Topic: OKAY SO I CHEAT 2 Okay so I cheat 2
 This is a follow on as requested and is true.
 My lust really gets back at me,I certainly didn't bargain on this my first go at cheating although it was through no fault or intension by me. I admit it became all I could think about. The buzz I got after at not being caught had me wet nearly all my waking time. I savoured each moment I could recall and finished up masterbating myself like crazy as my pussy reacted to my thoughts.
 Now understand,my husband was no slouch then. We fucked like rabbit's two or three times a day. He's good too,he gives me multi orgasm's - still do - and he could stay with it for usually three cum's before waivering,then using anything handy if I still wanted friction inside my hungry puss puss. But! In any one month I admit he tended to faulter after about the seventeenth day, commenting, "Fuck me shel' you're sucking me dry" But like I say he was/is good.
 So at that first shag,it never entered my mind that I'd had the cum deep up inside me. Now I wondered if it had been a one off or if more may follow. I also thought about the sperm he'd planted in me and decided should he try at me again I'd make him spit it outside of me. Nieve me! Firstly I was now getting frustrated because the dumb mutt hadn't tried to fuck me or even call in to try to fuck me. I even doubted if he found fucking me was that good?but after all my husband seemed to keep coming back fot more and loved my multi-orgasms.
 Lounging playing with my clitoris I was rudely interrupted in my thought pattern by the door bell. Oh fuck! I thought,why don't you piss off and let a girl play.

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   Reluctantly and knickerless getting to my feet,I strolled to the door, - this was a month now since I'd cheated. - "Oh,its you,why are you here anyway?" - It was the lusty male relative. Pushing me back through the door, "Quick,inside,your mother-in-law's heading this way" Roughly handling me including pushing me by my tits he got me in the alcove behind the stairs. "Shh! I think she's going to knock,but I got in before she spotted me" 
 By now the horny swine had started trying to get his hand up my skirt while giving me a love bite on the heaving excited slope of my breast. "No! It'll show you idiot" - "Shh! If she's outside she'll hear you" then went back to giving me that love bite while his horny fingers were now working me up like mad,remember I'd already been near to cumming on my own account. Now gasping and being ever conscious of making a noise as I got near orgasming I bit into his neck and he let out a yelp as my knashers bit really hard as I orgasmed just as the door was knocked. Again and again 'Knock,knock' then my name was called,mother-in-law was making me giggle just as this randy sod shoved his cock hard up my pussy.
 The fear and excitement was back at the thought of being caught and I grabbed at his ass as we fucked Oh! So hard. All thought of sperm had left my head as he spurted deep inside my vagina,again and again he thrust this spunk deep up my quim until his orgasm subsided. It seemed as if the clammer the other side of the front door gave up as our orgasm's subsided. Staying quiet for quite a while I cursed him as I saw the bloody love bite he's stuck on my tit. Realisation kicked in. "You stupid bastard,how the hell am I going to hide that and you've just put all your sperm up me,what do I say if you've made me pregnant you idiot"
 "That's easy,just get him to fuck you plenty for the next few days,he'll think its his" - "Stupid! We do that all the time anyway" - "Okay,keep saying 'give me a baby' as he makes you cum then" - "God just how deceitful are you? You seem to have an answer for everything" - "Admit it,admit what a buzz I gave you,you cumming off with your mother-in-law only inches from you as you were cumming. Anyway,who are you to shout,look at my neck,you've broke the skin there you randy cow" I admit he was right,the excitement was formidable. He pushed his sticky cock back in me again and off I went until he again cum up my insides.

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   "You've done it again,you bastard,I told you not too" - "Yeah,but don't it do something to you? The buzz waiting to see if I've impregnated your eggs"
 At that moment,it did but it also made me feel a right little horror,cheating on my husband. "Oh by the way,I've knocked Jill up again so you'll have good company" Jill is his wife. "You can push prams together" At that moment I could have sloshed him but I'm sure he anticipated my thought and grabbed me and wrestled one of my tits out making to bite it with another love bite but as I squealed he suckled at me while gurgling out "Think who'le be doing this to you in nine months"
 He was right,I had a feeling about this second game of cheating and sure enough in no time my belly started to rise. For the rest of that time,hubby and friend kept baby well fed shall I say. Nothing exposed my cheating even if it was the source of baby. So. . .
 Having arrived the other side of pregnancy I was again getting from my husband lots of love and sex. But my thoughts still lingered on lust. I played while thinking of other men that I thought may try it on with me with the right indicators being flown by your truly. Then after several months of yearning it so happened that we were at cousins house and on leaving he took the baby from me as I got seated in the car,to which he now presented baby for me to hold. A tingling shock ran through me as on offering the baby up,my senses felt a finger pull my knicker leg to one side and tentively finger my clitoris.
 My husband was already sat in the driving seat only inches away from his wifes' pussy getting fingered. I made no sign of what was happening and it was no more than a minute I was getting it done but I felt my pussy juice ooze from my slit at this touching bearing in mind,his wife was stood immediately behind him.

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   His eyes momentarily flitted towards mine from under his blond eyelashes,then the moment was gone. The bastard! He's started me off again,I knew I was going to get fucked by him again,I also knew I desired it to be sooner rather than later. Within an hour my husband was playing and fucking me ruthlessly making the comment, "Christ you're fucking horny tonight" and I was!
 Within a week,I was merrily enjoying the spin cycle of my twin tub vibrating me to an exquisite orgasm as with eyes fluttering between open and close I saw my sexual mentor pass the kitchen window and in a moment the side door opened,realising my moment,he had his fly open and as my orgasm took off I felt my clothes rise up at the back and his hardness press against my dripping quim lips. The machine made me move about chasing ever vibe of movement and as my crescendo faultered he rammed his shaft up my sticky slit,deep,deep,oh so deep into my vagina and with the varying change of the machines pulses as the spin started slowing,he shot off shot after shot of cum up my saturated pussy.
 Pulling it quickly out of me,I freaked as I saw his wife's head pass the same window and in no time she appeared struggling with a pushchair. - His cock was back in his trouser's - "Selfish swine,you knock me up then leave me to struggle with the chair" - "No my love,I was just rushing ahead to save you coming this far if she wasn't home" - I felt my stomach roll in his lying mirth,in turn this made his sperm sqeeze out of my pussy. I knew he was a shit but couldn't quit the andrenalin rush. I headed for the stairs to clear the sperm residue in the bathroom and he blatantly made a probe at my thighs up my skirt. - "You can stop that straight away,you're not at home now,leave her alone,she's married" - Crazily,I wondered,how much does his wife know about? But it stayed at that. Again I felt so guilty but extremely excited!




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