I rode his dick backwards for the first time.

I was horny and nothing was stopping me so I grabbed hold of his thick, swollen bulge through a hole in the crotch of his boxers, licked it a little, then slid my lips slowly down the side of his shaft and kissed it softly. He threw his head back and his dreads spilled above his head as he let out a faint moan, as he felt my mouth part then water as I begin to slide my tongue over its head then suck and slurp his dick. Amazed at how deep I aloud him he grabbed hold of my curls and pushed my head further on to his member. "Nnghh, you like this dick?" He asked. Truthfully I loved it, but I didn't want to give way just yet. "I said, you like THIS DICK?" He asked more forcefully thrusting his dick deeper into my throat. But I could take it, I'm a big girl. Suddenly I hop up and smile at him. "Lay on your back. " I instructed. He smirked at me as he got up off of his bedroom carpet obediently and sat back on his bed.

He fluffed his pillows then lifted and stacked them behind him for what he knew would be support. I turned my body the opposite direction that he lay and I let him get a full look at my chocolate and glistening ass, before I softly but firmly grabbed hold of his penis and gently lowered myself onto it. "Mnmghhhh. " We both moaned simultaneously, I had to admit he felt so good inside of me and I was waiting for this dick all day.

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   I lifted my ass up and down and let my pussy stroke right down onto his cock. "Mmmmm, this dick feels so good, how this pussy feel baby?" I asked him as I rode his dick backwards, my pussy began to moisten and pussy juice slid down the sides of his dick. "This pussy is real good baby, juicy. Mmm. Keep slamming that ass on me and lettin that pussy soak and I'ma cum early. " He moaned. My nipples were so hard, I lifted myself slightly and with his dick still inside I quickly spun around and began riding his dick from the front. My mango shaped breasts hit him in his mouth a couple of times as I bucked up and own, He couldn't take it anymore so hebegan sucking on my almond colored nipples and I couldn't help but moan. He started grinding his dick up into me slowly at first but then he started slamming it as I rode down on his dick. We began pound fucking and moaning and screaming. The bed began lifting and rocking so hard the frames on the wall began to shake. Fucking neighbors started banging on the wall, but its okay I always liked an audience. As the power in my pussy intensified I hopped up and spun around and started fucking him harder holding his tan ankles, to steady me as I rode his dick backwards. "AGHHHH I'M ABOUT TO. .

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  . . " He moaned. . . "AGHHHH I'M ABOUT TO. . . . " He moaned louder. The neighbors banged on the wall so hard I thought it would collapse. "I'm about to cumm, agh. . . .

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  " I moaned , "unghhh mmmmm here I cum baby, I'm cummin agnghhhhh!!!" I moaned even louder as I felt my body freeze and pussy explode my juices all over his dick. I hung my head and body over as my pussy throbbed and he continued bouncing up into my defeated walls, a few more seconds he gripped my hips from behind tightly. I looked back at him just as his face screwed up and he shook. A loud gurgling noise escaped from deep within him and I felt cum shoot up into my juice box, I looked below and smiled as his liquids began spilling out onto his pubic hair. He smiled up at me. We were both sticky but neither of us wanted to move, so we didn't, and the neighbors kept knocking.