New Landlords


The landlords
Chapter 1
My name is Matt I'm 32, my wife's name is Jillian she is 26, we have been
married for almost 6 years. I am your average guy five foot eight inches tall a
little over weight, jillian is five foot three inches tall and a hundred and five
pounds. She has dark brown hair and green eyes. She has a great body, a really small
round ass, I call her tits her torpedoes because that's what they look like, when
they hang down they look like torpedoes and the nipples are huge and look like the
detonators. Two years ago the company we worked for and where i met my wife closed
leaving us both without jobs. I was able to find another job but it was about two
hours traveling time each way. Jillian wasn't able to find another good paying job
and it left us in a bad way financially. We couldn't make the mortgage payments on
our house and the bank forclosed on it. We looked for places closer to where i was
working but couldn't afford them. We ended up finding a 1 bedroom bungalow that was
totally remodeled. Jillian set up an appointment and we drove over to talk to them.
We met them at the bungalow and it was everything they said it was. It sat on
private land on a private road, and there was a beautiful lake too. We were really
happy with the place and gave them a check right there. The couple that owns it Mark
and Beth live just up the road in a huge old Victorian house. When we walked inside
there house i thought i smelled Marijuana! When beth took off her jacket i could see
she had tattoos on her arms and back of her neck.

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   They are in there early forties or
so, he looks like the suffer type and she looked like the blonde punk rocker type.
They told us that they had inherited the property from her family five years ago.
They work from home both are into software design. We had some drinks and talked
some more and they told us the bungalow was all ready and we could move in when ever
we wanted. That weekend we moved in!
We were living in the bungalow for a couple of months when Jillian told me that
our landlords had offered her a job. She told me they where starting a new business
and needed some help. I asked her what kind of business they started and she said it
was a wholesale woman's imported apparel business. I had to ask again, and she said
expensive women's clothing, nightwear and accessories. I next asked her what her
position was in this company, she told me she was going to set up all the shows. I
must have had a dumb look on my face because she started explaining to me that they
put on shows for clients to come and see the products. She said most of the shows
were held at hotel convention centers where there would be 20 to 30 companies there
competing for one or two big clients. I was really happy for her, she told me that
she would make two hundred a week and a half a percent of any sales. I said thats
not much money and she said the minimum order is hundred thousand dollars. She said
most clients would buy between three hundred and five hundred thousand dollars of
inventory. I told her that was great and that i hoped it all worked out for them.

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She told me she was going to start working next week. The following week she was so
excited about being back to work. She told me she was calling the hotels and setting
up shows, making sure all the products were being delivered to Mark and Beths house
so she could go through them and make sure everything was perfect.
Two months into her new job and Jillian was making great money. We were finally
starting to catch up paying down our debt. I told Jillian that if we could keep
going at this rate in two years we will be debt free, yes between credit cards that
we used to try and save our house and student loans we were in debt for two hundred
thousand dollars. Every week they were having a show and doing really good. My job
had changed too, we had big layoffs but thank god i was safe. We were all told there
would be no more layoffs but everyone had to pitch in and cover for the positions
that were lost for the next six months, that meant i had to come in a half hour
early and stay a half hour later. It was really hard having to get up so early, by
the time i got home i was exhausted. I was going to bed by eight o'clock leaving
Jillian watching TV by herself. One night i woke up i thought the bed moved when i
looked at the clock it said 3:25 AM. I layed there for a few minuted and thought i
smelled Marijuana. I must have fallen back to sleep because i woke up to my alarm
going off it was 4:00 Am. A couple of nights later i woke up it was eleven o'clock.

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I got up to get a drink the TV was on in the living room and the volume was down.
When i walked into the kitchen i noticed Jillian wasn't on the couch, laying on the
Page 1
table was a note saying "Beth called and asked me to come over and watch a movie
with her if you need me call my cell. Love you Jillian". I went back to bed and woke
up thinking the bed was moving and again i thought i smelled the faint smell of
Marijuana or something. When i got home i asked her how the movie was and she told
me they mostly talked. This started happening ever couple of nights. I didn't mind
because i felt bad that i couldn't stay up with her during the week and on weekends
i was wiped out too. One day i came home from work and she had a nice dinner fixed
and told me she had a surprise. After we had dinner she had me close my eyes, when i
opened them she was facing away from me. I looked down and she was holding her top
up and there was a tattoo across the bottom of her back, ( what they call a tramp
stamp). I didn't know what to say, she said she loved Beth's and had wanted one for
a long time but was afraid it would hurt to much. I asked her what it meant and she
said she didn't know that she just liked it. It was really medieval looking with
writing, symbols and some kind of vines swirls some wide some thin. I couldn't say
anything because I had three tattoos. We were making love once a week because my
work schedule was killing me, but she never complained once.

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   She would do her movie
thing with Beth every other night, everything was going great.
It was three weeks after she got her tattoo that they were having a show at Beth
and Mark's house at night. She had asked me to come to the show but i told her there
was no way i could do that and get up in the morning. She told me it was a client
from Turkey that could be a big client. I wished her luck and she headed over to
there house after dinner. I watched some TV then headed to bed. I woke up again
thinking the bed was moving and smelling that sweet smoke smell. When i got home i
asked how the show went and she said it went great, that the client was pleased and
was going to place a big order. That weekend we went out to dinner and to the
movies, when we got home i felt good so i got a little frisky with her, she got a
seductive smile on her face and grabbed my hand and pulled me into the bedroom. I
was all over her but she stopped me, she had me get undressed and lay on my back. I
layed there with my eyes closed like she told me, i could hear her taking her
clothes off and then get on the bed. I was told not to open my eyes until she said
too. She straddled my chest and said open my eyes. When i looked her pubic hair was
gone all except a thin patch shaped into some kind of letter, it looked like two P's
put back to back and on each side was a symbol and those vines tattooed. Before i
could say anything she slides forward and I'm eating her.

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   We had great sex and it
took the life out of me and i passed out. The next morning i asked her about it and
she said one of the models they higher for the shows had it done and she really
liked it so she got her's done. She said the shaving and waxing was done at a salon,
and then two days later she got it tattooed.
    I was starting to worry about the
    changes in my wife. When she came out of the shower and turned i thought there was
    more done to the tattoo on her back, it almost looked like there were more vines
    running down knto her ass crack.
    A week later Jillian tells me they are going to have another show at Beth and
    Mark's. Once again i have to decline her invitation. The night comes and she asked
    if i changed my mind and i told her i couldn't do it, so off she went. I layed on
    the couch watching TV and dozed off, I woke up on the couch and it was eleven
    o'clock I checked and Jillian wasn't home yet. I look outside and and couldn't see
    much so I through on my sneakers and walked out to the road. I walked up in front of
    there house and noticed there was only one car parked outside. I walked up to the
    front of the house and it was all dark so i walked around the side to go to the
    back. I heard some music playing but couldn't figure out what it was, as I got
    closer i could see flickering light coming from a window. It was really dark outside
    because there was no moonlight i snuck up to the window and looked in. I saw Beth,
    Jillian and another woman sitting on pillows there was something on the floor but
    it was being blocked by the other woman.

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       The window was closed so i couldn't hear
    what was being said. The woman in front of me leaned over and i saw her open a
    wooden box as she did i could see a hookah sitting on the floor in front of the
    women. I saw her take something from the box and sit back up then Beth moved closer
    to Jillian. I watched beth put her arm around Jillian and then the other hand hold
    the hookah pipe to her mouth she said something to Jillian and then there was a
    bright light, it must have been a match or lighter lighting the hookah. Beth said
    something and Jillian started sucking on the pipe i watched her suck hard and then
    Page 2
    her head tilted back, Beth must have been telling her to hold her breath. They did
    this three times and each time Jillian was able to hold her breath longer. The other
    woman got up and walked out of the room, then i could make out that Jillian was in
    some kind of robe, and wasn't wearing the jeans she had on when she left the house.
    The other woman came back and said something to Beth and she got Jillian up, i saw
    they were leaving the room so i started moving around to the back of the house. The
    music got a little louder and there was a light coming from a window. I moved around
    to the side and look in i saw the women standing in the room. In the room was some
    kind of bench contraption it had pading and bars and straps. The music was some kind
    of mideast music. There was a stool with wheels and a table with wheels. I saw
    movement and a middle eastern man came in the room. The man said something in
    aerobic I'm guessing, and Beth moved Jillian to the bench.

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       The man came over and
    took the robe off my wife, now she was naked standing in front of a stranger. I
    watched as this man looks my wife over, feeling her pussy as she stands there. He
    moves the table over and picks up a small spray can, he aims it at her nipple and
    sprays it, then the other one, instantly her nipple jet out rock hard. He picks
    something up and puts it to her nipple and then does the same to her other nipple.
    He says something and Beth turns Jillian and faces her to the bench, Jillian puts
    her feet into this thing like she knows what to do. Her calves are strapped and she
    bends over the padding and lays across it, straps are put around her thighs and over
    her back and tighten down. The man move to the bench and does something and the
    bench starts to move, her legs are spreading and raising making her back arch. He
    takes a roll of something that looks like yellowish plastic rap, he puts it on the
    cheek of her ass and it sticks to her skin. I watch as he pulls it forward and her
    ass cheek is pulled open, when he does the same thing to the other cheek you could
    see everything between her legs. He moved the table closer and sat on the stool and
    rolled right up to her open ass. He pulled the cover off the table and picked up a
    tattoo gun. I watched as he tattooed all down the crack of her ass, even her asshole
    and the bottom of her pussy.