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Topic: My Wife by EmmaMy beautiful wife Emma and I have been married for six years and have two wonderful children. We had what I thought was a tight marriage and very exciting sex life. Emma is a very sexy Chinese lady from Hong Kong, 5’-6” long black flowing hair, green jade eyes and long sexy creamy tan legs that any man would die to have wrapped around him. I am your average Joe, school counselor who fights the hectic lifestyle to provide for my family. I give my wife the life she deserves, she works as a kindergarten teacher and enjoys a free life here in the States and has plenty of money to keep her happy. Happy isn’t that a joke, I thought we were great together. I would have done anything to keep her happy but I guess my 6-1/2 cock was not enough. Several years ago we met a nice friendly couple Bee and Kate through our work and soon became close friends. We had something in common with them as Bee was Asian and his wife Kate was white. Kate was a pre-school teacher while Bee had his own business as a taxidermist. It seemed Bee was doing good from what he told me. He had the freedom to come and go from his job. After several months Bee and Kate became very close friends with Emma and I and it seemed every weekend we were cooking out or doing something together. One particular weekend Kate and Emma talking in the kitchen, Kate was in the middle of telling Emma something when I walked in and I herd Emma say “now way. ” After that I noticed Emma looking strangely at Bee the rest of the evening. I swore at one point I saw her looking at his crotch.

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   Bee was a well-built Asian man he stood about 5-8” and had a body of a pro soccer player. He had strong broad shoulders, muscular arms and his abs were ripped tight along with strong legs, you get the point. I watched my wife stealing glances at Bee when he walked away and walked back into the room, I could tell she had something on her mind. Later that night as we were making love I noticed Emma was very horny and wet; I performed oral sex on her like I always do to get her revved up. After I brought her to her first orgasm orally I usually proceed to make love to her. But tonight she asked me to use one of her vibrators on her first. She reached in the nightstand and brought out an 8” very thick toy that I got her on Valentine’s Day. Emma and I had an open marriage and I loved buying sex toys to keep our sex life spiced up. I took the large toy and started to rub he wet slit sliding back and worth over her clit, soon Emma spread her legs wide and moaned begging me to fuck her. I slowly pushed the large head in as it popped in she arched her back and drove her hips forwarded taking all 8 inches in deep. I’ve never seen Emma so hot and wet as she whispered “Yes that’s it, fuck me with your big cock!” I started pumping the large toy into her hot wet pussy as her hips keep driving hard until she exploded in a huge orgasm. I withdrew the toy and mounted Deb as my average cock slid in to her wet pussy. I realized the toy had stretched her out enough I could not feel her pussy around me. But Emma must of acted like I was fucking her good as I shot my cum she wrapped those long legs around me and bucked to what was a good fake orgasm. How did I know, she sure as hell did not react like she did with the toy.

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   After making love we were talking when I asked her what Kate and her talked about. Emma admitted she and Kate were talking about sex and comparing husbands when Emma asked Kate how Asian men was. Emma told me that Kate said Bee was well hung and that he could go for hours if he wanted. I knew right then that’s why Emma was staring at Bee all night and why all of a sudden she wanted the big vibrator that night. I did not think much about that night as the next few weeks went by and as usual we made love several times a week and Emma never ask to use the large toy again. Then one night I was very horny and wanted to make love, Emma was very receptive to me licking and sucking her pussy. I slowly lick her wet slit getting her hotter as her pussy gushed with juices; she exploded drenching my face with a very strong pungent creamy fluid. I was rock hard and put on a condom, Emma didn’t want to use the pill and we did not want any more kids so we used condoms. I spread her legs over my shoulder I teased her clit like I always do with the head of my cock getting her worked up then driving in when I know she is ready. This particularly night Emma’s pussy was lose and had a sloppy feeling not tight like she normally was. I kept on fucking her trying to get some friction to get off when Emma was moaning out how good my cock felt and for me to fuck her hard. Her words got me going as I exploded in orgasm. Emma got up afterwards to clean up and came back to kissed me asking if I enjoyed. I acknowledged it was good but she needed to stop using her toy so much as tonight she was not tight as normal. Emma had a funny look on her face, almost like one of our kids did when they got caught doing something wrong.

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   Emma just looked at me for a moment and then quickly said you caught me, today I was extra horny and worked my sexual frustration out with the toy. I smiled and told her I did not care if she masturbated while I was gone, in fact it turned me on thinking about it. Several days later I had to go to work and she didn’t but I decided to leave work early and wanted to surprise Emma and take her out to lunch. When I got home the garage door was opened and I walked into the house stopping at the kitchen bar to read the mail. Then I heard a banging down the hall knowing Emma had to be  cleaning or putting away the kids clothes. As I reached the hallway I heard a familiar sound, the sounds my wife makes as she is reaching an orgasm. My cock got hard right away, as I knew I came home to catch my wife masturbating with her toy. I walked to the bedroom, the door was closed but not all the way as I could look in and get a full view of my sex wife fucking herself. When I looked in I about fainted there when my wife was straddling another man, she was riding his cock. Her hot sexy ass was moving in a hard fast upward and downward rhythm as she fucked herself all right but on another cock then mine. Then reality hit me hard, I noticed the man under her was Asian. Emma was riding his cock hard moaning how she loved his cock. At that time he grabbed her and rolled her on to her back and I saw the face of the man fucking my wife it was Bee. Then I noticed something else, Bee’s enormous hard cock. He had to be over 8-inches long and as thick as a large cucumber.

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   He spread Emma wide grabbing her ankles as she reached between her legs grabbing his hard tool rubbing the head of this huge cock up and down her wet slit. At that time I noticed Bee was not wearing a condom, Emma was fucking him bare back. She looked up at him and said “Fuck me baby give it to me deep and hard!” Bee drove in deep getting about half his cock in and then pulling out to the head and drove in once more. Emma screamed out “YES! YES! that’s it fuck my pussy!” Bee started to drive that large cock into my loving wife’s pussy as she moaned and screamed for him to fuck her harder. I could see Emma’s pussy creaming as Bee’s cock withdrew his cock was covered in white juice. Emma’s pussy was cumming and creaming all over his cock. Emma started to meet his trust as he drove in thrusting her hips to meet his cock. Her moans became deep with heavy breathing as she threw her sexy legs around his tan skin pulling him in deeper humping his like a whore in heat as white cream ran from her pussy down her ass. Bee picked up the speed as he rammed his big bare cock up my wife’s pussy. His breathing picked up as Emma screamed out. “That’s it baby cum in my pussy, fill me with you hot juice. ” Mike drove every inch in as he exploded in Emma’s unprotected womb. She pulled her legs up higher around him giving him the freedom to impale her all the way. When Bee withdrew a glob of his cum seeped from her wide stretched pussy. I walked away and left the house and drove for hours trying to make sense of what I saw.

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   I knew right then that Emma’s pussy was not stretched from her toy she had been fucking Bee’s big hard cock behind my back. The strange part of all of this seeing my wife’s long sexy legs wrapped around Bee’s muscular body as he fucked her made my cock hard as a rock. I went home and acted like I knew nothing as Emma greeted me at the door with a kiss and asked how my day was, later that night when she came to bed she snuggled up to me and said “my pussy needs a good licking. ” I did not want to lead on what I knew and started to lick and suck the pussy that earlier had a another cock fucking it. Emma started to moan and buck as she was quickly reaching orgasm, once aging I noticed a pungent smell and her pussy had a creamy fluid seeping from her lips. At that time I knew my wife had been feeding me Bee’s cum as she exploded in my mouth felling it with both their juices. I took my normal position as I drove my small cock into her sloppy stretch pussy. I laid there that night wondering if I had lost my wife to a another cock. The next day I stopped by the store and bought some digital video tapes for the camera. When Emma went shopping I hid the camera in the bedroom connecting it to a VCR hidden in the basement. I watched the tapes everyday seeing my wife take Bee’s Big cock. I soon found out when I had to work late Tuesdays and Thursdays, Bee was coming over to visit my wife. After a few days Emma told Bee they needed to stop seeing each other as she only wanted to know how it was to have a big cock and that she loved me and did not want to take any more chances. Bee looked at her and said “Bitch you are mine to fuck anytime I want and if you do not want your husband to know she would keep fucking here when he wanted. ” Emma got scared and told him to stop teasing her; Bee grabbed her by her long hair and said.

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   “Bitch I am not joking. You are my whore to do with what I want. ” At that time Bee got physical and pulled Emma down to his cock and commanded her to suck him hard. Emma had a shocked look on her face as he yelled “suck it bitch!” and then slapped her. He pulled her long hair again and forced her down, she took his cock in her mouth as he forced feed her his large meat. Soon he was hard and grabbed her and threw her on her back and commanded to spread her thighs. As he positioned himself between her legs Emma covered her pussy with her hands. Bee you got to wear a condom, remember I told you I’m not on the pill and I am fertile this week I can’t take the chance. Bee grabbed her legs and said “ I thought you wanted to have my baby” and drove his cock all the way in with one shove. Emma screamed as he held her long legs spread wide as he fucked her hard. Emma soon started to moan as his big cock had her pussy creaming once more. Soon she forgot all about her unprotected womb as her legs soon was wrapped around his ass pulling him in deep. Bee started talking to her as he was fucking her pussy with ravage force. “You truly want me to stop fucking you?” “Do you really want to lose the biggest cock you ever had?” Can you honestly live with that wimpy little cock your husband has? Emma just moaned as her hips where meeting every thrust, Bee stopped and demanded her to respond. Emma just lay there humping her pussy towards Bee trying to get him to continue to fuck her.

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   “Answer me bitch or I will stop!” Emma grabbed his ass as she tried to pull him in humping him. “I need it! I need your big Asian cock; I want you to keep fucking me!” “I’m Sorry, please I Need You!” With that Bee pushed her legs to her chest and started to fuck her deep and hard. Emma started to moan out “yes! Oh God that’s it fuck me!” With that Bee said “that’s right you’re mine, aren’t you?, Emma screamed out “yes!”. Then take my seed, with that Bee drove into Emma’s fertile womb pulling her legs up tight so she could not pull away and pumped his hot potent cum into her belly. Emma screamed out YES! And Bee held her legs opened as he bred my wife. He forced Emma to lie there holding her hips up high with his cock still in there keeping his Asian seeds in her womb. Bee pulled out and commanded Emma to suck his cock hard again, and she kept on sucking. Once he was hard he stood up and pulled Emma to the edge of the bed, he rolled Emma onto her stomach and pulled her to the edged of the bed. “For being a good bitch now I am going to fuck your ass!” With that he fingered her cum filled pussy and started to lube her tight ass. Emma pleaded him to go for it, as she has never had a man there. Bee said “well there is no better time then now besides I like fucking  women in the ass. ” With that he pulled her to her knees and commenced to push the head of his cock in her tight virgin ass. Emma cried out as the huge swollen cock head pop into her ass. “That’s it baby that’s the hard part” he reaches around and grabbed her long hair to use like the reins of a wild horse. Bee pulled on Emma’s hair so she would not pull away as he started to push deep into her ass.

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   When Emma got free he yanked her hair pulling her back onto his cock. In fact, he just kept pulling as Deb backed up taking inch by inch in deeper. Mike then pulling out and drove in hard fucking her ass. Emma cried out that it hurt which made him fuck her harder. Soon Bee was about to explode once more, he pulled out slammed his cock in her pussy delivering another potent load to her womb. “Now Emma you are mine. ” Bee got dressed, leaned over to her and kissed her. “I hope you will enjoy having my baby in your womb. ” I came home to find Emma crying on the bed one night, she told me   she was afraid that she might be pregnant. I looked at her and said why would you be surprised your pregnant. You haven’t been using condoms with Bee this whole last month. Emma just looked at me shocked that I have known about her fucking Bee. That’s right I have been taping you and Bee for a month and I know  you have been begging for his big cock. Emma looked at me and started to cry as she crawled to me begging for forgiveness. I just didn’t quite know what to say.

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   Emma is now in her eighth month and everybody has congratulated us on our third child. .



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