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Jim stretches and gets out of bed. One good thing about being a nudist is there is no need to change out of pajamas. It is also nice that his whole family is the same. Being a third generation nudist family makes for a very open and friendly family.

He smiles as he gives himself a little tug on his dick. It always feels nice to feel that little bit of an erection first thing in the morning. He remembers how his mom would smile and give a little chuckle when she saw him do it as a child, and still does if she is visiting. The thought excites him a little more.

Jim makes his morning coffee,and begins his chores for the day. The wife is working, and as far as he knows the kids are busy with friends, funny how at the ages of 20 and 21 he still thinks of them as kids.

Although, most of their friends are also nudists, Jim tries to be prepared for some who may not be. A few accidents over the years have made sure of this. Nothing like the surprise on a friend's face when Dad walks down the hall with a semi-boner. Although now, the same friend is always here and goes nude herself. The thought of her grown and ample body gives Jim another little boost in his growing hard on.

He decides to start what little laundry a nudist family may have, then relax with his coffee.

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   As he collects the laundry basket, he sees his daughter's panties. It has been a while since he checked out anything like that. He remembers fondly all the times he found his mom's and sister's panties and gave them a good sniff. Mom even caught him a few times, just a smile and chuckle. Mom only wore them for work and outside stuff, but they had such a great smell. His sister, who was a year younger than Jim, had a different smell but it was also nice. These thoughts send his now growing dick another notch bigger.

He takes his daughter panties and places them on his face, the thongs themselves are sexy, but the aroma is wonderful. Now his dick is fully hard.
As far asknows his daughter has never caught him doing this so he doesn't know how she would react. Being naked is something she is use to. Even a semi hard dick is normal around here. But getting excited about the smell of her pussy may be different. Well hell, he is alone so no worries.

He carries laundry down the hall with the panties on his face.

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   As he passes, His daughter's room he hears a noise. Alice, now 21, has never been one to hurryand leave the nest. Some parents may find this a problem, but Jim enjoys both his kids being at home. Not expecting anyone to be there he stops to look thru the open door. On her bed is a friend of hers, Kate, she is totally naked and in the process of getting off with a rubber dick.

Stunned, Jim just stands there and watches, his dick is throbbing now. He remembers watching his mom do that and later his sister, the panties on his face smell even better now. He sets the basket down and begins to rub his dick as he watches Kate fuck herself with the rubber dick. Somewhere in his mind he wonders, where is Alice and why is Kate even here?

Kate, who is 21 as is Alice, is a nice looking young lady, with a wonderful smooth, hairless pussy. Her tits are not small but not quite he size of the ones on Alice. Suddenly Kate sees Jim and stops with the rubber dick all the way in her tight pussy. Jim starts to leave but Kate says in a quite voice, "Stay, Alice is in the shower. " She motions Jim to come in closer. When he is next to the bed she says to him, "Alice always said you were handsome and sexy, she is right! That is a wonderful hard on you have!" As she is talking she starts pumping her pussy with the dick again. "Put my panties on your face to", she says.

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   So Jim does and now his face is covered and the smells are overwhelming.

The next thing he knows, a hand is grasping his throbbing dick and stoking it ever so gently. He is guided to the bed and lays down. His face still covered with the wonderful smell of Alice and Kate. He feels Kate's mouth slowly slide down the shaft of his dick. Damn, she is sucking him!

He reaches out and feels her tits as they bounce on his legs. The nipples are hard with excitement. Jim is so excited by what is going on that he does not hear Alice enter the room. As she stands there naked she watches her best friend give her dad a blow job. Her pussy tingles with excitement. She and Kate have often pretended to do this, she never thought it would actually happen.

Alice steps over behind Kate and places the rubber dick back in her pussy and fucks Kate with it. She then notices the panties on her dad's face and is even more excited to see him enjoying her pussy smell. She has seen him semi hard many times and mom and grandma told her about him liking panties when he was young. It was so exciting to see him getting off on her panties.

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His hard dick getting sucked by her friend was making her pussy drip with excitement. Alice takes out the rubber dick begins to lick Kate's pussy. It also is very wet. The wettest she has ever tasted it. Alice then puts the rubber dick in her own hot and wet pussy. She enjoys the feel of the eight inch dildo as she stokes her flaming hot pussy.

As she watches Kate suck, she just has to try it herself. She gets beside Kate and they begin to take turns sucking Jim's dick. The taste of his precum is delicious! Jim can tell there has been a change and someone has joined in. He figures it is Alice and that excites him even more. He never thought things would ever happen like this, but he was enjoying it.

Jim gets a glimpse through the panties covering his face of Alice as she eagerly sucks his dick. Her wonderfully soft and large tits against him. Suddenly she gets up and sits her hot and wet pussy on his face. Her aroma is so sexy and pungent.

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   The panties come off his face as she squirms her pussy onto his eager tongue. He reaches up and begins to fondle her sweet tits. With this attentions Alice grinds her pussy into her dad's face. His tongue sends shivers of pleasure through her body.

Kate stops sucking and sits up, straddling him and begins to rub her pussy on his dick. Jim moans with pleasure of this new feeling. Kate and Alice are facing each other as they enjoy Jim's attention. They lean forward and embrace each other in a longkiss as Kate suddenly slips Jims hard dick into her now steamy hot pussy.

Alice is overcome with excitement as she watches her dads dick slide in and cums a little on her dad's face! Kate feels Jims dick swell even more as Alice cums. This makes Kate cum also, Jims dick is wet with pussy juice and cum. Kate gets off his dick and Alice begins sucking Kate's cum and pussy juice off her dad's hard wet dick. It is the best she has ever tasted of Kate!

Her desire for his cock is now overwhelming, so she gets off Jim's face and slides his dick into her own tight pussy. She has wanted his dick for so long but was afraid to let him know. She loves her dad so much and after all these years of seeing him naked and watching him fuck when he didn't know she was watching, she finally had his hard dick in her own sweet and hot pussy. Grandma was right! It is wonderful!

Seeing Alice pump his dick was all Jim needed to have the biggest cum of his life.

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   He didn't have to worry about her, or Kate, getting pregnant since he had a vasectomy many years ago. But he did let her know he was going to cum, it just seemed right for it to be her decision if she wanted to accept his hot cum into her pussy. Alice just keeps pumping his dick with all her might. Maybe even harder. She wants to feel it wash into her and fill her pussy with its hot fury. As Jim cums she pushes her cunt down and takes it all in. She can feel it filling her with its hot passion. All the while, Kate is pushing her tits into Jim's mouth and cumming herself.

As Jim's cum fills Alice's hot pussy she has the biggest orgasm of her life. She leans forward and embraces her dad and milks all the cum from his dick. Kate slips behind them and begins licking the cum that trickles out of her friends pussy around Jim's still hard shaft. As they all collapse in a heap of naked bodies, hot and sticky from such wonderful fucking, Alice says, "I love you Dad"




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