Now mom wants a go


At eighteen I have everything a guy can ask for I have a decent job working as a mechanic for my uncle which pays good money, I have my own place in which I live with my beautiful girlfriend and we enjoy the most amazing sex life. My name is Jake I’m 5’10” around 168 pounds, athletic build and I have a pretty big penis. My girlfriend is called Becka she’s 5’4” around 98 pounds so very small and light fantastic to throw around the bedroom if you know what I mean. She has long blonde hair, 32 D breasts and a nice tight arse and is extremely pretty. But this story isn’t really about her, it’s about my mom Kathy she’s thirty eight around slightly taller than Becka at 5’6, 115 pounds she’s a little more full bodied, also with blonde hair, round arse and is really beautiful, she has rather large 34DD breasts. Some people say some blokes pick a woman who reminds him of his mother and until now I didn’t realise I was one of those blokes. As I have already mentioned I have an amazing sex life with Becka and we have two rules the first one is what we do together stays between us no one ever finds out and the second, what one of us wants to do to or receive from the other they have to be willing to do or receive the same, sorry if this has confused you but basically means for example if I want oral off her then I have to give her oral etc. This goes for everything we do together and when the time came that I wanted to fuck her in the arse I had to let her fuck me in the arse in her words “It’s only fair,” I was reluctant at first but in the six months since we started doing that I have grown to really enjoy it and she enjoys it too.

As I have already said we live together just the two of us or at least that’s how it was until a week ago. My mother has always had a key to my place, she comes round once a week while we at work to clean the house for us. It was late Friday night Becka and I had enjoyed a quiet night in and were on the living room floor me on all fours with Becka behind me slamming home her 10” strapon, talking dirty to me as she fucked my hole, fair to say we weren’t expecting any visitors and were so involved in the moment we didn’t hear the front door open neither did we notice the living room door open.

“What the hell?” came a voice from behind us, I jumped forward off the huge strapon almost pulling Becka with me. We both turn around to face the doorway from which the voice came.

“Mom! Shit! What the fuck are you doing here?” I said, trying to cover myself up,

“I need somewhere to stay for a few nights me and Matt have fallen out,” She replied,

“Can you give us a minute mom?” I ask,

“I think that would be best,” She replied before leaving the room and closing the door behind her,

“Oh my God! You’re mother has just caught me fucking your arse, Shit! I’m so embarrassed! What must she think?” Becka said,

“I don’t think I can even face her,” I said,

“Well I’m not and if she’s staying I’m going to go stay with my dad. I can’t believe that!” She said.

We quickly put our clothes on and Becka headed up to bed and I prepared myself to go talk to my mother.

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   I slowly walked into the kitchen like a little kid who knows they’ve done something wrong and are about to get shouted at, my mom looks up at me,

“Let’s never talk about this again. ” She said,

“Deal!” I replied,

“Is it okay for me to stay here for a few days I have nowhere else to go?” She asked,

“Yeah you can have the spare room it’s already made up. ” I reply,

“Thanks in that case I think I will call it a night,” she said,

“Night mom,” I said,

“Night,” She said while standing up, she walked over to me and went to kiss me on the cheek but then thought better of it, there was an awkward silence between us before she left the room. Shortly after I headed up to my bedroom, Becka was already in bed as I climbed in next to her,

“I don’t want to talk about it,” she said, I thought it best not to talk about it so I left it. Neither of us slept that night we just tossed and turned.

The next morning Becka packed a few things and headed to her dads, a few days went by and things were a little awkward around the house me and my mother barely spoke and Becka had decided that she could never face my mother again. Soon a week had gone by, my mother still hadn’t patched things up with her boyfriend and was still living with me and Becka was still at her dads. It was another quiet Friday and there was nothing on the TV, things were still awkward between me and my mom when she turned to me,

“I think we should talk about last week,” She said,

“I thought we agreed we wouldn’t?” I replied,

“I know but we can’t go on like this. ” She said,

“True,” I replied,

“Okay. Why was Becka fucking you with a huge strapon?” She asked,

“Because if I want something off her sexually, then I have to be prepared to give her the same thing. ” I replied,

“What do you mean?” She replied,

“Okay, if I want a blowjob off her then I have to go down on her as well, and if I want to fuck her in the arse then you get the picture. ” I said,

“That’s actually brilliant,” She said,

“What?” I asked surprised at what my mother had just said,

“Well it is, it shows that the two of you are equals in the bedroom, the amount of men who have just expected me to let them fuck my arse it’s kind of one sided unless they’re any good at it. It’s only fair. ” She said, I was shocked at this and I was unsure of how to respond to that,

“Right. .

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  . ” I said,

“It was actually quite hot seeing it. ” As soon as my mother had said that she realised that she shouldn’t have.

“What?” I said,

“Well it was, that thing was huge, I’ve never had that sort of power over a man, but there’s no way Matt will ever let me do that to him. He’s too much of a man for that,” She said, I now witnessed a look I had never experienced from her before,

“Can I see it?” She said,

“See what?” I asked,

“The strapon,” She replied,

“Why?” I asked,

“I just want to see it. ” She replied,

“Okay,” I said before getting up, we keep a lot of our toy’s locked in a cabinet in the corner of the room, so I grabbed the key off the top of the tall unit next to the cabinet then unlocked the cabinet and opened the door not seeing that my mother had moved off the couch and was now stood behind me looking over my shoulder. I took hold of the strapon and went to turn around which is when I realised she was there,

“Wow. That things huge,” She said snatching it out of my hand, before lowering it down to her crotch area simulating that she had it on,

“Oh yeah I could use this, how big is this?” She asked,

“Ten inches,” I replied,

“How can you take all of this?” She asked,

“We worked our way up to it,” I replied, she then looked at me with that new look again,

“Can I try it?” She asked,

“What?” I asked,

“Can I have a go?” She asked,

“What do you mean?” I asked,

“Can I put it on and you know. . . ” She said,

“What? No!” I said, completely shocked by the request,

“Please baby? You can fuck me in the arse after, I just really want to see what it’s like. ” She pleaded,

“No! You’re my mother!” I said,

“Please! No one will ever know! Just the once”

“No!” I said, she now changed tactic, she then placed the strapon down on the couch,

“Please!” She said as she turned around and began to slowly pull down her trousers, slowly revealing a pair of black French knickers which were filled out nicely by her round ass, this got my dick hard instantly, I could feel the pressure on my cock as it struggled against my boxers as it tried to spring upwards and as my mother looked back at me she could see the large lump that had developed,

“Is that a yes then,” She said, she took my silence as a yes and proceeded to pull her trousers all the way down bending right over in front of me rubbing her arse against my hard cock. Next she slowly removed her vest top allowing me to gaze over her flesh,

“Can you help me,” She asked, I reached forward and took a hold of her bra clasp and quickly unclipped it allowing her bra to spring open, she slowly slid the straps down off her shoulders and the bra soon dropped to the floor, now without turning around she took a hold of her French knickers and slowly started to pull them down to the point where gravity took over, she now turned towards me as she stepped out from the heap of clothes at her feet. I now got to see my mother in a way I have never seen her, I know I haven’t seen her naked before but it was more than that she looked vulnerable, desperately looking for some sign of approval from me and as my eyes gazed over her body I realised that for a woman of thirty eight the years had barely had any effect on her body, okay there was a couple of stretch marks but other than that her arse was nice and round but it was still quite pert but her breasts had a little sag to them but not much plus due to the size of them it was to be expected I could see she was exited due to her huge nipples being rock hard and pointing upwards . Her pussy was completely bald and I knew that it was waxed not shaven.

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   I now gave her the sign she was looking for as I begin to remove my t-shirt slowly revelling my upper torso, I watched as her eyes quickly scanned over my body as I slowly hooked my thumbs into the waist band of my trousers and I slowly start pulling them down immediately allowing my cock to spring free, it had hooked under the bottom of my boxers and was now on show, I quickly removed my boxers and stood up straight to face my mother,

“I can see why you two use a ten inch strapon. ” She said,

“I’m no where ten inches mom,” I replied,

“I know but that’s fatter than the strapon,” She said, with that she stepped forward and took hold of my hard cock and began stroking it against her smooth wet pussy, before stepping away and walking over to the cabinet,

“We will need this,” She said while reaching in and pulling out a tube of K&Y lube, she walked back over to me,

“Down on all fours,” She ordered and I obey, quickly getting down on all fours,

“Let’s take a look at that hole,” she said, with that she got down on her knees behind me and pulled my arse cheeks apart,

“My God that’s sexy, I haven’t even touched it yet and its already a little gaped,” she said before leaning over and beginning to lick my hole, getting my arsehole licked is one of my favourites I think its brilliant and I am soon enjoying every microsecond of it her tongue gently probing my hole making it totally wet, she now begins slipping her fingers into my hole,

“Do you like having mommy finger fucking you, your hole does it’s all wet it wants mommy’s big dick in it doesn’t it?” She said, it wasn’t the kind of dirty talk that I am used to but it turned me on all the same,

“Yes mom fuck my hole,” I reply as she adds a fourth finger to my hole stretching it wider as she pushes them in deeper,

“God I’m so wet I’m going to explode she says, she removes her finger and stands up she grabs the strapon from the couch,

“Can you help me put this on,” She asks and I quickly oblige holding the straps open for her to step into then after she pulls it up I begin tightening the straps till it hugs her body firmly, I pass her the lube and she begins to smear it over the strap on until its black surface glistens in the light,

“Ready?” She asks,

“Yes,” I reply and I return to my hands and knees and my mom returns to her position behind me,

“Look at that, you’re gaping wide open and I haven’t even fucked you yet,” She said and with that she placed the tip against my hole, I feel my hole stretch as she begins to firmly try and penetrate me and soon it slowly slides in and she begins inching it in my arse taking the whole thing,

“Look at that ten inches and your hole swallowed the lot,” She said, now my arse was hers she began to fuck my hole slowly at first but slowly speeding up as my hole become loser, I encouraged her by fucking back onto her dick hard meeting each thrust,

“You take this dick like a whore,” She said,

“I’m your whore,” I reply,

“I know you are baby, you’re going to be my whore for a long time to come,” She said while slamming deep into my hole, she now gripped my hips pulling me back to meet her ever quickening thrusts. Soon she was fucking me harder than my hole had ever been fucked her dick sliding in and out of me faster than I could ever comprehend our bodies slamming together, it hurt but felt so good I never wanted it to stop, I could hear her breathing heavily behind me struggling to keep up the pace and soon she had slowed to a crawl sliding the full length in then out allowing the tip to leave my hole,

“Look at that sexy gape,“ she said, before spitting into it and sticking her dick back in,

“I could fuck this hole for hours,” she said before removing her dick again before sliding it all the way back in, she repeated this over and over again, finally the last time she removed it she slid four fingers straight in,

“Look at that I can almost fist it, it’s that wide,” She said, she actually tried and I felt my hole stretch further as her hand got deeper into my hole, before she gave up,

“Millimetres that all I am away, I will get it in one day, anyway my turn,” She said standing up with wobbly legs, I turned to help her remove the strapon, she looks down at my cock,

“Fuck me you’re still hard as a rock,” She said,

“I know,” I reply as she steps out of the strapon, I now guide her to the couch and sit her down and get her to lay back and slouch till her arse is hanging over the edge, I spread her legs and lift them up to give me full access to her arsehole, I set straight to work spitting, licking and fingering her sexy hole, I could tell she was no stranger to anal as her hole opened straight up for me,

“That’s it lick mommy’s hole baby, fuck me that’s good mommy’s going to cum,” She said, and after a few more licks her body tensed up and her pussy sprayed my face with her cum her whole body twitching but I carried on with licking and probing her arse, I could tell she was ready but I wanted to see how much her arse could take so I applied lube to her hole, picked up the strapon and slowly inserted it into her arse, her hole took it easily, the hole ten inches,

“Fuck my arsehole baby,” She ordered still in ecstasy, I began to remove the strapon from her arse,

“No wait! Leave it in, I want both cocks in my hole,” She said, I was extremely shocked by this but I did as ordered I raised up my body and positioned my cock above the strapon at the entrance to her hole, I then began to apply pressure to her hole and her arse slowly started to stretch, I could see the pain etched onto her face as the tip entered her arse,

“Ah baby stop, I can’t do it,” She screamed and I withdrew as quickly as I could without hurting her further,

“I must be out of practice, I’ve taken two dicks before,” she said, this shocked me more but I couldn’t wait any longer I removed the strapon from her arse leaving it gaped open she pulled her cheeks further apart and it gaped even further, I placed my cock at the entrance and slid it straight in,

“Ah yeah baby that’s a fucking dick!” She said, her arse took my dick like a pro and soon I was buried balls deep in her arse, now I begin to fuck her arse making sure to use every inch of my cock to satisfy her, I watch as her breasts bounce to the rhythm of us fucking, I could see the pleasure in her face and for the first time in my life I knew this was the woman I wanted to be with and the fact she was my mother didn’t bother me at all.

“Yes baby, fuck mommies ass. My God you fuck me so good!” She said while gazing straight into my eyes, I pulled my dick out of her pounded ass, her hole gaping almost gasping for me to fill it up again,

“Baby don’t tease me. Please stick your dick in my arse,” She said, and with that I slammed my dick straight into her arse, this time we picked up the pace, I pounded her ass hard and fast and she fucked back as hard as she could, it was only a matter of time before the inevitable happened and I soon felt it. The pressure in my balls beginning to make its way towards the tip of my cock, mom soon picked up on this, she looks up at me,

“Baby cum in my ass, I want you to cum inside me,” she said, I tried and tried to hold on but soon I was overwhelmed, I slammed my cock deep into her arse and released my load, I could feel her arse milking each drop and it squirted deep into her during a orgasm which seemed to go on and on, by now her legs were wrapped tightly around me and we seemed to be locked together and after my orgasm subsided I stayed there until my cock had gone limp and fallen out of her arse,

“I love you mom,” I said,

“I love you too baby,” She said.