My wife's secret desires Part 3


I woke the next morning and stared at my naked wife'e body. I was alittle jealous knowing Tami already fucked Charles. I was hoping at the most she would have had oral with him. Was i losing control of our fantasy. I decided to finish what we started. As Tami slept i ran my hard cock over her pussy lips. No foreplay this time. If she wants to be a slut i'll treat her like one. I slid my cock in slowly not to wake her. My cock was in a nice slow rhythm. I rubbed her nipples till they were hard. When i felt my cock ready to explode i took my cock out,and opened her mouth. As Tami was coming out of a deep sleep, i filled her mouth with my cum. Not knowing what was happening to her she took a big gulp of my hot cum. What the fuck you doing Steve?If you want to fuck black cock then you will do as your told. My white cock not good enough for you bitch.

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  You know i love only you Steve. Charles is just sex nothing more.
As we were getting ready for work,I had some rules for her to follow. Most important no sex with Charles unless i'm there. I asked Tami what was the deal with Tyrone?She said she really liked his big black cock. You want him to come friday with Charles?Tami said she wondered what it would feel like to have a 10in. cock ramming her pussy. It would be cool to be gangbanged by these two studs. I said what the fuck why not. Your a real slut aren't you. Tami just smiled and kept getting dressed. I was in the kitchen and the phone rang. Tami was in the bedroom and yelled she got the phone. I quietly got on the other line.
She was talking to a guy.

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  I listened as she said his name Charles. Tami said to Charles how she really enjoyed his black cock in her pussy. Then i got pissed when she told Charles that was the best sex she ever had. She couldn't wait to fuck him again. Charles then told my wife he loved her. Thats why he broke up with his girlfriend. He only wanted Tami,married or not. Then to my amazement Tami said she loved him to. She then said how she wanted to fuck him so bad. She told Charles i told her she could't till Friday night. She told him. Tami said maybe if he was lucky today they could fuck. I was steaming mad. She told Charles she liked Tyrone. Would it be ok if she could fuck him to Friday night.

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  Charles said he could being that was his bestfriend. Tami said love you,gotta go bye.
I went to the bedroom and played it cool. I asked her what Charles ex-girlfriend name was?Tami asked why i cared. I'm just curious i said. Tami said her name was Tanya Blair. When she was doing her hair i looked in her cell phone. She told me they were once friends. It was way down the list,but i got Tanya's number. Tami was wearing a short sun dress,no panties,and a laced bra. She looked better than yesterday. I pushed Tami on the bed. I raised her dress over her waist. I pushed her head on the bed and pushed her ass up. Tami said no i don't have time.

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  To fucking bad i said. I stuck my cock in deep in her cunt. Her pussy moisten slowly. I got some cunt juice on my cock and slipped it out. I rubbed my hard dick on her tight ass hole. I pushed hard till the mushroom head entered her shit hole. Tami was screaming for me to stop. I started smacking her ass. I pushed in deeper,knowing Tami was in pain. Fuck you bitch. Tami's ass cheeks were flaming red. My cock rammed her tight hole relentlessly. My cock spewed  deep in her ass. I took my cock out and told her to lick me clean. I told Tami if she did i would let Charles have her ass Friday.


  She calmed down and proceeded to lick and suck all the cum off my balls and cock. I told Tami i never realized she was so kinky. You made me that way Steve,then smiled. She cleaned herself up and left to go to work.
I knew i had to call Tanya before she left for work. I told her i was Tami's husbund. Tanya had a real sexy voice. I could feel my cock rising again. After i told Tanya what was going on with my wife and Charles,she was fucking mad. I asked if we could meet in person. I told Tanya i was taking off work. Tanya said she would call in sick. Where should we meet i asked her. My cock was throbbing by then. She invited me to her apartment.

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  I told her i had a plan if she would agree to it. I told Tanya i would discuss the details when i saw her. I ran to my car and drove fast to her place. I rang her bell and she let me in. She was a beautiful women. She was alot shorter than Tami. She had long black hair,succulent breast,sexy legs,and a perfect halfmoon ass. She was wearing tight bluejeans and a tight halter top. My cock got hard just looking at her. Best of all she was black.
We sat on the couch close together. As i told her all the details,she just got madder at Charles. I told Tanya we could get revenge on both of them. She told me just last night Charles called her up and said he still loved her. I said what a fucking asshole he was.

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  I told Tanya i was pretty sure they were going to fuck again during their lunch break. What do you have in mind Steve?Tanya winked at me and started rubbing my thigh. My cock was hard as stone. She leaned into me and kissed me. I slowly french kissed her while she started rubbing my crotch. Tanya said she could feel i had a nice thick cock. Alot thicker than Charles. That made me feel good. I undid Tanya's halter top. I took of her bra and started rubbing her soft warm tities. She slid my pants down,and immediately my hard shaft shot out my bover shorts
I slid her jeans down her tight ass. As i was crouching over her,Tanya grabbed for my cock. She stuck my meat in her mouth and pushed my ass to get my cock deeper in her mouth. I instinctively started face fucking Tanya's mouth. Tanya was much more aggressive than Tami was during sex.

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  She was rolling my balls in her hand as she stroked my cock hard. My knees went weak,My cum filled her mouth. She drank all my spunk down her throat. She rubbed my cock over her nipples, as the last few drops smeared on her nipples. She told me my cum was the best she ever tasted. I gave Tanya a long wet kiss. It's your turn baby. She walked over to her picture window and opened the curtains. I asked Tanya why she did that. Tanya said she liked being watched by strangers. She lived in a large apartment complex. Since i didn't see anybody at that moment i said ok. I layed her on the carpet and started kissing her breast. i kissed my way down to her bald pussy. I twirled my tongue on her pulsating clit.

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  I slid to my fingers in Tanya's dripping cunt. After about ten minutes she climaxed in my mouth.
Out of the corner of my eye i could see some teenage girls outside by the curb. From what i could see they were cute. I never had strangers watch me have sex before. I told Tanya about the girls. she just laughed. As she straddled my large thick member,Tanya said maybe they will learn something. We were sideways to the window. Tanya lowered her hot box slowly over my dick. I held her shiny black ass and pushed in as deep as i could. The girls just sat on the curb and watched us. I sucked on her nipples as Tanya wildly rode my cock. After about five minutes after her tight pussy squeezeing my cock, i shot a massive load of jizm in her snatch. The girls outside were just staring at us.

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  I thought we were done but i guess not. Since i was hard she wanted me to fuck her other hole. This time Tanya turned around facing the window and took my dick in her hand and rubbed it over her poop hole. Just then Tanya waved the girls over. They walked over to the sliding glass door. Tanya knew them by name. She told Tina short redhead,and Debbie blond blue eyes. Tanya told Tina to shut the curtain. The girls must have been bi-sexual. Tina started to fondle Debbies small but firm tits. They both stared as my cock slipped deeper in Tanya's ass. Her tight ass was gyrating on my throbbing cock. I reached around and started rubbing Tanya's clit. With both Tina and Debbie watching me fuck her ass it was just to much. My cock expanded and i yanked my cock out and let my cum shoot all over Tanya's belly.


  I fucked two asses today. Revenge is so sweet.
The plan is starting to unfold,part 4  coming soon.