Topic: OKAY SO I CHEAT Okay so I cheat.
 Today it would be called the 'Adrenaline rush' back then and even now,it was and is the thrill of not getting caught. Yeah,after all these years I still do it,its like a buzz drug to me.
 Understand,its purely lust not love. Love is always for my husband and kids. If I'd ever got or get caught I think the buzz would be ended.
 This is all true and as I recall,it was the first time and got me caught up on this illicit exciting game of never disclosed this to anyone before. Mother,sister,no one. Its not conscience now,I was just casting my mind back over things and while reading these pages,it occured to me that some of you may get a buzz from my antics as well.
 It came about in a simple way I suppose. I'd been preparing for a small family get together at christmas. Not all of them,just a cousin and her husband and children,with my hubby and our two. This mainly was because the others without kids were more inclined to booze in pubs where at that time kids were not allowed. We must have been married a few years and as I said,we had two young ones. They had three,the youngest being a couple of months older than our oldest. So,fun is being had by all,food eaten party games etc.

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   being enjoyed.  A minimal amount of booze had been partook of. All fairly irrelevant here,but the setting for what happened. The cousin and her husband were several years our senior,again purely as a back drop.
 I having had a couple of kids was no stick insect and the cousin wasn't either,so it wasn't any sort of bodyform desire because of our differences and my husband and her's were very similar in build and fairness of features. But there was a supple difference I was about to experience. This is where we really start the tale.
 With tea party well finished I realised it would be wise to do some washing up of dishes as we were light on dishes and stuff,having been only married a little while. So,in a general manner,I picked up some off the dining room table and in passing,said to no one in particular, 'I'll just clear these and wash them while you're all enjoying the fun' Off I potter,but as the door behind me closed,it reopened and not far behind me,my cousins husband followed with other utensils.
 "I'll lend a hand then" Sure,nothing wrong in that I thought. So as I drew hot water he traipsed to and fro till all the stuff was in the kitchen. Nieve I may sound,but I hadn't a clue where this was leading. As I put an amount into the sink and started swilling them off. He picked up a tea towel as though to start wiping them as I done the swilling. None of it,it was just a cover as I soon got to realise.

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   With the cloth in his left hand and although I didn't suspect at the time,draped down our left side which faced on the side anyone coming from the lounge could first see us if anything untoward was going on between us. I finched as his right hand,firstly smoothed my bum cheek,then smoothed up and down my bums groove followed by sneakily moving around my hip and in towards my groin.
 It was all gently done and as he came more close allowing him to reach around farther into my groin I distinctly felt his protruding knob press at my behind. This was because as his hand came towards where it shouldn't have been,I in pulling my belly away from his reaching hand at the front,pushed my bum towards his cock. I instinctively wriggled, while quietly saying, 'NO! Don't be stupid,you'll get caught' My moment of wriggling allowed him to press even more towards me and I went all hot as his bulge pressed at my bums groove. "You like it then?" 'NO! Don't be stupid,leave me alone and stop it' By now I'd gone all hot and felt sweaty, - Partly with embarrassment and partly fear of being caught I think.
 God! He's trying to smooth my groin now and his hand is formidably close to my pussy. 'NO! We mustn't, - WE now not YOU! - Stop now' I then innocently made an almighty mistake. In trying to wriggle away from his searching fingers I inadvertantly helped him to press right into my pussy. The more I bent the deeper his fingers pressed in between my legs,making me press back even more onto his now stiffening prick. I felt trapped and panicky. 'We'll be ca-u-ght,stop doing it to me' "You're loving it,be honest,don't it give you a buzz that they might catch us?"
 At that moment,my heart was going to burst through my rib cage. I don't know what had happened to the tea towel but his other hand now came in from his left side and he was trying to reach my pussy from both sides. I grabbed at the sink and tried to stupidly fumble with the dishes as though I was still washing them. The tinkling I knew was my instincts trying to hide what was going on.

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   I now felt all weak and a strange feeling came over me. As his hands sliding up and down in my groins had by now pulled my clothes up so that I could feel his fingers on my bare skin,I stood fixated to the spot. Another sensation,the bastard bit at my neck, - he was giving me a love bite. - 'No! Not there,it'll show' - What the fuck am I saying? - I got the full treatment,my neck was hurting he bit so hard. Dizzily now my mind reeled, How could I hide it,without making it obvious?
 By now I felt and knew he had some fingers through my knickers leg and was feeling my wet slit. Yeah,I was wet alright,I knew it and he felt it. Breathing heavily,he gripped my pussy closely with the full flat of his hand,but now not moving just gripping at my quim. I could feel a fumbling going on but I felt paralyzed. Then,complete shock. The hand fumbling by my bum,pulled at my skirt and I had the sensation of something warm was by my bum cheek. My face felt as though it would pop. I knew it was on fire and I knew what had given me this panic feeling. It was his cock! He had his cock out and up against my bum. I realised,to be against my naked bum cheek which it was, he must have pushed it between my knickers and my skin.
 "Don't fight,you know you want it" I want it? My mind was whizzing,he was pulling at my knickers,this way and that, - I'm going to have a heart attack,that's what it is,as my pumping heart pounded in my chest, - We're any second now going to get caught.

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  . . As my mind shot all these things past my brain, my legs were on another plain,he was pressing his cock at my thighs and trying to get my knickers out of the way. These legs of mine were helping by opening my thighs, I knew he now had my knickers to one side,the reason being,I could feel his cock sliding all slippery along my quims slit. I heard my voice saying, 'Cum doing that,don't put it up me' No sooner had my voice said it,than I felt him slip into my pussy.
 I gripped at the edge of the sink as he gripped around and deeply now into my groins. I could feel his fingers on my pubes as he started fucking me with force. He was making me orgasm, I make a lot of noise when I do cum normally,but I felt as though I was choking as I held back the sounds and my orgasm then hit me like a thunderbolt. His sperm hit at the same time. He gripped at me like a limpet on a rock as his surging continued thrust after thrust until with a grunt my pussy was empty of cock. He'd finished and pulled it out.
 I took no notice as he wiped our juice from his cock with the tea towel. I did look as he calmly put his cock away and zipped up his fly. I just couldn't believe just how casual he was acting. I moved from the sink to a less conspicuous corner of the kitchen and awkwardly pulled my skirt up and mucked about with my knickers fearing I'd be caught pulling them straight to stop any sperm dripping onto the floor and giving us away.

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   I even got another tea towel out. He had a dirty smile on his face as I retrieved the spunky towel and bunged it in the washing machine so there was no chance of one of the kids touching it and asking an awkward question.
 On watching me doing this he whispered, "You enjoyed that didn't you?" For a second I hated him. He knew more about me than I knew myself. I had fucking enjoyed the fucking,the fear of being caught and the secretive feeling now in my belly. It was as though his hardon was still inside me,my orgasm was still tingling, - I wondered whether this was because I had to keep my usual noise confined inside me. But I think it was that we now were going back where our spouses were,knowing they had no idea we'd just fucked their partners. Sounds like betrayal but we hadn't been caught. What they didn't know couldn't hurt them! Lust was supreme!
 For the rest of the evening all went normal. But quite late into the evening as they were about to leave,her husband again got me buzzing. I went to the other room to get their coats and he followed me and thinking we were alone,he deeply kissed me and while in so doing,he felt up my skirt and fingered me again,inside my knickers. I nearly died as my husband pushed the door aside and I'm sure he saw that I had a hand fingering my pussy. I broke the kiss and may have got away with that bit,but my skirt hem only fell slowly into place,so I'm still convinced even now my husband had seen me getting felt on my naked quim. Not a word was ever said about this and for ages after,it had me not only worried but curious why if he did in fact see what was happening,he failed to comment at all.
 More if you like it.

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   There is many more times I can assure you.




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