New Uncle and Submissive Aunt Dallas pt6


The next day in Dallas wasn't bad. While Todd and Aunt Kathy was at the convention, I went swimming, went for a walk, talked to some southern girls my own age and had a good time. In the back of mind though, there was Kathy. I had lost my virginity the night before. That weighed on my mind alot. Sadly enough, it wasn't that I lost it to my Aunt, I was afraid that since I did it out of Todds presence that he woukd be upset and I would be in trouble, or even worse, cut off. Luckily that wasn't the case and I never heard anything else about it.

Todd and Kathy were out of the convention at about 3pm if I remember correctly. I remember seeing them in the lobby walking back in. Amazingly enough, Kathy didn't look tired or hung over, in fact she was looking good in another skirt, same heels, and a blouse. It was very hot down there, especially that time of year. It felt best sitting inside somewhere.

That being said, Todd told me we were going to a carnival, way out that evening, so I should get ready and meet them at about 4:30. I did just that, I was down in the lobby ready to go when Todd and Kathy walked down. Now she was dressed casually in a pair of denim shorts and a tank top, and I couldn't help but stare. We jumped in the rental, and started on an hour drive to this carnival.

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  Kathy was back to her shy self. Like I said, she was much better when she had some alcohol.

We made it to this carnival, and to be honest,I was bumming. I didn't know anyone, I was too old to be riding rides, it was hot as fuck outside, so I walked around buying time. In the evening,there was a Toby Keith concert that Todd bought tickets for. (It was at the carnival,but you needed to buy an extra pass). I didn't really like country music, but it was cool because Todd kept me in tall beers while we were there. I watched Kathy sip down a bunch of frozen Margaritas. In fact I may have had too many, those nice cold beers were great in that Texas heat. But by the time everything was done and we were walking back to the car, I was undeniably drunk.

So as we leave, we're driving these backroads, I didn't know where we were at, it seemed really secluded though. I was in the back of this explorer, making peace with my buzz, not saying anything. Todd and Kathy were talking but to be honest,i wasn't even paying attention, I was just chillin. All I know is its like close to midnight, and we're driving. When I see Kathy unbuckle her seat belt and look back.

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   Todd pulls off to the side of the road and Kathy gets in the back seat, and we drive off again. I said " hello" and Kathy laughed at me, I coukd tell she was buzzed too, and more relaxed. I watched Todd adjust his mirror to see what was going on.

I remember Todd saying " you got something for him?" And she said yeah. As she leaned over and kissed me, I kissed her bsck and began feeling her tits as she felt my dick. She pulled my shorts down and I sat up and slid them to my ankles, and she leaned over and started sucking it. I held her hair so I coukd watch her and I heard the tires skid. Kathy popped sat up fast and said " don't wreck us, just pull over. "Todd didn't say anything but slowed down and pulled over and out it in park. Kathy went back to sucking it. Todd turned around and eas looking over the seat. He said "mmm, it looks like that feels good". I said it does. A little later I heard Todd say " yeah, suck that dick bitch. "Wheb he did, I noticed she worked with more enthusiasm.

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  It was hot.

She sits up and gets a drink of water and does something I had never saw her do. She cracked the window and todd reched her a cigarette. In all the time I'd know her, I'd never saw her smoke. Bit here she was, taking a break from sucking my dick, and smoking g a cigarette. Todd put the car in a rive and said " I'm going to drive slow,but I'm taking off. I asked her if I could have a cig too, so she gave me one and lit it for me, as we drive along. My dick was still rockhard, so as she and I smoked, she reached over and stroked it.

She threw her cig out the window and I noticed her in buttoning her denim shorts, and tugging to get them over her hips. She got then off and leaned over and sucked my cock again. Shortly after she kind of stood up,and I saw she was going to mount me. It took a while for her to get it in there, bit wheb it went in it felt so right. She rose up and down, and I didn't pay any attention to where we were going or how Todd was driving. I kissed her with tongue and pulled her hair at the same time. She moaned and I did too.

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  It felt so good. And then her finger went down and she starting riding harder. As she started going faster I heard Todd say " oh yeah, rode that cock bitch. "It was so hot I couldn't handle it, and I filled her again. She kept riding it, playing with her clit, holding onto the headliner with one hand saying " oh fuck!". Then it was done.

By the time Todd figured where we were at, we mad either bsck to the hotel at about 130am. This time, Kathy and Told went to their room together, and I eas ok with that,I crashed out pretty hard. We had one more day and night Dallas. . . . . . .

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