Office Lunch pt 1


Lunch at the office was always boring when you went to the lunch room but one day I needed to get something taken care of and headed up to Human Resources. I think someone may have forgotten I was coming up or they actually wanted me to find out something, either way went I entered the office I got a welcome surprise.


The door to the office was unlocked and I stepped inside, scaring the two females that were in there. Seanna was sitting at her desk and I noticed the her hair was a little messed up and the second scream I heard seemed to come from under her desk. I walked over and found Amy on her knees and I noticed the there was some shiny fluids around her mouth area, and Seanna's skirt had been pushed up further than she was able to push it back down. To make it even better Amy's blouse was unbuttoned showing me her beautiful , bra covered D-cup tits.

Now I would not want to interrupt anyone having a good time and I was not going to make an exception this time. I told the girls to continue and I would just sit and wait until they finished. Amy said okay and went back to eating out Seanna's sweet looking, hairless pussy and she worked on getting her blouse and bra off at the same time. The moans that were coming from Seanna made my cock get harder and harder with each passing second. I watched as Seanna grabbed the back of Amy's head and buck her hipsup as she began her orgasm from the tongue lashing she just received.

After she calmed down Seanna helped Amy up off the floor and as she stood in front of her Seanna pushed Amy's skirt up revealing that Amy was not wearing panties and she proceeded to enjoy the taste of Amy's sweet pussy. I had enough and walked over behind Amy and helped her remove her blouse and her bra and I began to play with Amy's beautiful tits as I watched Seanna run her tongue up and down Amy's hot box and mixing it with giving Amy a tongue fucking getting her sweet tongue as deep inside Amy as she could.

Amy began moaning after just a few minutes of Seanna on her pussy and she laid back on the desk and began having an orgasm. Seeing Amy like this told me it was time to up the ante so I reached down and undid my jeans and pushed everything to the floor and placed my cock in front of Amy's face and when she opened her eyes she knew exactly what to do and soon I was tickling the back of her sweet mouth with my eight inches of manhood.

Seanna stood up and got on the desk on top of Amy and they took turns giving me head.

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   Now I have to say this about Seanna and that is she does not have a really big mouth or big tits for that matter so she was only able to get a few inches of my cock into her mouth but she knew how to use her hand on the rest of it. As they took turns sucking me off the took turns sucking on each others titties. As this went on for about five minutes or so I knew I would have to get back to work soon or someone would come looking for me. I began to think how I wanted to lose my load when we all got a bit of a shock as the door to the office opened again.

I had my cock buried deep in Amy's mouth and Seanna had her mouth glued to Amy's left tit when we all looked over and watched as Kim entered the office. Kim saw what was going on and quickly turned around and locked the door. She made her way over to us and Seanna looked up at her and told her it was about time she showed up. Kim said she was taking care of some other stuff and lost track of time. I knew at that moment where I wanted to lose my load and I instructed Seanna to get Kim's pussy ready for me to enter her.

I watched as Seanna and Kim began to French kiss as Seanna helped Kim out of her clothes and I pulled out of Amy's mouth and walked around the desk to get to her sweet box to give her a fucking. I was able to enter her rather easily seeing how she was dripping wet and it did not take long for her to cum.

I walked up behind Seanna as she had Kim laid out on another desk and I slipped my cock into her from behind and she too came rather quickly.


I saw that she had Kim ready for my rock hard member and I had Seanna move to the side and she joined Amy who was standing beside me and I placed my cock at the entrance to Kim beautiful hot twat and got ready to enter her when I suddenly decided I wanted to get a taste of her before I did this. I knelt on the floor and began to eat her out and I watched as Amy got up on the desk and placed her pussy over Kim's face and Kim knew what to do and she started feasting on Amy's cunt. I stood up after five minutes and Kim coming down off her orgasm she received from my tongue lashing and I did not want to give her much time to recuperate and I slipped my cock into her twat.

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Amy began having her own orgasm as I began to fuck Kim and watching Amy's tits bounce on her chest was making it hard for me to keep from cumming to quickly and I could not put any thoughts into my head to slow it down, either. About this time the phone rang in the office and it helped for a second until I heard Seanna talking dirty to who ever was on the other end. As I continued going in and out of Kim's pussy I felt her tighten up and knew she was going to have her second orgasm and I could not hold back. In the background I heard Seanna tell the caller she was just finishing up in her office and she would be there shortly.


My cock was about ready to burst when she stood up and started getting dressed and I was nearing max capacity for holding back and she told the girls she had to run to Julie's office and she reached in her desk and pulled out a dildo and told us she had another meeting she needed to get to. Kim calmed down from her orgasm and I had her and Amy on their knees in front of me and I stroke my cock a couple times before covering their faces with a small amount of cum and watched as they cleaned each other up. They both stood up and began getting dressed when the phone rang again and Amy answered it and then handed it to me. I put the phone to my ear and before I got hello out I heard Julie's voice saying that I was her lunch tomorrow. . .

Now things are getting interesting at work and more may follow. . .




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