New Apartment Party


Beth had always had a very healthy sexual appetite. And Eddie wasn’t about to complain. Since they started going out, they’ve had sex in public places, and even engaged in threesomes with Beth’s best friend, Karen. So it came as no surprise when Beth told Eddie her latest fantasy. She wanted to fuck him while all his friends watched. She wanted to watch them all jerk off around their bed and suck their dicks as she and Eddie fucked. Eddie said he was up for it. He had often bragged about their sex life and wanted to prove to his friends he wasn’t full of it.   And he had already devised a plan.
Eddie and Beth were in the middle of moving in together. They didn’t have much furniture, just a new queen-sized bed that they had bought for the apartment. Eddie invited all his friends over for a housewarming party. Beth asked her friend Karen over as well.
Beth was this hot blonde with a perfect body: large round supple breasts, nipples that were almost always hard, a firm waist and a tight ass. Eddie had short-cropped brown hair with a fade. He was a jock in high school but lately has let himself go.

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   He wasn’t in bad shape, but he’d lost the definition he’d once had.
It was mid-afternoon. They didn’t even have blinds or curtains yet and there was a large glass sliding door leading out to a balcony. Beth didn’t care. She was turned on by the thought of a neighbor seeing them.
Karen was the first to arrive.
“So where are the studs?” she asked as she walked in. She looked so much like Beth that you’d think they were sisters.
“They’re on their way. ” Beth said as she closed the door behind her. As soon as they walked away, there was a knock at the door. Beth took Karen into the bedroom.
Eddie came out of the bathroom with no shirt and a pair of jeans and answered it. It was Tony. He was a good-looking guy, tall and built.

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   He was wearing a tank top and shorts. He had brown hair and you could see the tip of a tribal tattoo he had on his back.
“Tony!” Eddie said as they gave each other a firm quick hug.
“Wow, great place man. ” Tony said as he looked around; hardwood floors, light gray walls, and a balcony. The only thing in the living room was the bed.
Next to show up was Brett. He was wearing a tight t-shirt and blue running shorts. Brad had short light brown hair. He wasn’t as tall as Tony, but he was ripped, broad shoulders, massive pecs, and a tapered waist with a six-pack that was visible through his t-shirt.
“Dude. Are you sure she’s okay with this?”
“Her idea, man. I swear. Just relax. Today is gonna be fuckin’ awesome!” Eddie assured him.

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Tony grabbed a beer from the fridge and passed one over to Brett.
As they started drinking, the rest of the guys showed up.
Mark and Ken, Eric, and Jake. Mark and Ken were also blow buddies. They weren’t gay, but when they’d have a dry spell, they’d jerk off together or blow each other off. Ken had fair skin, light brown hair, a five o’clock shadow and was in relatively good shape. Ken was the opposite. He was in perfect shape, had a healthy tan, and dark brown hair.
Eric was half Cuban, and had a darker complexion. He was also ripped. Jake had curly reddish blonde hair and fair skin. He had a light dusting of body hair and a five o’clock shadow. He had a great physique, pecs, arms and tight abs, but you could barely make out his six-pack.
Once they had all had a beer, they started getting anxious.
“Hey Beth, what are you doing in there?” Jake called out.

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“Yeah, you’ve got company out here!” Eric added.
“Okay, here’s the deal, guys. ” Eddie said as he pulled them into a circle. “Beth’s friend is here too. But they won’t come out until we’re all naked.
“What?” Brett replied.
“Come on, guys, what are we waiting for?” Eric said as he stepped back, peeled off his t-shirt and yanked down his sweatpants and underwear.
Eddie quickly unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down revealing his black boxer briefs. He hooked the waistband and slid them down.
Tony pulled off his tank top and slid down his shorts. He wasn’t even wearing any underwear.
Jake slid out of his shorts and underwear first. Then he slowly started unbuttoning his Hawaiian shirt.
Mark and Ken both watched each other as they undressed.
Meanwhile, Beth and Karen were already naked in the bedroom and peaking out at the group strip show in front of them.

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“Wow. If you ask me, you picked the wrong guy. ” Karen said as she stared at the naked men in the living room. Tony especially caught her eye. He was already semi-hard and hung like a horse. She licked her lips.
Eddie plopped down on the bed his legs spread out, his dick, semi-hard and resting on his stomach.
“Honey, we’re ready!”
Beth slowly walked over to the naked men. Karen was right behind her. The guys were all slowly stroking their cocks as these two beautiful nude women walked into the room.
“Guys, this is my friend, Karen. ”
“Hey” the guys all said in unison.  
Beth crawled up on to the bed and gave Eddie a deep passionate kiss. She reached back and rubbed his large balls. She sat back up on top of him and stroked him behind her ass.

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   Then she slowly raised her body and lowered her wet pussy over his engorged penis.
“Aaaahhh…” Eddie moaned. They liked it vocal.
“You like that big boy?” Beth teased.
“Oh yeah. ” Eddie responded as they slowly fucked.
Karen walked around the guys running her hands over their pecs and abs and giving their cocks a tug. She stopped in front of Tony and kissed him. She pressed her entire body up against his, pressing her supple breasts against his chest and pushing his hard cock up between their tight bodies. Karen kissed all over Tony’s chest and licked and sucked on his nipples.
“Ooooh Fuuuck. ” Tony moaned as he threw his head back in ecstasy. Karen kissed her way down his six-pack abs, down the light trail of hair leading down to his huge cock.
“What do you want me to do?” Karen teased as she dropped to her knees in front of Tony’s bobbing dick.
“Suck it.

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  ” Tony whispered. She immediately took most of his cock into her mouth. Tony stumbled back a step, but quickly recovered.
Meanwhile, the other guys were all standing around the bed, jerking off. Jake was standing right over Eddie’s head. His balls occasionally brushed against Eddie’s forehead, but Eddie was too fixed on Beth to care. As she rocked on his cock, he squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples. Beth leaned down, brushing her hair and tits over Eddie’s chest.

“Okay, who’s first?” Beth said.
“Right here, baby. ” Jake said as he leaned over Eddie’s head. Beth slowly took his large cock in and started sucking on it.
“Oh. ” Jake moaned, “That feels so good. ”
“Mmmm” Beth let out as Eddie started fucking her a little faster.

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   Jake slowly fucked her face. Every time his cock would slip out of her mouth, she’d lick his balls underneath, then lick the length of his shaft and take it back in.
Mark and Ken were making the most of their wait time. They both caressed each other’s back as they stared at each other, their eyes moving from their dicks to the other’s eyes.
Brett and Eric meanwhile were staring at the fucking couple in front of them. Eric was next in line by Jake. He cupped Beth’s jiggling boob as she fucked. Brett meanwhile had a great view of the penetration. He just stared at Beth’s pussy as Eddie’s cock slid in and out of her.
Beth moved on to Eric. She took him all the way in, burying her face in his dark bushy pubic hair.
“Suck it. ” Eric encouraged. “Harder. Harder!” He put his hand on her head and started guiding her bobbing head.

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“Yeah!” Eddie burst out with a laugh. “You go girl!”
Meanwhile, Karen continued to suck on Tony’s cock. He was tensing up and she knew he was close. But so was she, she was rubbing and fingering her pussy the whole time. She let his cock pop out of her mouth.
“Oh Yeah!” Karen threw her head back and squealed as she came right there on the hardwood floor.
“Oh shit!” Tony muttered.
“Now cum all over my face. Come on. I want your jism all over my face and tits. ”
“You got it, bitch!”
Tony started jerking off hard. Karen was so eager for his cum, that his cock head kept bumping into her face as he stroked it. His breathing got heavy and his hips started to buck forward.
“Yeah! Oh Fuck! I’m cumming! Aaaahhh…” Tony shot his load all over Karen’s face and tits.
Beth was now working on Ken and Mark together.

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   She had both cock heads in her mouth. Eddie just looked on from underneath, impressed at his girl’s sexual prowess.
“Yeah, cocksucker. ” Mark let out.
“Take us in deeper…” Ken said. Beth complied. “Oh!”
Next up was Brett. He was the only uncut cock. Beth darted her tongue at his cock head inside his foreskin. Brett stroked his cock a few times, pulling back the skin, revealing his large pink head. Beth grabbed on to his hips as she impaled herself on his dick!
“Oh, oh shit! Fuck!” Brett yelled out. Beth suddenly pulled her head away from his dick. She put her hands down on Eddie’s chest and squeezed as she came.
“Aaaahhh! Oh yeah, lover. You’re making me cum! Fuck! I love your hot big cock in my cunt! Shit.


   Aaaahhh!” She screamed as she rocked violently back and forth on Eddie’s manhood.
“Oh Fuuuuck!” Eddie yelled out as he shot his load into her pussy.   “Fuckin’ slut. You like that, my cum all inside you?”
“Oh yeah, baby. You know I do. ”
She quickly grabbed Brett by the cock.
“Brett, baby, seeing as you were last in line. You get to cum in my mouth. ”
She started sucking on him hard. The other guys were all jerking off intensely.
“Yeah. Beth. Yeah! Oh, oh, oh…Ahhhh!” Brett thrust his dick inside her as he pumped his cum down her throat. He quickly pulled out and moved back to watch as Beth continued to fuck Eddie’s still hard dick. Cum was sliding out of her pussy and down Eddie’s shaft and the slapping sounds were loud.

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   Brett milked the last of his cum out onto the bed.
“Hey. Bitch! Right here!” Jake yelled out.
“Yeah, man. Do it! Come all over her face!” Eddie encouraged. Jake leaned over Eddie’s head, his balls bouncing back and forth on Eddie’s forehead as he jerked his large pink cock. Jake ran his free hand up and down his abs and across his pecs as he came.
“Ahhh, fuck!” His cum sprayed all over Beth’s face, and Eddie’s too. Beth quickly licked it off her boyfriend’s face then kissed him. Jake stepped back as Eric leaned over the bed, stroking his dick.
“You want it?”
“Yeah” Beth begged.
“You want it?”’
“Yeah! Give it to me!”
Eric jerked off hard, then quickly let his dick go, and watched as it jerked and pumped out his load. Watching all this action sent Mark and Ken over the edge and they both came on the bed.
“Oh shit!” Tony exclaimed. Everyone turned to see Karen jerking out another load of cum from his swollen cock.

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Now spent, nobody moved.
“You guys were fuckin’ awesome!” Beth said.
They all started laughing as they jiggled their softening cocks and milked out the last of their cum.
“Seriously thanks guys!” Eddie said.
“Thank you man. For sharing. ” Jake said as he patted Eddie on the.