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My wife's sister hasn't let her husband fuck her in years. She has some hang up about it and doesn't want sex. My poor brother in law is always horny and really wants to get laid bad but doesn't have the guts to go out and look for some strange pussy. My wife tells me her sister won't let him have sex with her and she doesn't care if her husband is horny or not. Unlike her sister, my wife loves sex and feels bad for her brother in law.

We have a great sex life and after a long prodding, my wife finally let me take private pictures of her naked. I printed out some hard copies to stash in my work shop so I can check her out when I'm in the shop and get horny. One day my brother in law came over and hung out with me in the shop. He was lamenting how horny he was and how he really needs to get his cock in some pussy. I bragged about how my wife gives me sex whenever I want. He was so jealous. I was getting a bit bold talking about our sex life and said that my wife even let me take pictures of her nude. He didn't believe me and said I was lying to rub it in. I insisted that I have pictures and he said he doubted it. I couldn't take being called a liar so I open a drawer and pulled out the pictures of my wife laying naked with her legs spread and her tits displayed so I could prove it.

He gasped and said what a lucky bastard I was.

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  No one has ever seen my wife naked before except me and I couldn't believe I just gave them to my brother in law to see. He said he'd give anything to eat and fuck my wife. I took the pictures back and put them away. My brother in law said he had to leave and I knew he had to run home to jack off thinking about my wife. After he left, I got the pictures back out and started thinking about how he had seen my wife's hairy pussy and tits and how he was probably right then jacking off on memories of her naked. Now I started getting horny looking at my wife naked and knowing that now someone else has seen her naked too and she doesn't even know it.

I told my wife how my brother in law came over and hung out but didn't tell her I showed him her naked pictures. I only told her how the poor guy is so horny all the time and needs to get laid. My wife said the old catch phrase, sorry, I'd like to help him but can't. I picked up on that and asked why she couldn't help the poor guy out. She said WHAT? Are you suggesting I let him fuck me? I said well it would sure relieve him and it was her sister that was holding out on him. My wife said it was out of the question and that she can't believe I'd let him fuck her. So I dropped it for awhile.

Every time my brother in law came over he'd ask to see the pictures again. It made me horny thinking how my wife was turning him on and how he was probably jacking off to my wife so I'd let him see them again.

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   I loved sharing my wife's naked pictures with someone else. I kept wondering what it would be like for him to fuck my wife. She's never had anybody else's cock in her but mine and my brother in law was dying to fuck her. Like most guys, I wanted to see my wife fuck another guy so I decided to revisit the subject.

I brought it up again how horny our brother in law was and how she could be everything he needed. I confessed that I would enjoy watching her fuck someone else for the first time and that our brother in law would appreciate her pussy like I do as opposed to some stranger. She still couldn't believe what I was asking her to do and with whom. Every time we fucked after that I would ask her if she was wondering what it would be like if she were fucking her brother in law. I would make comments on how his cock might feel in her or what new position he might introduce her to. I continued this to try and get her fantasizing about him fucking her.

Finally one time when we were fucking I was asking her if she was thinking about him fucking her and she whispered yes. Then I got bolder and asked her if she wanted his cock inside her pussy. Again she whispered yes as if to be too shy or embarrassed to admit it to me or herself. I told her to start saying his name and ask him to fuck her pussy. To my surprise, she did just that but this time wasn't whispering.

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   She started moaning and saying his name. She called his name and said how bad she needed him to fuck her. I couldn't believe what I was hearing and shot my load of cum deep inside her. She then said oh yes, F_ _ _, cum inside me. I knew that she was ready for him.

The next day I saw my brother in law and he again wanted to see the pictures so I gave them to him. This time I asked if he'd like to see her pussy in real life and fuck her too. He said don't tease me. I said that I could probably get her to let him fuck her if he wanted. He wanted it right then. My wife was upstairs and knew that her brother in law had come over. She was already getting horny just wondering if we were going to come up and let him fuck her. My wife and I agreed to let him think that we were hesitant but willing to help him out.

We went upstairs and started chatting with my wife. My brother in law was chomping at the bit to get into her panties and my wife was getting wet too thinking about fucking someone else for the first time.

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   Finally I told her that F_ _ _ had a problem and wondered if she might be able to help. She said sure, anything, what is it? I told her that F_ _ _ was really horny and hadn't been laid in years and would love to make love to her. She came over to him and hugged him and said oh honey, I feel sorry for you. I guess I'd let you fuck me. Of course we both knew it was a sure thing but wanted him to feel like it washis lucky day.

    My wife took his hand and led him to our bedroom where she had him sit on the bed and watch her undress. She made it slow and sexy for him and he trembled waiting to get in her pussy. After all my preparation, she wanted him now too. After she finally got all her clothes off, he couldn't wait any longer. He took her hand and pulled her to the bed to lay down and spread. Finally he was getting to see her pussy in real life. He rubbed up and down her legs and he gazed at her pussy. Then he bent down and started eating her.

    Of course they were so preoccupied with what they were doing they didn't notice I was watching the whole thing from the hallway. I was finally getting to see another guy eating my wife's pussy.

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       I enjoyed watching her let him do whatever he wanted to her. She was moaning and now got to ask in person what I had her fantasizing, oh F_ _ _, fuck me. He got up and dropped his pants to show his raging hard on that had been deprived of a pussy for years. Now my wife was about to give him her pussy. He asked if she wanted him to wear a condom and she said no, I want you to feel my pussy on your cock. He gladly got between her legs and his cock quickly found it's mark between my wife's pussy lips. Her wet lips spread around the head of his cock and he quickly disappeared inside her. Finally he got some pussy while my wife was getting her first strange cock. I wasn't sure what turned me on more.

    He massaged her tits and pinched her nipples while he impaled her. She even let him french kiss her. It was so hot watching my wife make love to someone else. I didn't pay attention to size but he must have been bigger than me since she said how great it felt with him so deep inside her. He announced that he was going to cum and she moaned go ahead and cum deep in me. While he groaned as he released his load inside my wife, her pussy muscles pulsated around his cock as she came with him.

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       He must have cum a ton because she said wow, I see you've been saving this for a long time. He collapsed on her and they both lay content for awhile. He pecked kisses on her neck and face. He was truly grateful that my wife let him fuck her. Finally he climbed off and withdrew his cock to get dressed. I went to the dresser and grabbed my camera to take pictures of his cum gushing out of her pussy. He asked if he could get copies and she said sure, it's your cum.

    He dressed and left while my wife lay there spent from their sex. I was so horny now and couldn't help but want to eat her pussy with F_ _ _'s cum still dripping on her lips. I'd licked my own cum before but never tasted anyone else's cum so wasn't sure if I'd like it. But his cum mixed with my wife's pussy made for a delicious licking experience. My wife quickly got horny again with me eating her. She started some horny bedroom talk about how she would do anything I wanted even if I wanted her to fuck my brother in law again. I licked her clean and even licked the pool of cum on the sheets, that how horny I was. Then I put my rock hard cock in her pussy and it had never been so slippery in her pussy.

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       In just a few strokes, I unloaded my seed inside her to mix with any cum that was left deep inside her where I haven't been before.

    My wife now lets her brother in law fuck her whenever he wants so she now has a very content and frequently used pussy between the two of us. .



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