Topic: OLD INTO YOUNG 1 pt. 1 The lead in;   (Pt 2 arrived first I'm afraid. I must try harder. )
 A fluke view of my old neighbour led me to some sexual activity with him.
 At 29 with a husband and 2 kids life was fine,then it got even better!
 After all,what are neighbours awoke at 5 one bright summers morning dying for a pee. - the very hot day previously had led to much greater intake of liquid and thus my bladder was full, - So,popping out of bed to my upstairs toilet with its window wide open because of the heat,I noticed a sound outside. Having gushed a torrent and then standing up to pat my pussy lips dry with some tissue as we women do,naturally I glanced out to see what had made this noise. There before me in his garden not next door but next again stooped my old neighbour mucking about with his plants. Thing was! He was absolutely nude. - being very early I guess he felt no one would see him, - The cool morning air was noticable in as much,his nipples were stood out hard on his chest and as he turned a bit towards me,his scrotum sac was tightened up under about 4 inches of heavily foreskined penis.
 Shocked my nipples crinkled and hardened with the sight before me. This was never how I imagined an old man of about seventies cock and balls to be. I just imagined them to be hanging all saggy and useless. Although I'd never consciously thought about it before now anyway. - Though I was some way away,what further surprised me was his pubes. They were a lovely bushy auburn not grey like his head hair is.

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   Again this was just an assumption as it had never entered my head really. Now this is what other women out there may be surprised about. I felt my pussy responding to what I was seeing,I could feel myself getting moist,I even felt myself,just to be sure. Strange? Well yeah! I thought so at the time as well. After all he was no Chippendale!
 I couldn't drag myself away from watching him and as he moved about with his cock dangling and swaying I squeezed my legs together and felt the tops of my thighs stick and drag at each other as I opened them a bit, - my juices were increasing obviously, - A young bloke yeah,but this was a man that could have fathered my mum or dad. When he eventually disappeared back in his house I hung on hoping for more but then I went back to my bed,guiltily but excitedly thinking,if my husband knew what I'd just been up to,he'd not be happy,especially if he felt what it had done to my pus-pus.
 I couldn't get back to sleep, I just lay there running what I'd seen around in my mind. I knew he'd been widowed about ten years ago and in my now dirty mode,wondered if he'd had a fuck since,or for that matter,wanted for one? He's a bloke after all,I bet he has regarding both questions.
 A thought was now growing in my mind, - Stop now Lucie, 'that's me' - I wonder if I should respond in kind for the old boy? That is not to wander about my garden naked,that would be to obvious and anyway,somebody else might see me, No! just a bit of titivation,you know a bit of planned accidental flashing here and there. The more I thought it the wetter I was getting. Very stealthily so as not to wake hubby I started to masterbate, - Fuck! this was about an old mans knob,I still can't believe I done that,but there it was dangling in my minds eye, - How long was it now? Who fucking cares? sssh! keep your finger going,sssh!
 Anyway if I was spotted by anyone else that way it would be assumed purely accidental. Of course hiding in amongst these devious thoughts of mine were,why had it made me so fruity? I couldn't tell you,as I just don't know! But I now decided on a way foreward. With hubby at work and my two kids being below school age,I could use my tending to them playing etc. while being skimpy clothed I would reveal all,well,nearly all anyway.
 So about 9.

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  30 next day while giving the kids their breakfast out on the BBQ bench,being dressed in an above knee dressing gown with no knickers on,I was ready to set about my plan. Ding! oops! Silly mummy,she's dropped the spoon. The ding had drawn the old man's attention if that was necessary,which I doubt. Bending,not stooping as well I could have,I knew by feel the back of my dressing gown was rising up the back of my thighs as I pointed my rear towards my neighbours gaze, I was pretty sure he could now see my, - though I say it with proud modesty, - the half moon creases of my pert bum cheeks perched above a nice pair of sexy thighs. I knew the half moons of my bum were on show because my husband kept asking me when clothed in this gown to bend like I was now to let him gaze at my half moons as he called them.
 He'd keep me bent over for ages,sometimes till I ached,but it was well worth it because it always had the same result,I got a hell of a fucking. My pussy had already been wet thinking about my plan and if my half moons were now showing my pussy pout would also be poking out through my thighs. OOPS! I straightened,I'd not intended to go that far,at least not the first time. Turning now and speaking to him for the first time this day. "Oh! Hello,nice to see you out and about" "Likewise to you Lucy this fine morning,with everything fine and rosey" I coloured up a bit,did he mean mine? We stood nattering.  As it happened our mutual gardens only had walls of about two foot six (76cm) thus all our sexual assets could be shown if one desired. The house between us was empty at this time so we stood some more and talked across at one another.
 By now I sensed my old neighbour was more than keen to keep me talking. I also noticed his gaze was concentrated towards my crotch area. Although I wanted to further my sexual flirting I stayed talking.

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   It then dawned on me. As you stand for a while you tend to adjust your stance which I had unconsciously done while talking and in doing so, I'd put one leg up on a rather tall upside down plant pot. Whilst this action had in turn opened the lower part of my gown I again felt myself flush up as I realised the lifted thigh as though stepping up a high step was totally revealing knee along my under-thigh to my bum and no doubt my pussy as well. God,what if he can see my cunt is all wet?
 I decided to go with this un-planned plan instead. Being slightly side on I adjusted my stance suitably towards my old friend to give him a full on view. He in turn dropped his hands a little to a half clasp across his pubic area. I am having an affect,I'm pretty sure he's starting to get hard. He must be able to see my cunt! My litt'lest tumbled so on having to move I broke his gaze but I knew he was still stood there looking and I guess hoping for more and more I gave him.   Bending over now completely with my ass towards him as I retrieved my tot, I distinctly heard him suck in air through his teeth. This could only mean one thing,he now had a full view of my puffed up vulva,inside pussy lips which always peeped from between and the mass of pubes - I never shave down there - up each side and across my mound of venus. While bending as much now as I was,I naturally had my legs open and with the gown dangling lower; in its shadow he probably was viewing right up to the undersides of my now dangling breasts. I instinctively swayed a bit to make this dangling swing. WELL! I mean.
His trouser leg said it all as I peeped back under my arm towards him,a half hard swelling had appeared at his right trouser leg as his eyes stared hungrily at my sexual assets. From this stance I broke away having tended my tot,as I straightened up in time to hear a, PHEW! eminating from him,then purely by accident on responding to my neighbour again as I turned back towards him a rose bush thorn snagged my top and dragged aside revealing one boob and pert hard crinkly nipple.

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   Oops! sorry about that! "I'm not though" was his cheeky retort.
 Now hoping I hadn't overplayed my acted, "I must start to do my washing machine a mo' I exclaimed. In making towards my door,I couldn't resist just one more tease, I make a half pirouette raising a flairlike swing hoping he got a last flash up to my thigh tops. That half hard cock had clearly become a tent at the front of his trousers and I quite blatantly made a stare at it. He in turn grinned widely and in no uncertain manner turned side on thus showing just how tented his trousers were. Dirty old man! Ha!Ha!
 I kept this sexual flirting up daily through the fine spell including darting out my back with the thinnest pair of panties and a wet cotton Tee shirt, - Made wet by me innocently holding cold wet washing against my chest as I took it to my line,that never failed to arouse my large nipples and always my old neighbour was waiting,having given me my 5 o'clock treat earlier of course even though he hadn't realised this. My morning gloat did have an effect though,but this was on my hubby. "You got a bladder problem from having the kids?" "No!" I just passed this off by pointing out they'd both been delivered by ceasarian section so as to keep my pussy nice and tight for him. Satisfied with this he took no further interest in my early morning activity.
 I know this may sound terrible,but the trouble now was,I wanted more! Wierd though it may seem,after my daily performance I was sneaking upstairs away from the kids to masterbate myself and while I was masterbating I was imagining him two doors up,wanking at the same time as me. We seemed to have a commonality that I just couldn't put my finger on. Age difference seemed irrelevant,being completely honest,I wanted to fuck him and him to fuck me. I tried telling myself its crazy,but wanted to and that was it. So,there!
 Then it happened,he caught me looking from my toilet window. I darted back as he looked up,but to late,I just knew he had spotted me.

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   Then like a little girl peeping again he was stood grinning towards me. I smiled guiltily at him forgetting I was stark naked as this was how we always slept,not one stitch of night clothes. He now had a full on of my tits and I felt my oreoles crinkle up as my nipples hardened. He just kept staring as I just brazenly stood completely still and blushed from my tits to my forehead. - How crazy is that after all my flashing? He mouthed, "Lovely" and I blushed even more but still stood there.
 Later in the garden I was back to my old tricks but it was different I know,as he adjusted his hardness blatantly and hanging on to his knob and grinning. "Like it? I love yours" At which I found myself nodding yes and feeling even more horny. "When are you coming up for that sponsorship money?" Fuck! He is,he's planning to fuck me! "You've done the run now haven't you? I'd come over the walls to give it to you but it'll be easier for you to pop in" I nodded,yes I'd done it and yes I'll pop in adding. "Our mum's taking the kids for all of next week and my hubbies working away as well. He give me a wry smile and he and I knew we were in harmony on what was going to happen
"Okay,pop up for that sponsor money mind,I won't pop over now,come to my front door then,anytime,that alright?" Yeah. I was stood there throbbing with excitement. I was going to get it,I just knew I was!
 Go to pt. 2 if you like it,Bye.  




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