My World Tour Part 1


My World Tour Part 1

The following series follows my life over the past ten or so months beginning May 2009, My name is Lewis at the time I had just left college and didn't really want to go to university so I was looking for excuses not to. I was fed up having my life revolve around educational environments and even though I had been accepted by three of the top ten universities in the country I still wanted to do my own thing and after a series of blazing arguments with my parents I decided to leave. It was a Wednesday morning when I finally left I took all my savings, jumped on the internet, booked the cheapest flight I could, packed some clothes and left home. It wasn't the quickest of starts to a journey it involved a bus, train and the tube just to get to the airport destination the Island of Lanzarote. I was so excited, I thought that I had it all planned out, I was to get there find some cheap place to crash, get a job working in a bar for the summer and have a good time. But all this was to wait as there was a four hour delay on my flight. The time dragged by and I ignored several texts from my parents asking where I was, then finally it was time to board my flight.

Four and a half hours later the wheels touch down at Arrecife airport, the plane slowly makes its way to the gate and the stewardesses open the hatch and some warm humid air quickly fills the plane, it's around six in the evening and the sun in about to go down, it's at this point I start to worry, I have no place to stay and around eight hundred Euros to spend, I wait around to luggage carousel for what seems like half my life until bags finally start moving and as usual my bag always seems to come off last, but I take it and head for the terminal exit, to be greeted by a long line of Mercedes Benz taxis I quickly selected on and jumped in and requested to be taken to Arrecife.

On the way I attempted to talk to the taxi driver who actually spoke rather good English, I asked him if he knew of any hostels or cheap hotels in town.
"You mean you came all the way to Lanzarote without somewhere to stay?" He asked me,
"No I thought I would just play it by ear," I replied,
"You should be careful, I heard of a man who did the same as you, he got mugged and had all his belonging stolen, he spent three weeks at the airport waiting to go home!" He said,
"I'll be okay," I replied,
"I know of a place," he said, "It's just on the edge of Arrecife very cheap, fifteen Euros a night," he said,
"Sounds okay to me," I replied,
"It's not very nice but it's a place to stay," He said,
"True but all I'm going to be doing is sleeping there I don't plan on spending much time there," I replied.
For the rest of the short journey into Arrecife we just made idle chat about football and he asked me if I supported Real Madrid and I said I was more of a Barcelona man but it was all in good humour and eventually we pulled up outside a small whitewashed building which was kind of rundown I paid the driver and headed in.

I was lucky because even though it was early in the season a lot of backpackers were already turning up and taking up rooms, I paid a week's rent upfront and headed off to my room. It was very small there was a single bed with old worn bed sheets covering it and a small bit of space to store my things. After a quick wash in the communal bathroom I headed out, I thought to myself that I needed to get out there quick and start finding out about work. I headed down to what I assumed was the main strip in town and started working my way around the bars and cafes asking if they had any summer jobs going. It was only now that I discovered the task in front of me, the financial crisis had hit hard and most of the places I asked around in said they were waiting till later in the summer, others said they were not taking on at all and others said they were only employing locals and after three hours asking at bar after bar, cafe after cafe I was still jobless, I got talking to some other backpackers from home and they said they were having the same problem businesses were expecting a quite summer and weren't about to risk their businesses.

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   I decided to call it a night and try again the next day so I headed back to the hostel.

The next day wasn't much better than my first, neither was the day after, there were few places taking on staff there was a restaurant but they wanted someone with experience waiting on tables which I didn't. So I continued to look day after day and my first week was quickly coming to an end and still nothing. Others were already giving up and I have to admit I thought about joining up. Then on a Sunday afternoon I was in a bar drowning my sorrows with money I didn't really have taking to an Irish bar owner and I was telling him my problems about finding work, to which he quickly replied he wasn't taking on but a friend of his over in Puerto del Carmen was so not to waste any time I quickly finished my drink and set off walking which turned out to be a big mistake, I made it as far as Playa Honda before giving up and jumping in a taxi which took me the rest of the way.

The taxi dropped me on the sea front I looked up and down the strip not knowing where the bar was, I decided to head up the strip and set off walking, eventually making it to the top of the strip without finding it. I turned and headed back down the strip eventually passing where I had started and two minutes walk from there I found the place I was looking for, I headed down the stairs into a large bar with a large dance floor and a stage, I quickly struck up a conversation with the owners who were Irish and they told me they needed someone to hand out leaflets and get people in and that the more people I get in the more they would pay me, easier said than done.

I took the job and started the next day I moved into the outskirts of Puerto del Carmen with some other back packers but it was still more expensive than the Hostel I was staying in at around twenty Euros a night and that was with six sharing. But at least it was much cleaner well at least for a few days, anyway things started slow June was now here and each week there would be more and more tourists but it was still hard to get people in, being a family bar it was easy to get in families but I wasn't even earning enough per night to really cover my rent never mind feed myself and as for drink I had to finish off discarded drinks before the glasses were collected just to get any sort of buzz. In truth I hated it, in my eyes this is what university would have been like not the sun, sea, sand, but the not really fitting in with others, not that I'm a loner or anything I just haven't got the camp attitude that others seem to have these days, the person I got on best with was the bar owner and at the end of each night we would sit and he would buy me a few drinks and we would sit and have a laugh while everyone else cleaned up then I would head home and crash for a few hours.

A few weeks later things were dire, I had less than thirty Euros left and things around town were still quiet, I even snuck a second leafleting job at another bar a few doors down doing both at the same time which seemed to sustain me a little bit better, I had tried to get a job during the days like some others had managed but I had no such luck and to make things worse on the third Saturday of June my bosses found out I was working for both bars and both sacked me leaving me almost penny less and without the cash to pay the next weeks rent I knew that was it for me and that I needed to call home and get my parents to bail me out and get me a ticket home but this was the last thing I wanted, and on the way home that night I stopped in a bar I hadn't been in before further up the strip as I needed to use the toilet, it was really quiet no more than twenty five people in and most of them were men, I headed straight for the men's walking past a group of local men all stood together. Upon entering the toilet I walked straight in the cubical, locked the door behind me, placed the seat down and wiping it down before covering it with loo roll just to make sure and then sat down.

I was quietly going about my business reading some of the graffiti on the wall mostly in Spanish but it was fun to try it was something to occupy my mind for five minutes, it was then I heard the toilet door squeak open and some footsteps before the door banging closed again. I watched as the footsteps moved past my cubical door and stepped into the cubical next to me before hearing that door close and get latched. I hear a man clear his throat followed by the sound of urine hitting toilet water, this sound filled my ears for the next twenty to thirty seconds before the final few squirts signalled that he had finished, but instead of leaving I see two shoes pointing my way under the cubical wall, I hear a small scratching noise on the wall before a sticker that was on the wall was poked off from the other side of the wall revealing a hole around two inches in diameter with two fingers poking through.

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   I sat there in silence staring as the fingers receded. A few seconds went by and I continued to stare at the hole I can see some movement on the other side but all I can see is a blue material, then all of a sudden a dick pops through the hole directly in front of me, it seems to be semi hard and around six inches in length, I quickly sit back on the toilet to get away from it, but still I say nothing and the dick continues to hand there bouncing gently every few seconds. Still I don't move and the dick withdraws from the hole, I think to myself that it's over and the guy had given up but far from it, the next thing I know a twenty Euro not is being pushed through the hole again I just sit and watch as that's withdrawn as well. This time it returns but this time with a extra ten with it and for some reason my hand reaches up and takes the money from the fingers. I slowly straighten out the notes in my hand and as I look back up I see the dick has returned and this time it's a lot harder now standing at six and a half to seven inches in length and almost filling the hole, I know exactly what this man wants and was immediately torn I knew I wasn't gay far from it in fact, but I was desperate I needed the money and either I gave it back and called my parents and gone home or I could suck this dick for a few minutes take the cash and stay at least one more day.

My mind was made up and quickly and without stopping to think I took hold of the dick and quickly wrapped my lips around it, not actually realising what I had done until I could taste this cock in my mouth. It actually didn't taste bad at all and I began to slowly massage his cock with my hand and suck and bob up and down with my mouth, his cock quickly became very hard and it seemed to get very hot and I began to hear moans coming from the other side of the wall, he seemed to be enjoying it and I personally didn't mind it I found it easy as I sucked and stroked his proud dick which was now fully erect at around seven inches and then without warning he began to cum into my mouth in large thick squirts filling my mouth as I sucked on the head as it did so, I then sat back to swallow and looked at his dick all covered in saliva and cum but it wasn't done and one last squirt of cum squired out and hit me across my cheek. He then withdrew his cock and a few moments later I hear a zip fasten and a belt click before the door unlatching, footsteps then the toilet door opening allowing music from the club in before closing again. I sat there and looked at the money that I had just made and wondered if there was more cash to be made. I then wiped my arse and then my face with separate tissues, I thought I would stay just to allow the person I'd blown to leave and perhaps get another customer, I didn't have to wait long, just as I was sitting back down the toilet door opened again and again the footsteps headed for the cubical next to me but this time once the cubical door had closed some fingers quickly appeared holding thirty Euros, I quickly took the cash and almost as quick a cock appeared through the hole. I stuffed the cash into my pockets before taking hold of the limp dick which at this time was around four inches gave it a quick stroke which it responded to before wrapping my lips around my second cock of the evening, and within ten seconds this dick was full hard it wasn't very impressive at around five and a half inches and not much girth to it, but I sucked and stroked it all the same and if possible it was even harder than the first one, this time I was much more relaxed and got a little more into it, taking the whole thing into my mouth getting it nice and wet and spittingonto the head and again a few minutes later just as I lift up for air he cums spraying me in the eye and then my chin and as I lift back my shirt which luckily was white and almost instantly he's heading out of the toilets leaving me to clean myself up again.

I had two more visitors that night earning myself a tidy one hundred and twenty Euros in one night so I decided then that I would do it two or three times a week to keep myself going or at least until I found something that pays. When I finally decided to leave the group of lads that I had walked past had left and I assumed that it was those guys who had been in the toilets with me and at the time I thought it was some of the easiest cash I had ever made.

I hope everyone enjoyed my story and there is much still to tell I would love feedback on my story you can email me onl_button@hotmail. co.

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