New Uncle Submissive Aunt Part 5 Dallas,


Shortly after I turned 15, I was totally comfortable with my relationship with Kathy. And then this unique opportunity came along.

School had just let out for summer, and I was spending as much time at Todd and Kathy's as they would let me. I was over there one day and they said they would be gone the following weekend, Thursday thru Sunday. I was bummed completely. Todd had a company convention in Dallas,they were going to fly down to. It was a family event, so both of their expenses was paid. I remember saying " well that sucks, I hope you guys have a good time. "

A couple of days later, I was hanging out with a friend and walked back home. When I got there, Kathy was visiting my mom. By now I was used to it, do it didn't even seem awkward. I grabbed some snacks and was sitting at the table when Kathy said " Todd was wondering of you wanted to go to Dallas with us?"I was in shock, but I said " yeah, that would be great. "I didn't know anything about company conventions, bit I didn't want to miss a Friday with Kathy, so I was so happy. Ofcourse my parents agreed. I know Todd put her up to asking my mom.

I stayed the night over there that Wednesday, and we had a good time.

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  The bad part was we had to leave the house at 4 am, to make it to the airport and be off in time, so against my will, I turned in early. Waking up the next morning was horrible,I hardly remember the drive to the airport, I do remember all the shit you have to go through to get on a plane (first time. )Our seats were seperated, it was a long flight with a connection in Atlanta. It was evening when we made it to Dallas, bit by this time I had plenty of rest and was feeling good.

Todd rented a car, and we made our way to check into the hotel. I was kind of surprised when Todd got me my own room, bit I was cool with it (paid out of his own pocket). What I didn't think was cool is that they got ready and went out, left me at the hotel. I stayed in there jerking off, thinking of all the things I could be doing. I didn't even have any booze. I waited and waited. I was laying in bed, watching something on HBO, when I heard a knock on my door. I opened the door and it was Todd and Kathy. I was very happy to see them, she was dressed very sexy in a skirt, heels and a purple blouse, but very obviously drunk, both of them were. Dave handed me a six pack of coke, and a pint bottle of jack Daniels and said " I thought you could use this buddy, I need to go lay down, have to be up early. "I took it and walked back in to set it down, leaving the door open.

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  I walked back out, to see them at their door, in desperation hoping Kathy wasn't turning in also.

I stepped back out and they were opening their door, and they both looked back at me and Todd said something to her that I couldn't hear. Todd said " have a good night buddy, I'll see you tommorow evening, as he stepped in his room and shut the door, leaving Kathy in the hallway . It was kind of an awkward moment. She walked toward me and stumbled, so I went and grabbed her hand to help her. She said " I guess I'm sleeping in your room. I didn't say anything but I was quietly celebrating in my thoughts. I had been tired, bit all of a sudden I was wide awake. It made my dick so hard to watch Kathy walk into my own hotel room, stumbling in those heels. I shit the door behind us, and locked it with the deadbolt.

Kathy made her way to the bed and flipped one shoe off, had trouble with the other. She said " I didn't realize you had a king. "Meaning we would be sleeping together tonight, she didn't freak though, so that was good. She looked so drunk and tired but I couldn't let it be. She got her shoes off and said " I have to use the bathroom.

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  While she was in there,I poured 2 drinks, filling her cup with 80 percent jack Daniels and a little coke, bit I poured myself a string one too. She was in the bathroom a long time, and she came out and sat on the bed, looking at the tv. I handed her the drink I poured and she slurred " I never drink this shit. "I didn't say anything as I watched her take a sip anyway, she said she really couldn't taste it. She drank a fair amount of it and handed it to me to set it down for her.

I sat down right next to her and put my hand on her leg, as she sat there with her eyes closed, I felt her hand on my thigh soon after. I could tell she was tired,but I didn't care,I was so horny. I moved my hand up her skirt, and then did what I never thought to do before, I kissed her on the lips. Then her eyes opened widely for a moment. And I did it again. When I backed away for a moment, she smiled and said " you know all of this is horribly wrong don't you?"I said " yes I know" as I grabbed her thigh tight and kissed her again, pushing my tongue against her lips until she opened her mouth and kissed me back. Then she let go and we made out with each other on the edge of the bed, and it felt so good. I moved my hand up to her pussy, and flet it as best I coukd through the hose and panties. We fell back on the bed making out for several minutes.

I was so horny, I stood up and pulled my shorts and underwear off, as she smiled.

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  She was a much different person when she was drunk, she watched me the while time, and when she seen my dick, she said "oh. "I walked over to the bed and she felt my stomachand sucked my dick a minute (it was sticking out like a board). I said " I want to out it in your pussy. "She stopped sucking a second, like it suprised her, then she sucked a little more and said "ok". She laid back on the bed and attempted to pull her hose and panties down bit was having touble. I grabbed them as she picked her ass up and helped her pull them off, and I threw them on the floor. She scooted to the edge of the bed and spread her legs apart, and it was a new kind of turn on. I walked over and she could tell right away that I was confused about where to put it, so she grabbed it snd guided me into it as I suck ad deep as I could and it felt so good. I just stayed there, so after a little bit, I felt her hands on my hios, pushing them bsck and forth until u started doing it on my own.

She then licked her finger and started rubbing her clit with it and moaning. I started doing it harder and she would moan louder. So I did it as hard as I could, and after a few minutes I knew I was going to cum so hard. I didn't tell her, I just came inside her and kept thrusting til I had to pull away. When I was done she kept rubbing her clit and I watched her have a full orgasm, thrusting herself and moaning and it was ready to make me hard again. When she was she reached out for me and we made out some more.

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A few minutes later, she said she needed to take a shower and go to bed. I remember her taking a shower, and coming back in with a towel, taking it off and climbing in bed naked. I eanyed to do so much more, but she fell asleep and I didn't disturb her.

Wheb I woke up the next morning, she wasn't there, but this wasn't the end of my Texas experience. . . . . . .