New Uncle /Submissive Aunt part3


I remember walking home in the snow, already looking forward to going back and really bummed that I would have to wait until the following Friday. When I got home, I think I was jerking off within an hour. I spent the following day in my room for the most part, reliving in my mind everything that happened, and masterbating.

A couple days into the school week, something interesting happened. I walked in from school and Kathy was there. She was in the kitchen talking to my mom. At first I was scared and I think I showed it. I had thought that the cover was blown, I'm caught, my parents know. But in reality she was just visiting like she did alot, only know I looked at her a lot different. She was in a pant suit, obviously she came from work, and I couldn't help but notice her body shape through her clothes and it immediately made me hard. She played off any embarrassment pretty good, she didn't say directly to me, but looked on and smiled as I talked to my mom. I remember my mom saying " it feels like we're throwing him at you on Fridays". Kathy said " oh, he's fine, he's alot of company. "

Thursday night, I barely slept and I wasn't worth a damn in school on Friday. I contemplated skipping the last few hours, but I stuck it out. As I left school and walked to Kathy and Todds house, I was celebrating the idea that something awesome was going to happen because I was staying the night.

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I ring the doorbell and Todd comes to the door on the phone and let me in. I took off my shoes and walked into the living room and Kathy was there on the couch with a glass of wine. I sat down on a chair, kind of facing her and it was a very awkward moment. She took a drink and quietly said " how was school?" I said it was good, but glad it's over for the week. She smiled and I smiled back. She was dressed casual, like she does at home, with a pair of blue jeans and a black long sleeve t shirt that fit kind of snug and showed off her tits really well.

Todd hangs up the phone as he walks in the living room and sits down and looks over at Kathy "honey, get us a couple of beers please. " I watched her sort of roll her eyes as she stood up and clearly stumble a little. Apparently she already had alot of wine after work. But she came back with 2 Corona's. She handed them to us as Todd flipped on the tv. I wasn't in the mood for watching tv for sure. Anyway, that's what we did for the next hour or so, it felt like forever.

Kathy was sitting where I had sat the last couple of times I was over there. She had her feet up on the couch, reading a magazine and still sipping on wine.

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   I got harder and harder by the minute looking at her. I looked at Todd and he noticed me staring at Kathy for so long. He made a silly face and stuck his tongue out at me. He said hey Dave, if you need anything, just let Kathy know". I could see Kathy's eyes roll looking at her magazine briefly. I said ok, but I guess I was young and stupid or not focused enough on him to realize what he was getting to. So after a couple of more minutes, Todd said " you know, if you wanted her to do anything for you, just let her know. "I shook my head ok again as it started to register.

The thoughts of asking her to do it, I just couldn't take, my heart starting beating fast thinking about it, as she calmly looked at her magazine. I suppose I took too long and Todd said " Dave pay attention, Kathy, take your top off please. "Dave smiled and Kathy didn't waste any time in setting down her magazine and pulling her top off, revealing her beautiful tits in a black bra. This is when I realized that she would do anything Todd said, and now I could probably do the same thing, at least today. The problem was that I was just too dang scared.

I could feel my stuff ready to break a hole in my jeans looking at her, as she sat on the couch, in her bra and jeans sipping that wine and not making any eye contact. Dave said " why don't you try it, ask her to do something.

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  "My heart was racing out of control but I was finally able to give it a shot and I mumbled out "take your bra off?"I made it sound like a question. She pulled the straps from her shoulders and turned her bra backwards and undid it. Those nice tits revealed, she grabbed one for a second, then stared off to the tv, obviously embarrassed. I just stared until I noticed Todd, quietly urging me to do more.

I let enough time pass,that Kathy went back to reading her magazine when I got the nerve to say quietly " pants too?"She sat her magazine down and slowly stood up and unbuttoned her jeans. I loved watching her make tugs side from side pulling them over her hips. I was so horny that I felt high. I realized this was a game of "tell Kathy what to do" and as embarrassing as it was, I enjoyed it immensely, but I was still scared. She peeled those jeans off and she had a pair of black panties on, so I quickly said " those too. "Which she pulled them off. Her pussy hair, very trim in a 1 inch strip , I'd only seen it in magazines like that.

About that time, Todd put a fresh Corona on the table next to me as he sat down. I wanted to feel her tits bit I didn't know how to bring it up. I took a large drink of that beer and just blurted it out " I want to feel your tits. " I could see her eyebrows raise and Todd giggled.

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  She stood up and walked over to me and I stood up too. She looked off to the side as I put my hands in the bottom of her tits and squeezed them, then over her nipples, and they felt wonderful. Then I started licking one, while playing with the other, her head to the side, and it felt amazing. As I sucked her nipple, my hand wandered down to her pussy, and I felt around until I finally found where to slide my finger. It felt so warm and nice. When it went inside, Kathy's arm went around my shoulder and I heard a slight " mmm. "

I played with that pussy for a few minutes, learning when I did something right by Kathy's little noises. Her arm, holding my head to her breast pretty much. As my finger went inside her pussy, I noticed she was using her free hand to rub her clit. Thats when I first learned all about that. Her moans became louder and often and it was really turning me on. I raised my head up and saw her licking her lips. I had all I could take so I said " I want you to suck my dick. "

She knelt down and started unbuttoning my pants,but before she could get started I undid them in a big rush and pushed them to the floor, stepping g out of them. She didn't wasted anytime, she started sucking it as I held the top of her head.

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  I saw her transition to her knees and start fingering herself, and it was the hottest thing ever. I looked over her back, watching her ass vibrate as she played, and sucked and it was more than I could handle. I filled her mouth full and she never slowed down. I couldn't even feel a gulp as she swallowed it. She pulled her lips from it and held my cock with her hand and said " oh fuck" as she seemed to be having an orgasm. I still watched that ass move all over the place for the next minute or so until she stopped. She leaned back on the floor, sucked her finger then gave the head of my cock a kiss. I picked my pants off the floor and Kathy got up. I looked over and noticed Todd had his dick out and was jerking off.

We played again later that night, and I learned that Kathy was much more comfortable with a few drinks. Todd obviously got pleasure seeing me and her fool around. The biggest problem was that I became obsessed with her, in fact it would be years before I would think about another female. I knew that night that I wanted this to carry on, and carry on it did, for a little over 2 years.

I told of the first few experiences to lay the roots of this story. I won't be taking it day by day after this as tbh, I csnt remember exactly what haopened everytime.

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  I will point out the most memorable. Until then. . . . . . . . . .