gumming and I jerked as a lot went up me,tongue and fingers.
     I was now gasping like a fish out of water. Stop! for fucks sake STOP! I didn't mean it really and he knew. His face left me and in a split second it seemed he rammed his cock up me,so quick and hard it virtually knocked the wind out of me. Then pulling back he started to torment my poor little pussy by pulling all his foreskin to the front of his knob,make as tthough he was going to ram me the only put his knob part in as the foreskin un-rolled,then he'd take it out again. I lost it, "You bastard,fuck me you bastard" Then almost as if he had the timing exact,looking at my face while smiling,shaking I was trying to grip round his ass with my legs in desperation to get his cock.
     Whimpering now, I'm begging for his cockand I mean begging,I was so rampant,anyone at that moment could have fucked me with any thing or any bodies. I'd never felt like that before,but it was the first of many.

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       Then he was off,or rather in! If I hadn't have had it done,I wouldn't have thought a bloke his age could fuck so hard and fast for so long. Then he dropped onto me as I felt shots of his spunk surge into the neck of my womb. I knew my juices were cumming all at the same time. He was now giving little thrusts as his jism thrill tapered off. In kind my cunt was absolutely throbbing. No coming together of minds. This was pure lust and lots of thrust.
     "That's my first fuck since I lost her,tell me its not my last with you!" Quietly I whispered, "Its not your last,but its got to be secret,will you fuck me each time I'm pregnant? and all the time" "Fuck yes,course I will,those little pills I got from the doctor could make my balls explode with a young tight pussy like yours" "Flattery again,it does work see" I then realised he was still hard inside me, "You're still hard?" "Not half,with the twitching muscles of your pussy I'll go again if you want" "I want" Then gently he started going again,and fucked so gently it made me feel so completely satisfied as I came off as if in slow motion,then for about 20 strokes he went fast and I knew he'd cum,but only a small amount this time.
     He lifted me onto the floor from the settee, and put it back in to which we slumbered for an hour,me with the satifaction of not having 7 months with no fucks and he with the knowledge my pussy was on call for as much as he could handle. Lust is a marvellous secret spoilt if you're found out.
     by for now.





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